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The Best Chainsaw Brands That Are Ruling the Industry!

Looking for the best chainsaw brands to buy a chainsaw? Well, you’re at the right place.

Chainsaws are tooling every homeowner should own! Whether you have to deal with heavy branches in your backyard, or you’re a professional logger, you’ll need a chainsaw.

While making a purchase, it’s essential to consider the brand as well.

There are hundreds of local and international brands that manufacture chainsaws, but only the best and most popular chainsaw companies can make your experience worth it! And here we are, to help you with that.

Picking the best chainsaw requires you to consider a few factors. Gas saws and electric saws are both available for almost all chainsaw brands. In general, gas-powered options are powerful, but their maintenance requirements are greater, and they tend to be larger.

On the other hand, Electric models are great for the environment and don’t require refueling. They can’t compete with gas for power, though.

Also, there are cordless saws that require a charge to work freely around. While the corded saws will need a power outlet nearby.

This article covers the best all-around chainsaw brands you must consider while making a purchase for a saw. You’ll also find a recommendation for the top-rated chainsaw from each brand.

Our Top 18 Picks for Best Chainsaw Brands in 2022

For most of these best chainsaw brands, you’ll find all types of saws; electric, gas-powered, corded as well as cordless.

Stihl, Husqvarna, and Echo, however, are the most popular and high-end brands worldwide. But what’s important to know is, that these aren’t the brands everyone necessarily has to own. For professional works, you should consider these.

While for your backyard works or processing a little firewood, the affordable brands also work totally fine. So, if you aren’t a professional, you may consider normal, affordable chainsaw brands.

Here are the best brands to consider for chainsaws.

1. Black & Decker

Most Recommended Black & Decker Chainsaw

Black & Decker 40V Max is the saw most recommended by its users and it’s popular for many good reasons. First of all, it’s a lightweight battery-powered saw that lets you easily handle it for hours.

Featuring power and convenience, this chainsaw is cordless. It can handle 60 cuts of 4×4 pine lumber on average before requiring a recharge.

Black & Decker chainsaw

About the Brand

Most of the products by Black & Decker are manufactured in China. While many are also sourced from Asian, Western, and Eastern European countries. With its origins in a small machine shop in Baltimore, Maryland, and then expansion into outer space, Black and Decker have become a leading global brand.

The company offers a wide range of electric chainsaws, some corded while some cordless. However, it does not sell gas-powered saws.

Chainsaw combos are available with bars and chains ranging from 12 to 18 inches. Pruning trees and doing other household tasks is easy with these saws.


  • Highly popular and well-reputed brand
  • Manufactures high quality and durable saws
  • Ensures Solid quality control procedures
  • Sells only battery-powered saws
  • Not suitable for highly professional use


2. Craftsman

Most Recommended Craftsman Chainsaw

Craftsman’s S205 is a highly popular gas-powered saw. The tool is built to endure even the heaviest and longest cutting tasks. With its Easy Start mechanism, it enables faster and easier starts every time, and the full-crank 46cc engine delivers constant power no matter how long you use it.

Craftsman Chainsaw

About the Brand

Craftsman is a power tool brand with a long and proud history of introducing some of the best chainsaws. The brand was initially associated with Sears. Later, it was owned by the famous Stanley Black and Decker.

However, Husqvarna is now the major leading brand that is known to be associated with both Stanley Black and Decker as well as Craftsman.

All of Craftsman’s products are priced reasonably, which is why consumers love them. Also, the brand offers both electric and gas-powered saws. This is a great brand if you have a tight budget yet you’re looking for decent tools.


  • A brand that deals in budget friendly products
  • Offers both battery-powered and gas-powered saws
  • Chainsaw batteries may be used on some other tools as well
  • Power and functionality aren’t as good as Stihl or Husqvarna


3. DeWalt

Most Recommended DeWalt Chainsaw

DeWalt’s Max 20V XR is a pretty much recommended saw from its users. With a low kickback 12-inch bar and chain, this cordless chainsaw is ideal for construction and outdoor applications. Furthermore, it’s a lightweight and compact saw with a high-efficiency brushless motor.

