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Best Chainsaws Under 300 Dollar – Our Top 6 Picks!

Looking for the best quality chainsaws for just under $300? Well, you’re at just the right place!

High quality does not necessarily have to come from expensive and high-budget products. You can have a limited budget and still get a quality chainsaw with great functionality, working, and durability.

No doubt, for heavy-duty professional work, you’ll definitely need a better and most probably an expensive tool to get your job done smoothly and professionally.

However, if you’re a homeowner and you deal with cutting tasks in your backyard and around the house, all you need is an ordinary yet good quality, affordable chainsaw. These chainsaws, designed for everyday tasks, are usually compact and lightweight. Yet they ensure high performance and power along with reliability.

Finding reasonably priced chainsaws can be difficult. During our extensive research and personal experiences, we found that you can, in fact, get a lot of good products for less than $300. And so, we’re here today with some of the best chainsaws under 300.

Our experts reviewed hundreds of chainsaws from some highly reputable companies, such as Remington, Husqvarna, DeWalt, Makita, and Poulan Pro. And we’ve summarized our findings into a list of the 6 Best Chainsaws under $300, which are the best cheap chainsaws on Amazon!

Our Top Pick
Husqvarna 450EII1850

Husqvarna 450E has to be our TOP FAVORITE among all these.

First of all, it is manufactured by the world’s top rated chainsaw brand. Secondly, it’s the most powerful, efficient and durable saw you’ll find under $300!

Our Top Picks for SIX Best Chainsaws Under 300 Dollar

Out of so many different chainsaw brands and their hundreds of different chainsaw models, we’ve just shortlisted 6 best chainsaws under $300, by the very popular brands that are totally reliable and trustable.

Here’s a list for our readers.

  • Husqvarna 450EII1850
  • Makita-UC4051A Chainsaw
  • Zombi ZCS5817 16-Inch
  • Tanaka TCS33EDTP 12-Inch Top Handle Chain Saw
  • Remington RM5118R Rodeo 51cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch Gas Chainsaw

Here is what we have to say about each of our top chainsaw choices after reviewing them in detail.

Image Product & Features Ratings Price
Best Overall

Husqvarna 450EII1850

Husqvarna 450EII1850

  • Reduced vibrations
  • One simple mechanism for turning on and off the switch
  • Centrifugal air cleaning system
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Best Corded



  • The chain and blade can be adjusted without tools
  • Ergonomically designed rubberized grip handles
  • A large oil reservoir with a view window
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Best Cordless

Zombi ZCS5817

Zombi ZCS5817

  • A true wood-cutting monster
  • Big, powerful, and quiet
  • Comes with a transparent oil level indicator
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Tanaka TCS33EDTP Tanaka TCS33EDTP

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Top handle chainsaw
  • Uses less fuel and produces fewer emissions
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Remington RM5118R Remington RM5118R

  • Low kickback bar
  • Elegantly designed and easy to handle
  • Perfect for limbing, cutting firewood, and removing trees after a storm
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DeWalt 20V MAX DeWalt 20V MAX

  • Dominates the compact, cordless power tool market
  • Brushless motor is highly efficient
  • Weighs just 8.8 pounds
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1. Husqvarna 450EII1850 – The Game Changer!

Husqvarna 450EII1850 – The Game Changer!ABOUT THE SAW – Both the casual DIY-er, who uses a chainsaw to maintain the garden and the professional tree surgeon, who fells large trees, find this chainsaw highly popular. The robustness, the power, and the ease with which it can be transported from one job to another are among its many accolades from users.

A smaller user (as opposed to the usual large-framed lumberjacks) has reported experiencing less fatigue with the 440E than they have with other chainsaws. With the Husqvarna 440E, you can start and use it within seconds. They have addressed many of the small issues that make chainsaws cumbersome.

This Husqvarna is priced at the top end of the price range, yet it fits all the requirements. There is no chainsaw that has as much power, and features, and is as reputable as this one. Therefore, we would highly recommend this chainsaw to anyone looking to spend around $300.


