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5 Best 20 Inch Chainsaws – Our Top Picks And Reviews!

Best 20-inch chainsaws are the most suitable saws for large, heavy-duty jobs regularly.

Out of many different options available on the market, choosing just the right one, according to one’s job and needs is what makes your experience worthwhile. And we’re here today to help you with that!

If your job is related to cutting large trees and logs daily, you must have a 20-inch chainsaw. If you’ve previously been using a 16 or 18-inch saw, we recommend shifting to a 20-inch saw because no other length would be exactly suitable.

20-inch chainsaws are the most powerful chainsaws, definitely the most incredible ones as well, and highly useful tools if you’re a professional logger in a rural area.

Our article includes our personal reviews about the top-notch 20-inch chainsaws, including the most expensive chainsaw, as well as the best affordable chainsaw.

Our Top Choice for the Best 20-inch Chainsaws

When there are hundreds of different options available for 20-inch saws on the market, choosing the best one according to your job might be extremely confusing. And so, we’re here today with our top 5 shortlisted chainsaws for the best 20-inch chainsaws.

  1. Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw
  2. Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw
  3. Husqvarna 20 Inch 450 Rancher
  4. COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC 20 Inch Powerful Gas Chainsaw
  5. SALEM MASTER 6220H Chainsaw

1. Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw – Best Choice for Professional and Experienced Loggers

Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas ChainsawQUICK FACTS ABOUT THIS SAW

Husqvarna’s air filtering system, impressive torque, and 9,000 RPM speed make it worth your money. This is a tool made for professionals.

As smooth as butter, this Husqvarna chainsaw chops through wood with great ease. No matter how hard the wood is, it will cut right through it. As an added convenience, its LowVib vibration dampening system contributes to a quieter operation and a more comfortable grip with minimum vibration while cutting.


Powered by a solid 60.3 CC engine with 3.4NM of torque, the 460 Rancher has enough power to handle any type of task thrown its way. In addition, an automatic chain oiler helps to ensure continuous cutting with a constant supply of lubricant. With the inertia-activated chain brake, this 2-cycle engine is safe to operate


Husqvarna 460 Rancher has a 20-inch bar length.


Brand Husqvarna
Dimensions 29 inches x 12.75 inches x 10.5 inches
Weight 22.9 Pounds
Model Number 966048330
Color Orange
Engine Power 60.3 CC


  • Manufactured by world’s top leading chainsaw brand
  • The perfect tool for professional loggers
  • Comes with the best features such as an automatic chain oiler, low vibration system, high torque, etc.
  • Extremely safe to use with low kickbacks
  • Expensive
  • Not recommended for lighter use by homeowners


2. Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw – A Great Saw for Light to Moderate Outdoor Duties

Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas ChainsawQUICK FACTS ABOUT THIS SAW

Poulan Pro 50cc chainsaws are made by the same company that makes Husqvarna chainsaws, but their prices are very different. So, if you’re looking for a quality yet affordable chainsaw, this might be the one for you.

Despite its basic design, the chainsaw is easy to use even for beginners because of its pull-start system. As a result of the company’s innovative design, its pull system requires approximately 30% less pulling force as compared to other similar products. This is great for your arms.

The Poulan operates quietly, which is another positive aspect. With it, you can keep the saw at a low noise level while you’re working due to the vibration-dampening system.


In terms of power, the PR5020’s 50 CC engine places it at the lower end of the 20-inch chainsaw range. While it is sufficient for small projects, a 50 CC motor chainsaw may not be sufficient for an experienced and professional woodworker.

You get a fuel-efficient motor, however, as a trade-off for the relatively low horsepower. Powered by OxyPower technology, Poulan’s chainsaw consumes less fuel but produces more power.


Poulan Pro PR5020 has a bar length of 20 inches.