DeWalt Chainsaw

About the Brand

DeWalt is one of the most popular and well-known brands for chainsaws. It’s associated with Stanley Black & Decker. In major retail stores, such as Home Depot, power tools by DeWalt are prominently displayed. With several electric and battery-powered chainsaws in their large product line, DeWalt manufactures a number of tools.

Unlike the lower-powered electric chainsaws, these are advertised as being able to cut as many as 70 times on a single charge. Other good features include no pull cords, chain breaks, and automatic oiling.


  • Manufactures high quality electric chainsaws
  • The ideal brand choice for homeowners
  • Chainsaws come with long battery lives
  • Gas saws cannot work all day long
  • Trigger speed is non-variable in some models


4. Echo

Most Recommended Echo Chainsaw

Echo CS-590 is one of the most recommended chainsaws by its users. It has a 20-inch chain and comes with a 59.8 CC power. In most cases, it is sold with a 20-inch bar, but sometimes an 18-inch bar is also available. It’s also stated that a 22- or 24-inch bar can be used in conjunction with it, but you’ll need to purchase them separately.

Echo Chainsaw

About the Brand

With more than a century of experience in the chainsaw market, Echo has built a reputation as a reliable and reputable brand.

Echo is seen as a brand that caters more to homeowners. It doesn’t mean, however, that their chainsaws can’t be utilised for more than trimming trees and cutting firewood.

In terms of product line cap, Echo comes in third after Stihl and Husqvarna. The most powerful chainsaw they make has a higher CC rating (80.7), compared to any other chainsaw we are aware of except for Stihl’s and Husqvarna’s.


  • The best-selling brand after Husqvarna and Stihl
  • Echo saws are highly durable and long-lasting
  • Their chainsaws provide a good range of features and come with great power
  • First start might require a little effort
  • Best quality saws are on the expensive side


5. Ego

Most Recommended Ego Chainsaw

Ego Power+ CS1401 is one of the highly appreciated saws by the brand. The combination of its 14-inch bar and chain, coupled with its high-efficiency brushless motor, allows for effortless, smooth cuts.

In addition to increasing tool life, brushless motors also prolong runtime. Designed to work with all Ego POWER+ Arc Lithium batteries, this saw delivers power that’s beyond compare.

Ego Chainsaw

About the Brand

In 1993, Ego chainsaws became a part of a power tool manufacturing company. The company specializes in batteries-powered devices and manufactures lawn and garden equipment as well as cordless power tools.

For EGO chainsaws, you have two main options.

Traditional Saws – For activities such as pruning, limbing, and bucking trees, EGO chainsaws deliver effortlessly smooth cuts. They operate with a chain with teeth connected to a rotating guide bar that runs along a rotating chain.

Pole Saws – Trees and bushes can be pruned with EGO pole saws. In addition to providing extended reach, these EGO chainsaws feature extension poles fitted with blades for safer operation.


  • Their products are reliable and positively reviewed
  • Chainsaws provide quiet and fast operations
  • Release less or no emissions
  • Only electric-powered saws are available


6. Greenworks

Most Recommended Greenworks Chainsaw

Greenworks G-Max 40V 16-inch chainsaw is one of the best-reviewed by its users. This Greenworks tool has a brushless motor that provides more run-time, torque, and power. As a result, the tool spends less time wearing out, extending its life.

Moreover, it is surprisingly powerful for a battery-operated tool. Because you don’t need to start or run a gas engine, it is very easy to use. Also suitable for cutting really big trees.

Greenworks Chainsaw

About the Brand

Globe Tools Group founded Greenworks in 2007 and Stihl invested in the brand later on in 2016. Battery-powered chainsaws are a specialty of Greenworks.

There are 12-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch, and 18-inch electric chainsaws, as well as 10-inch pole saws.

Those who have owned and extensively used Greenworks chainsaws have had positive reviews. Providing innovative and eco-friendly products that are less harmful to the environment is the company’s goal.