  1. Vibrations are reduced significantly by the design of the body. Because the chainsaw vibrates less, it doesn’t exhaust the operator as quickly as it normally does. As a result, it is also easier to operate.
  2. There is a straightforward mechanism for turning on and off the switch. The combination of the smart start and fuel pump allows you to quickly start this chainsaw without having to exert much effort.
  3. Its centrifugal air cleaning system is another noteworthy feature. Before it reaches the air filter, it removes dust and debris. Thus, there is no need to change the filters as often as with other chainsaws. This way, engine life is also prolonged.
  4. The X-TORQ is designed to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions to meet the world’s most rigorous environmental standards.


Brand Husqvarna
Dimensions 33 inches x 17 inches x 9 inches
Weight 11.3 Pounds
Engine 50.2 CC
Power Source Gas-Powered


  • Manufactured by the world’s top leading chainsaw brand
  • Highly efficient and durable
  • Easy to start with its smart start
  • Lightweight and reliable saw; perfect for wood lot owners
  • Expensive


2. Makita-UC4051A Chainsaw – Best Corded Electric

Makita-UC4051A Chainsaw – Best Corded ElectricABOUT THE SAW – This Makita chainsaw is an excellent corded electric that made it to the list. This saw may not be as powerful as some of the others above, but it makes up for it with great quality. This means it is incredibly reliable.

The quality of corded chainsaws can be hard to determine. On the market, there are ridiculously many corded chainsaws, with the majority coming from China. Therefore, we believe that in order to have reliability, you cannot ignore Makita. Makita UC4051A is an amazing option for a corded chainsaw.


  • With a weight of roughly 14lbs, this chainsaw is lightweight. Because of this, you are able to operate the chainsaw for long periods of time, which will be what you’ll do.
  • The chain and blade can be adjusted without tools, making operation and maintenance simple. As a result, you do not need to keep a separate tool just to tighten the chain when it comes loose.
  • It has ergonomically designed rubberized grip handles for maximum comfort.
  • There is a large trigger switch with a soft start function to make starting it smoother.
  • When the saw is overloaded, the built-in current limiter reduces power to the motor to prevent burnout
  • A large oil reservoir with a view window allows you to see the level of the oil on the bar
  • It’s powerful 14.5 AMP motor makes it one of the best compact chainsaws currently available. It might not be as big as some of the other saws on this list, but that doesn’t take anything away from its value.


Brand Makita
Dimensions 10 inches x 24.2 inches x 10.5 inches
Weight 14 Pounds
Chain Speed 2900 FPM
Power Source Corded Electric


  • A chain oiler that automatically lubricates heavy continuous cutting chains
  • Equipped with electric chain brakes
  • Produces no emissions and requires minimal maintenance
  • Easy start-up with a soft start
  • Chain tightening is a little weak though


3. Zombi ZCS5817 16-Inch – Best Cordless Chainsaw

Zombi ZCS5817 16-Inch – Best Cordless ChainsawABOUT THE SAW – It’s true that battery-powered chainsaws are not easy to find. It just so happens that the ZCS5817 from Zombi is one of the very best battery-powered saws and is totally worth it.

A battery-powered chainsaw powered by lithium – the ZCS5817 is truly an exceptional woodcutter. Like a hot knife through butter, it slices through logs & limbs with ease and smoothness. It offers the convenience of being low maintenance with the performance of gas chainsaws. No matter whether it is gasoline-powered, corded electric, or battery-powered, this saw offers performance comparable to or even better than most saws in its class.

It’s big, powerful, and quiet. The motor powers a chain that extends 16 inches at speeds around 62 feet per second using a 58V 4AH battery. With a 2-AMP charger, it can stay charged when not in use for a long time. And the best part, it saves you money because you don’t have to spend on gas.


  1. Because of the powerful Brushless motor, the 4.0 Ah battery, and the 16-inch Oregon bar and chain that’s included, you can expect amazingly smooth cuts that are far faster & easier than gasoline saw.
  2. Zombi chainsaws are perfect for household tasks. For this Zombie chainsaw, the battery accounts for most of the weight of 16 pounds. This chainsaw is not the lightest, but if you want the cutting power you’re used to with gas-powered chainsaws, you’ll need that big battery.
  3. A transparent oil level indicator is part of the auto-oiling mechanism. Adding oil is simple and quick. Additionally, the chain brake and a handguard are included.
  4. Woodcutting around the house is easy with no mix-up hassles, low maintenance, extended tool life, & cost-effective at a low price.
  5. With its brushless motor, this tool will run for years to come due to its power, efficiency, and durability.


