Are Electric Chainsaws Any Good? Let’s Find Out!

Gas chainsaws were the first ones to be invented but now, electric chainsaws are in trend too. That’s because electric chainsaws are an exceptional tool for everyday backyard tasks. You can cut or trim branches with electric chainsaws and even cut the trees if they’re small. 

If you haven’t used electric chainsaws before, the first thing you’d need to know is that they come as both corded and cordless. Both of them are great, but cordless ones are more commonly used as they do not require a nearby power source as the corded ones. And so, they’re highly portable and a life savior for all your garden duties.

Are battery chainsaws any good? In my opinion, battery/electric chainsaws are worth trying if you haven’t already, and if you’re thinking why reading this article would find you the answers. Let’s dive in!

Electric Vs Gas Chainsaws

Names are a pretty good indicator of how they differ from one another. Electric chainsaws are powered by electricity, while gas chainsaws are powered by gasoline.

Wondering which one’s better: electric vs gas chainsaws? Well, electric chainsaws are often more effective than gas chainsaws, but the decision depends on the application. It’s becoming more and more common to use electric chainsaws, which produce less noise, but they require expensive batteries to operate for a long time. However, if it’s about power, gasoline-powered chainsaws are still more powerful, and they can be used in damper environments, but they require more maintenance.

Electric Vs Gas Chainsaws

Furthermore, as electric chainsaws are comparatively less powerful than gas chainsaws, there are bets suitable for homeowner tasks or you may say the smaller jobs around the house. This is because they’re a bit less powerful, slow on power, and require batteries or electricity to run.

Whereas gas chainsaws are best suitable for professional uses. They are huge, both in terms of power and size and they cut even the biggest trees with great ease. However, you’d need a perfect mixture of oil and fuel to make them run properly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Chainsaws

Whether it’s about electric chainsaws or any other type of chainsaw, you cannot just expect to have its advantages only. Along with the advantages also come the disadvantages, no matter what tool you’re considering. 

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of electric chainsaws.


  1. Compared to gas chainsaws, electric chainsaws are smaller and lighter, making them convenient to use even when you’re working for longer periods of time. Tree cutting is also easier with them because you can easily tackle hard-to-reach places.
  2. Instead of using an engine like gas chainsaws, electric chainsaws use an electrical motor. Since electric chainsaws have a lighter design than gas chainsaws, they are more portable. Electric chainsaws weigh about 10 pounds on average. Not more than that.
  3. With fewer engine parts, electric chainsaws are more compact. Also available are chainsaws with smaller blades, such as those with a six-inch or eight-inch blade.
  4. Plugging in a power source ensures that electric chainsaws will run forever. It does not require refueling like a gas chainsaw.
    Chainsaws powered by electric motors are much quieter than those powered by engines. Furthermore, these tools are silent except for the sound of the trigger being pulled. 
  5. Chainsaws that run on electricity are more convenient to maintain because they do not require fuel. Gas chainsaws have carburetor engines that have to be kept well-maintained.


  1. Compared to gas chainsaws, electric chainsaws are less powerful. Therefore, you’ll have to spend more time cutting wood (or trees) with an electric chainsaw. 
  2. In order to use a corded electric chainsaw, it must be located as close to the power source as possible. It is important to make sure that the extension cord you use is long enough if you plan to cut wood from a distance.
  3. A chainsaw cannot run if the power source goes out or if electricity isn’t available. In situations where there is no active power source to plug in your electric chainsaw, this may be a problem.

How Safe Are Electric Chainsaws to Use?

I’d say yes, they are. Compared to the gas chainsaws, which are extremely huge and super powerful as well, electric chainsaws are smaller and hence they’re safer to use as well.

How Safe Are Electric Chainsaws to Use

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that electric chainsaws can’t be dangerous. Whether it’s about an electric saw or a gas saw, the danger is always there if you aren’t careful with the use and handling. Chainsaws, no matter whether they’re small or big, also cause kickbacks and they can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know how to handle them.

In a nutshell, the answer to how safe a chainsaw is is greatly dependent on how well the user knows it and follows the safety precautions. 

Are Electric Chainsaws Any Good – FAQs

Are electric chainsaws as powerful as gas?
No. Electric chainsaws are less powerful than gas chainsaws. And that is why they’re not so good with more extensive wood logs or trees. They work best for smaller tasks, such as cutting branches, and small trees, or for other cutting jobs in the garden and backyard. To cut bigger trees and wood logs, you must opt for gas chainsaws.
Is an electric chainsaw powerful enough?
If dealing with small to normal-sized branches and trees is your concern, then yes, electric chainsaws are pretty much powerful. But when cutting more giant trees, they lack the power to do so and aren’t very suitable.
Can you cut down a tree with an electric chainsaw?
Yes. A tree with a smaller diameter can be cut using an electric chainsaw. These chainsaws are powerful enough to quickly and conveniently cut through branches, limbs, smaller trees, and logs.
Do electric chainsaws have kickback?
Yes, they do. However, they have safety chains to reduce kickbacks. Moreover, their kickbacks are also powerful because electric chainsaws aren’t as powerful and robust as gas chainsaws.
What is the number one rated electric chainsaw?
The G-Max 40V chainsaw by Greenworks is currently the top-rated electric chainsaw. It’s a cordless chainsaw with a 16-inch bar and chain and comes with excellent power, motor life, and runtime.



The best thing about using electric chainsaws is that there is no need for gas or oil to fuel them because they run on electricity and are perfectly suited to small tasks. Also, if you compare, Gas chainsaws are noisy and heavy while electric chainsaws are quieter and lighter, which is again, a plus point.

However, it is not advisable to use an electric chainsaw if you’re a heavy-duty professional worker and you deal with massive projects involving cutting trees thicker than 13 inches for long periods of time. Because of that, gas chainsaws are our recommendation.

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