  • Innovative and sustainable products guaranteed
  • High-quality battery-powered chainsaws
  • Chainsaws produce less noise and fewer vibrations
  • Comparatively less powered than gas-saws
  • Battery takes time to charge


7. Homelite

Most Recommended Homelite Chainsaw

Homelite 9 Amp corded chainsaw is an amazing saw by the brand and is powered by electricity. The design is pretty much sleek and slim which makes it a convenient choice for everyday outdoor work. Furthermore, it’s a lightweight saw with a weight of only 8.5 pounds. So, you won’t feel fatigued or tired while handling it.

Homelite Chainsaw

About the Brand

Homelite has an impressive history of chainsaw manufacturing, and they built the first one-man chainsaw in 1949.

There are two sizes available for the Homelite chainsaws; 14-inch chainsaws and 16-inch chainsaws, which both need an extension cord to be used.

Designed for pruning and climbing work, Homelite saws aren’t meant for intensive heavy work. For infrequent uses, they’re good tools to have around.

Homelite created the XL-12 chainsaw in the early 1960s, which gained worldwide fame, and even appeared in films like The Evil Dead. Techtronic Industries owns the Homelite brand today, which is marketed primarily to consumers.


  • Light in weight and easy to use
  • Come within an affordable price range
  • Great for light outdoor works around the house
  • Deals in only corded saws


8. Husqvarna

Most Recommended Husqvarna Chainsaw

Husqvarna 455 Rancher is one of the best sellers on Amazon as well as the most recommended product by its users. Husqvarna 455 Rancher is an 18-inch Gas chainsaw and features an ergonomic design that makes it easy for the homeowners to handle the power of the saw.

Functioning perfectly as a chainsaw, whether you’re pruning or limbing trees, this gas-powered chainsaw is ready to do the job.

Best Chainsaw Brands - Husqvarna Chainsaw

About the Brand

Husqvarna is the top second leading brand in the market for manufacturing the best chainsaws. In addition to chainsaws, Husqvarna also designed bicycles, sewing machines, and more before coming up with the product they are most recognized for. The company began producing chainsaws in 1959.

Stihl had already been in the market for some time, but Husqvarna had become the primary competitor. Timber harvesters, firewood collectors, and home users have been debating Stihl vs Husqvarna for decades. But the decision still depends on what models are being compared.

Chainsaws by Husqvarna are simply excellent! Chainsaws by Husqvarna are renowned for being the second BEST and most popular chainsaws in the world.

For both professional and home use, you can definitely trust Husqvarna. There is no way they can be beaten for performance and durability!


  • The leading brand for chainsaws worldwide
  • Manufacture the most reliable, durable, and powerful saws
  • Possesses highly innovative and advanced features
  • Most of their products are often highly expensive


9. Jonsered

Most Recommended Jonsered Chainsaw

Jonsered CS2245 is one of the many amazing chainsaws by the brand, often recommended for dealing with woods and trunks around.

You cannot find a better, more well-designed gas chainsaw for the money. There is no better chainsaw at this price than this 18-inch model. There is a very high standard of design and construction in this product. Furthermore, it features all the modern conveniences you are looking for in a chainsaw to make it safe and comfortable to use.

Jonsered Chainsaw

About the Brand

In a lot of ways, Jonsered is very similar to Poulan; it started out as a chainsaw manufacturer and was acquired by Husqvarna in the late 1970s.

Jonsered is a pretty much-loved brand by the customers for the amazing products they produce.

Many generations have enjoyed their saws since they have been around since the 1950s. The Jonsered brand has now been acquired by the Husqvarna group, so you can be sure they have a lot to offer.

Their machines are equipped with clean power engines, one of the latest features. And with this, fuel efficiency increases by 20% as well as exhaust emissions are reduced by 75%.


  • Their engines are nicely powered
  • Associated with Husqvarna, and clearly doesn’t disappoint
  • Most products include advanced features
  • Not as popular as Stihl or Husqvarna itself


10. Makita/Dolmar

Most Recommended Makita/Dolmar Chainsaw

Makita XCU03PT1 chainsaw is pretty much hyped on the Market, and we absolutely loved using it.  Featuring a host of next-level safety features, this Makita XCU03PT1 chainsaw is appealing to casual users who need a chainsaw for domestic use.