Brand Poulan Pro
Dimensions 12 inches x 16 inches x 11.8 inches
Weight 17 Pounds
Model Number 967061501
Color Black & Yellow
Engine Power 50 CC


  • A very durable chainsaw with a strong build
  • High-quality yet affordable chainsaw
  • Consumes less fuel as compared to its competitors
  • A great saw for light to moderate outdoor duties
  • Perfect for homeowners, but not suitable for professionals
  • A bit difficult to handle


3. Husqvarna 20 Inch 450 Rancher – Best Lightweight Chainsaw

Husqvarna 20 Inch 450 RancherQUICK FACTS ABOUT THIS SAW

The Husqvarna 460’s less expensive predecessor, this Husqvarna 450 Rancher can be the best choice if the Husqvarna 460 isn’t in your budget, yet you’re looking for a Husqvarna chainsaw. Apart from the price difference, this one is also one pound lighter, so if you work long hours, you’ll find it more comfortable to handle.

In terms of technology, the 450 Rancher ii’s X-Torq engine is truly remarkable: Its sophisticated air injection system reduces emissions and improves fuel efficiency. You can see why this Husqvarna chainsaw deserves your consideration when you combine the Smart Start system for a foolproof and nearly effortless start-up.

Vibration dampening, automatic lubrication, and inertia-activated brakes are included in the 450 Rancher. However, there have been complaints that the bar oil leaks at times.


It has a 50.2 CC engine, and while it’s powerful enough, it’s comparatively less power than 460. Yet, in spite of that, they can both achieve 9,000 RPM, which is an impressive result.


It has a bar length of 20 inches.


Brand Husqvarna
Dimensions 38 inches x 9 inches x 12.5 inches
Weight 11.3 Pounds
Model Number 450E
Color Orange
Engine Power 50.2 CC


  • The top-notch, light-weight chainsaw
  • Ensures efficient fuel consumption
  • Features include X-Torq engine technology, vibration dampening system, centrifugal air filtering system, etc.
  • Starts easily and is easy to maintain
  • Not as powerful as Rancher 460
  • Expensive


4. COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC 20 Inch Powerful Gas Chainsaw – An Affordable, Easy to Use Saw

COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC 20 Inch Powerful Gas ChainsawQUICK FACTS ABOUT THIS SAW

The COOCHEER Ladyiok Chainsaw isn’t a well-known brand name in the power tool industry, and at first, we were skeptical. But, for the most part, it does live up to its claims of being an easy-to-use, powerful, and powerful 20-inch chainsaw for small tasks around the house.

It comes with an imported steel chain that is high-quality and wear-resistant. Featuring an automatic chain oiler and super air filter system, it extends chainsaw life. Chain service life is five times longer than ordinary chains.

Despite its power, this saw is quite heavy for what it can do. The vibration system is not very efficient and may lead to fatigue.


This COOCHEER chainsaw has a 62 CC engine. Chainsaw blade speeds reach a respectable 8500 RPM with a 62 CC oversized and powerful engine. This saw has a large rope wheel that is easy to start, which has the additional benefit of reducing strain on the starter mechanism.


This COOCHEER chainsaw has a bar length of 20 inches. With a cutting diameter range of 27-33 inches, it can meet most of your needs.


Dimensions 35 inches x 10.6 inches x 9.05 inches
Weight 15.4 Pounds
Model Number B08XXPFX7Y
Color Yellow & Black
Engine Power 62 CC


  • Large and powerful engine
  • Easy to start and handle
  • Extremely affordable for people with tight budgets
  • A great option for carrying out regular, everyday cutting tasks
  • Not a highly popular brand
  • Not exceptionally efficient


5. SALEM MASTER 6220H Chainsaw – Highly Secure Chain Brake System


The Salem Master Gas Chain Saw is a professional gas chain saw, that is equipped with a high-quality chain and bar, has a fast cutting speed, is durable and wear-resistant, has a long service life, and is not easy to drop the chain.

The chainsaw’s automatic oil supply system ensures a steady supply of oil so you can use it safely and effectively. It also helps extend chainsaw life. Furthermore, easy cleaning and replacement are made possible with the quick-release air filter.