Brand Zombi Power Tools
Dimensions 35 inches x 10 inches x 11 inches
Weight 16 Pounds
Battery 58 Volt 4AH Lithium
Power Source Battery-Powered


  • Chainsaw with a superb design that works like a charm
  • Provides a high level of power by using a 58V 4AH battery
  • It is highly functional and efficient due to its brushless motor
  • Even the largest jobs can be accomplished with a full charge of this chainsaw
  • Difficult to find a replacement chain
  • Some users have complained about the oil leakage


4. Tanaka TCS33EDTP – The Two Stroke Chainsaw

Tanaka TCS33EDTP – The Two Stroke ChainsawABOUT THE SAW – Tanaka’s TCS33 chainsaw is compact and lightweight. With a short top handle, this chainsaw is 12-inches (also available in 14-inches). Tanaka has an ergonomic design that is easy to handle.

Its total weight is slightly less than 12 pounds, making it less tiring and easier to use. The TCS33EDTP’s sleek, compact design will appeal to those who appreciate chainsaws with a little flair.

This chainsaw is the top handle chainsaw, and such chainsaws have one thing to note. Their purpose is to be used while up a ladder. They are not designed for use on the ground. This saw is included on this list as a great chainsaw for around $300 and has a top handle.


  1. An industrial-grade engine is installed on the inside. The chainsaw is light, compact, and powerful, but not dangerous.
  2. It’s a pure fire engine with 32.2 CC and two strokes. With a pure fire engine, there are no additional parts needed for the chainsaw to produce extremely low emissions.
  3. Fuel efficiency is also high for the 32.2 CC engine. Compared with any other chainsaw, it uses less fuel and produces fewer emissions.
  4. With a sprocket nose bar, a built-in lanyard ring, and an anti-vibration system, it has plenty of amazing features. Furthermore, a gear-driven oiler and easy-to-access chain tensioner ensure fast and convenient chain adjustments.


Brand Tanaka
Dimensions 11.2 inches x 15.4 inches x 11.8 inches
Weight 11.9 Pounds
Engine 32.2 CC
Power Source Gas-Powered


  • Compact, lightweight chainsaw
  • Is easy to handle and reduces fatigue
  • Produces ultra-low emissions
  • Perfect choice for commercial users
  • Initial setup might be difficult for some people
  • Air filter cleaner often loosens because of vibrations


5. Remington RM5118R – Best 18-inch Saw

Remington RM5118R - Best 18-inch SawABOUT THE SAW – This one would be our best recommendation for anyone who’s looking for an 18-inch saw for just under $300.

Rodeo RM5118R from Remington is a firearm that shoots as well as it looks, and that says a lot about this saw. It is a Gas chainsaw with an 18-inch blade, a 51CC engine, a low kickback bar, and die-cast chassis. It is elegantly designed and easy to handle. Even more shocking is the fact that this beast is so affordable!

While it may be called the Rodeo, you won’t be thrown around like a bull. It has anti-vibration handles on the front and back. When you cut through firewood, lumber, or whatever else is on your cutting board, your handles will be positioned comfortably.

This rodeo is capable of handling everything and reducing fatigue at the same time. In this price range, this is quite a feat for a chainsaw this size.


  1. Among its many uses, this gas chainsaw is perfect for limbing, cutting firewood, and removing trees after a storm. This work is performed with a 51cc engine and an 18-inch chain. A chainsaw with such a powerful engine can accomplish pretty much anything.
  2. The 51cc two-cycle engine comes with an 18-inch low kickback bar and chain system for reliable starts regardless of the weather conditions. Furthermore, the QuickStart technology makes pull starts easier.
  3. Also included are anti-vibration handles on the front and back for comfortable operations throughout working tasks,
  4. It will wear you out to handle this chainsaw, even with the anti-vibration handles; therefore, you don’t want to use it up trying to start it and that’s where QuickStart rescues. The rest of the process will be handled by the large bucking spikes on the 18-inch bar.