There is an instant chain brake, as well as metal bucking spikes for better control, and a hold-down safety button that virtually eliminates injury.

Professional grade, this saw comes with four batteries and can handle some heavier work as well, but additional batteries may be needed if you plan on taking on a larger project.

MakitaDolmar Chainsaw - Best Chainsaw Brands

About the Brand

The company Makita began manufacturing power tools in Japan in 1915 and is a well-known producer. One of the most popular Makita products is their battery-operated tools, including their corded and battery-powered chainsaws.

There is also a decent selection of gas-powered saws there. Among the range of pro features, there is enhanced engine management with a high CC power engine, lower emissions, better fuel economy, and increased longevity of the air filter.

Investing in their chainsaws allows Makita to make them as good as they can be since they are such a large and popular chainsaw manufacturer.


  • One of the best emerging chainsaw brands
  • Manufactures both battery-powered as well as gas-powered saws
  • Offers a wide range of advanced features
  • Their best saws are often of the expensive side


11. Milwaukee

Most Recommended Milwaukee Chainsaw

Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw. Homeowners, builders, and those who do light farm work have all been very happy with the Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw.

This chainsaw has a 16-inch bar, which seems small compared to other chainsaws. The lightweight makes it a good tool for tasks like limbing, pruning, and construction.

Milwaukee Chainsaw

About the Brand

One of the most popular brands of American tools in Milwaukee. Founded in 1924, Milwaukee Tool Company serves the construction industry through its products. Chainsaws are among their many products.

Each chainsaw manufactured by the brand is battery-powered, and its largest model features an Oregon bar and chain, measuring 16 inches in length. A reasonably powerful saw like this is great for around the house works or to keep on hand when pruning.

Its cutting power and durability have been appreciated by users, even those who previously preferred only gas saws.


  • They produce high-quality electric-powered chainsaws
  • Saws are powered by long-lasting batteries
  • A good range of small and large saws, with variable bar sizes
  • Does not manufacture gas-powered saws


12. Oregon

Most Recommended Oregon Chainsaw

Oregon CS1500 has a lot of recommendations from its users. Regardless of its smaller size, it offers a self-sharpening chain system that is unique to this electric-powered corded chainsaw.

It functions pretty fast and efficiently. In fact, just in case you accidentally strike the ground or a rock, the chain does not need to be removed or replaced; you can begin running in under three seconds. Yes. It works that quick!

Best Chainsaw Brands - Oregon Chainsaw

About the Brand

Oregon is known principally as a producer of chainsaw chains and bars since it was founded in 1947. Additionally, Oregon started producing its own electric and battery-powered chainsaws recently. The brand has a reputation for being highly reliable due to its experience in the industry.

Besides being affordable, the self-sharpening feature makes these saws especially useful. One of the largest models has a guide bar of 18 inches.

A few other similarities of Oregon chainsaws include being very quiet, low emission, and relatively light to handle. There’s a lot of interest in this range, and it has received excellent reviews.


  • Most of their saws possess self-sharpening feature
  • Are decently quiet in their operation
  • Light and convenient to handle even if being used for hours
  • Not for professional or heavy use


13. Poulan

Most Recommended Poulan Chainsaw

Poulan Pro PR5020 is one of the very amazing chainsaws by the brand and the users absolutely love using it.

This Poulan Pro PR5020 lawn mower is designed to handle any yard task, according to the manufacturer. This saw has the size and agility to handle some of the bigger projects, as well as smaller and medium-sized ones. Despite being heavy, it has a surprising amount of power for the price.

Furthermore, it is equipped with an OxyPower engine that is more efficient and emits fewer emissions, as well as an easy-start system that can be started with 30% less effort than previous models. It comes with an automatic chain oiler, maintenance tools, and a protective case to protect it.

Poulan Chainsaw

About the Brand

Louisiana was the first place where Poulan was founded in 1912. Today, Poulan and Poulan Pro are still sold at consumer retail stores such as Home Depot. Despite the ownership transition to Husqvarna, the brands are still sold actively.