As well as not much popular, this chainsaw hasn’t been used much. While our testing revealed no problems with it, there are several reports of defective machines and non-existent customer service, even though it appears to offer all the power and functionality of saws three times its price.


An outstanding blade speed of 8500 RPM is provided by the 58 CC engine in the SALEM MASTER, and an automatic oiler and comfort design make this a great tool for long working days.

We were impressed with the entire chain brake safety feature once we put everything together, which took some time due to the poorly written directions.


Salem Master 6220H has a bar length of 20 inches.


Dimensions 21.3 inches x 12.7 inches x 11.3 inches
Weight 40 Pounds
Model Number 6220H
Color Black & Orange
Engine Power 58 CC


  • A good option for very ordinary daily cutting tasks
  • Non-slip, comfortable handle design
  • Well-balanced and easy to operate
  • With the quick-stop chain brake, the use of the chain brake is more secure
  • Not a popular and much-used saw
  • Consumes a lot of fuel



How to Choose the Right Chainsaw Size?

As a general rule, you should choose a chainsaw with a bar that is at least two inches longer than the length you are cutting. A chainsaw with a 12-inch blade will suffice to cut a tree 10″ in diameter.

Here are a few other tips for choosing the right chainsaw size.

Must Suit Your Job Type – Firstly, you don’t specifically have to think and decide on a bigger or smaller chainsaw. Simply, if you’re a homeowner, and your concern is cutting light stuff outdoors, around your house, a lightweight saw with a 14-to-16-inch bar size would be perfect for you.

But if you’re a professional logger, you’ll have to look for a bigger and heavier chainsaw, probably an 18-inch or 20-inch.

For Lighter Tasks – A chainsaw between 10 and 14 inches long can easily be used for light duty, such as pruning small trees and shrubs in your backyard. Due to their lightweight layouts and thin profiles, they can be easier to maneuver when cutting precisely.

For Moderate Tasks – Generally, a moderately used chainsaw is designed to perform constant home maintenance and occasionally to cut through thick branches or logs. For projects that won’t exceed cutting firewood, choose a chainsaw of 16- to 18-inches.

For Heavier Tasks – Chainsaws of the largest and most powerful sizes are best suited to large-scale trimming projects, clearing large amounts of brush, or cutting down large trees. It’s better to have a 20-inch chainsaw if you plan on tackling professional projects.

What to Look for in a 20-inch Chainsaw?

Because 20-inch chainsaws are specially for heavier, professional uses, there are a few important things you shouldn’t be missing out on while choosing a good 20-inch saw for yourself.

Engine Power – For a good quality 20-inch saw, engine power must be high, no matter what. Engines that operate between 50 and 60 CC are the best ones, as they produce speeds up to around 9000 RMPs. And the saws that offer above 60 CC power, are the exceptional ones for major professional tasks.

Balance and Weight – A perfectly balanced body and weight of a chainsaw must be a priority for 20-inch saws. A chainsaw that is well-balanced and perfectly weighed, would not only make the handling easier but will also reduce the vibrations and ensure low fatigue yet an efficient cutting experience.

Safety Features – While chainsaws are the most useful tools for cutting tasks outdoors and professional logging, they could be extremely dangerous as well. So, chainsaws with safety features such as low kickbacks and quick-stop brake chains are recommended when choosing a 20-inch chainsaw.

Best 20-inch Chainsaws – FAQs

What is the lightest 20-inch chainsaw?
The Husqvarna 450 Rancher is the best lightest 20-inch chainsaw.
Does Stihl make a 20-inch Chainsaw?
Yes. Most of the Stihl chainsaw models are between 12-to-16 inches but they also manufacture 20-inch chainsaws.
Can you put a 20-inch bar on MS250 Stihl Chainsaw?
No. MS250 and MS251 models are capable of being used with 18-inch bars.



It is highly recommended to consider a 20-inch saw if you require a powerful tool for professional work. These reviews were some of the best options for consumers looking for long-lasting power, comfort, and reliability. You can choose among these options to get the job done, whether you want a value saw or a more professional model.

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