Brand Remington
Dimensions 20 inches x 12.2 inches x 12.5 inches
Weight 25 Pounds
Engine 51 CC
Power Source Gas-Powered


  • Ideal for small to medium cutting tasks like trimming, cutting firewood
  • Arrives completely assembled. You don’t have to put up the parts together
  • Oiler automatically adjusts to ensure uniform lubrication
  • Pro-grade chainsaw with an easy start
  • Its replacement parts are hard to find
  • Extremely heavy


6. DEWALT 20V MAX – Highly Efficient Brushless Motor

DEWALT 20V MAX – Highly Efficient Brushless MotorABOUT THE SAW – It is DeWalt that dominates the compact, cordless power tool market. All their expertise has gone into designing a compact cordless chainsaw, and they have done a wonderful job. For use outdoors, on the job site, or around the house, this chainsaw with a 12-inch bar and chain, is a perfect choice. The brushless motor is highly efficient, and the battery is 20 volts.

Brushless motors are becoming more and more common in power tools. That’s because the traditional brush motors are noisy, inefficient, and have a short lifespan. And in contrast to this, brushless motors prove to be the game-changers.

Adding it to the bill adds a little to the overall cost, but it is worth the expense in the long run. With proper care, this DeWalt chainsaw will last much longer than any other cordless chainsaw.


  1. Construction and outdoor cutting applications are made easy with these cordless chainsaws with low kickback bars and chains
  2. Weighing just 8.8 pounds. With that kind of weight, it’s easily the lightest chainsaw at its price point. For around the house, this is the ideal lightweight, easy-to-use chainsaw.
  3. This battery-powered chainsaw uses a brushless motor with high efficiency to maximize runtime and motor life
  4. Using a 20V MAX* 5Ah battery, you can make up to 90 cuts on 4×4 pressure treated wood
  5. Has an easy-to-use knob for tensioning the chain and tightening the bar which makes tightening and tensioning easier and more convenient.


Dimensions 25 inches x 9 inches x 9 inches
Weight 8.8 Pounds
Battery 5 A.H with a brushless motor
Power Source Battery Powered


  • Constructed to handle tough outdoor and construction tasks
  • User control is maximized by the lightweight design
  • With the gas-free operation, you won’t have to worry about cold starts, fumes, or carburetor problems
  • Brushless motor technology provides long motor life and extended runtime.
  • Sometimes leaks some bar and chain oil when stays in there for some days
  • No locking lever present


How to Choose the Right Chainsaws Under 300 Dollar?

For under $300, because you’re looking for an easily affordable chainsaw, two things you shouldn’t be compromising on are power and the brand. Because a good and reputable brand won’t let you disappoint, and power is what handles the rest of your work with the chainsaw.

Brand – Considering the brand is highly important, especially when you’re willing to buy cheaper products. And so, a well-known and popular brand will save you from a lot of problems you might face if you go for a not-so-reputable brand.

We highly recommend choosing the right brand to come across just the right affordable chainsaw under $300.

Power – Those tough branches and tree trunks will only be cut by the chainsaw when it is powerful enough. For any DIYer or professional tradesman, a powerful chainsaw is essential. A chainsaw with low power simply won’t do the job. Even if you choose it to use for just the lighter tasks, it will still lack the power anyway.

So, the high power of the chainsaw would lead to high efficiency and high efficiency would lead to faster and smoother cutting.

Best Chainsaws Under 300 Dollar – FAQs

Is more CC better for a chainsaw?
Yes. CC indicates the engine power. The higher the CC, the higher would be the power of the chainsaw.
How many CC should a good chainsaw have?
For normal home uses, a chainsaw with a 32 CC to 45 CC engine would do the job. However, for professional works, a 50CC to 65 CC engine would be required.
How do I choose a good chainsaw?
If you’re new to chainsaw work, pick a smaller chainsaw that’s easier to handle. You will tire your hands and arms if the chainsaw is too heavy, which also poses a safety hazard in the long run. However, in order to fall larger trees, especially hardwood, you won’t have a choice and you’ll need a chainsaw with more power.



This was all for the top chainsaws under $300!

Anyone looking for an affordable, yet great quality chainsaw can opt for any of these. We guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed choosing any of these.

We hope we’ve been helpful to our readers in finding just the right chainsaw for them and that too, just under$300!

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