There is also a wide range of Poulan Chainsaw models and sizes to choose from.

In addition to being available everywhere, chainsaws are sold, and these tools are also popular amongst both home and professional users. With some saws, you can get a comb-tool attached to the rear handle! No more forgetting to keep it with you.


  • One of the top selling chainsaw brands
  • Manufactures both gas and electric powered saws
  • Pretty much reliable products with their parts easily available on the market
  • Not suitable for highly professional use


14. Remington

Most Recommended Remington Chainsaw

Remington RM1645 is a very well-reputed chainsaw, often recommended by the people who’ve used it.

A 16-inch chainsaw like this is ideal for use by novices and casual lumberjacks alike. The chainsaw is great for clearing brush, rounding up small trees, and cutting firewood around the yard.

One of the best features of this machine is the Easy-turn Screw Chain Tensioning System, which eliminates all guesswork with regard to tightening the chain of your saw. With this feature, you will be able to maintain perfect chain tension for many cuts.

Best Chainsaw Brands - Remington Chainsaw

About the Brand

In the 1920s, Remington Chainsaws were introduced in the United States. Remington Chainsaws are suitable for use at home and on hobby farms. A chainsaw does not need to be expensive if it is only used occasionally every few months. And so, for not-so-regular saw users, Remington offers some of the best options to choose from.

For some, Remington Saws will be a perfect fit, but they are not for everyone.

If all you need is a cheap and reliable saw for occasional use, you won’t be disappointed.

A Remington saw would also be sufficient for your needs if you want to process a bit of firewood here and there, prune branches, cut down small trees, and do that type of work.


  • Manufactures reliable and durable products
  • Most of the saws are gas-powered, hence greater power
  • Come in affordable price ranges
  • The real Remington saw community does not exist



Most Recommended RYOBI Chainsaw

Ryobi’s 18-inch gas-powered chainsaw. As a gas chainsaw, this Ryobi chainsaw is unique. A sturdy piece of equipment, it weighs 11 pounds and is powerful enough to handle heavy loads. It is powered by a powerful 38 CC engine for easy operation.

Furthermore, it is equipped with an anti-vibration handle, so you will always maintain a good grip and won’t drop the tool while you’re using it.

RYOBI Chainsaw

About the Brand

Japan’s RYOBI brand is owned by Techtronic Industries, the parent company of Homelite and Milwaukee. Initially, Ryobi sold die-cast products but has since expanded into diverse niches. Ryobi now offers power tools and components for a wide range of industries.

In addition to gas-powered chainsaws, RYOBI makes electric chainsaws and sells them mostly through Home Depot and online. The Ryobi cordless chainsaw range offers a wide range of models that will do a great job in your garden. A Ryobi chainsaw is the best chainsaw for cutting logs, thick branches, and hedges quickly and easily.


  • Wide range of sizes and power options available
  • Manufactures both gas and battery-powered saws
  • Lies among some of the quality brands of yard equipment
  • Chainsaws aren’t their specialization
  • Not an exceptional brand as compared to others


16. Stihl

Most Recommended Stihl Chainsaw

Stihl MS 250 (with an 18-inch bar and chain) has gained a lot of appreciation from all its users.

With the MS250, you get a lot of your money. The system provides plenty of standard features at a reasonable price, and it is comparatively affordable.

The chainsaw is lightweight and easy to use while still making a strong cut. Its 45 CC engine and lightweight handle make it ideal for cutting trees. You’ll love the MS250 if you want a chainsaw with an impressive power-to-weight ratio and a minimalist design.

Best Chainsaw Brands - Stihl Chainsaw

About the Brand

Andrew Stihl invented the first chainsaw in 1926, so his company is named after him. It’s still owned by Andreas Stihl’s direct descendants, and it’s the world’s best-selling chainsaw brand.

Although the company is German, most of its units are produced in the US. Although Stihl saws are usually the most expensive, they are comparable in price to Husqvarna models.

It is nearly unanimously agreed that Stihl is either the best chainsaw brand or the second-best (The other best one being Husqvarna). From battery models to gas-powered models, Stihl offers a wide selection of chainsaws that are known for their durability and power.


  • World’s leading chainsaw brand
  • Manufactures the most powerful and efficient chainsaws
  • Both gas-powered and battery-operated saws are available
  • Comes with best-advanced features for its products
  • Highly expensive


17. Sun Joe

Most Recommended Sun Joe Chainsaw

Sun Joe SWJ701E is a very liked and recommended product by its users. This chain saw is equipped with a self-lubricating Oregon cutting bar and chain, allowing it to easily cut through 17.5-inch-thick tree limbs. Sun Joe’s SWJ701E cuts fast through thick limbs, firewood, logs, and branches with its powerful 14-amp motor.

Sun Joe Chainsaw

About the Brand

Since 2004, Snow Joe has been manufacturing electric snow shovels. The company has drastically expanded its product line since then.

Sun Joe’s chainsaws are pretty much suitable for not-so-huge tasks. They do a great job for light everyday outdoor tasks but won’t surely serve for many years just as other chainsaws from higher brands do.

However, Sun Joe chainsaws are one of the best-selling chainsaw brands on Amazon due to their affordability and ability to do smaller jobs. But at the same time, it is not for those who need a very reliable and dependable saw or those who process a lot of wood.


  • Not-so-big electric models
  • Much affordable brand for chainsaws
  • Most of the models are lightweight and easy to handle
  • Not an extremely reliable brand as compared to others we’ve covered in this article


18. Worx

Most Recommended Worx Chainsaw

Worx WG304.1 is a great quality saw, much recommended by users. It has an 18-inch-long bar and chain. An electric chainsaw of this length will most probably be the longest you’ll find (except for a few higher models by some brands). It’s a fantastic tool for tougher jobs, like felling large trees, bucking fallen trees, and cutting logs into firewood.

If you need a chainsaw that runs on electricity, this model is a great choice. With this model, you can cut wood for as long as you want when plugged in.

Worx Chainsaw - Best Chainsaw Brands

About the Brand

In 1994, Positec Tool Corporation, a Chinese company, founded Worx. The company produces electric chainsaws and battery-based chainsaws. They do not produce gas-powered chainsaws.

Typically, these saws are small and lightweight, perfect for pruning small trees and shrubs around the home, but not for cutting logs or firewood. Despite the fact that the marketing material shows people cutting thick branches, it is unlikely that they could perform extremely well for very long.

These tools would be good for occasional home use, but they won’t be able to handle large piles of firewood or felling trees.


  • Mostly recommended for normal, everyday outdoor works
  • Much affordable
  • Great power for the price
  • No gas-powered saws available
  • Not suitable for heavy tasks


Best Chainsaw Brands – FAQs

Is Echo better than Stihl?
This entirely depends upon your job needs and what exactly you’re looking for. A model from Echo could be the right choice if you want a powerful yet lightweight chainsaw for normal to moderate cutting tasks. However, it makes more sense to buy a chainsaw from Stihl if you want a well-built, durable, fuel-efficient product with extra advanced features for heavy-duty tasks.
What is better Husqvarna or Stihl?
Both of these brands are the topmost leading chainsaw brands in the world. But still, Husqvarna usually wins over Stihl on a side-by-side comparison. Husqvarna’s anti-vibration technology and highly advanced safety features ensure easier and safer operations. Their chainsaws are usually more efficient and cut better than Stihl chainsaws, although Stihl chainsaws can be more powerful. Experts and professionals also find Husqvarna’s value to be a top pick.
What is the lightest most powerful chainsaw?
As far as weight goes, the CS-2511P from ECHO is the lightest rear-handle gas-powered chainsaw in the world, according to the company. Without its bar and chain included, it weighs only 5.7 Pounds.


Summing It Up

We’ve put a great effort into bringing together the BEST chainsaw brands for our readers. After reading this article, we hope you’ve made up your mind about whatever brand you must choose.

You can definitely choose any of these best suitable brands for you, and we’re confident that you won’t be disappointed!

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