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The Great 20 Inch Blue Max Chainsaw with 52 CC Engine Power!

Blue Max is an amazing manufacturer of chainsaws, emerging pretty high along with other very popular and well-known chainsaw manufacturers.

The owner of the company is North American Tool Industries, shortly known as NATI. Although the Blue Max chainsaws are not as popularly known as those from Husqvarna, Poulan, and Stihl, they do offer almost the same. Their prices are also much similar, and they provide great value for the money as well.

No matter what chainsaw type you’re looking for, and whether it’s for home use or professional, you’ll find a great range of options at Blue Max. 

Specifically, in our today’s article, we’re going to be reviewing the 52CC Blue Max Chainsaw which would be under the list of one of the best 20-inch chainsaws soon, and you’ll be able to know about it in detail along with its features. 

A decent chainsaw for the money, the Blue Max 52CC is a good choice. You might like this chainsaw if you’re already familiar with chainsaws and can handle some of their quirks. There is a good amount of power, and it cuts well.

Let’s dig in and read in detail!

Overview of Blue Max 52 CC

The Blue Max chainsaw comes with a 20-inch-long bar, protected with ABS plastic housing. Remember, it won’t come assembled. You’ll have to assemble it on your own and this would hardly take 20 to 25 mins, or maybe even lesser. Just follow up the instructions given in the manual that comes along with the chainsaw and you’ll have it assembled easily.

Technically, it’s a great saw. I did some random cutting tests before properly starting working with it and I wasn’t disappointed at all. The start-up is smooth, the performance is great, the features are impressive and above all, it’s competing with a lot of other chainsaws on the market and yet in an affordable price range.


How Does the Blue Max 52 CC Standout in 2022?

In the first place, it stands out from other chainsaws due to having two different bars and chains. Besides that, it isn’t too bulky as well. It is easily handled and transported compared to other chainsaws.

In case you’re concerned about its teeth, it has more teeth on the chain and is also expected to cut more efficiently due to its larger teeth. Furthermore, the gas chainsaw’s affordability is also an important factor that sets it apart from other chainsaws.

Technical Features of Blue Max Chainsaw

Here are the great and super impressive features that the Blue Max chainsaw has to offer its users. 

  • Bar Length
  • Weight 
  • Efficiency with Teeth
  • Automatic Oiling
  • Powerful Engine
  • Quick and Smart Start
  • Chain Tensioning and Chain Oiling
  • Speed Control
  • Safety Features

Chain & Bar Length

The chainsaw comes with a 20-inch bar and chain length. Neither too huge nor too small. Usually, chainsaws smaller than 20 inches are suitable for smaller jobs and for trees that have a smaller diameter. 

Similarly, chainsaws bigger than that are heavy and have a longer chain and bar length. Such chainsaws are suitable for larger trees that have thick diameters as well. But this 20-inch blue max chainsaw is just the right size for most of the duties.

Chain & Bar Length


Blue Max 52 CC chainsaw weighs only 15.5 lbs. which means it’s pretty much nicely weighed, neither too heavy nor too light. 

Efficiency with Teeth

In comparison to its competitors, the Blue Max gas chainsaw has 30% more chain teeth. The result is an extremely convenient way to slice works.

When I was cutting wood logs outside my home with this chainsaw, I felt as though I were slicing a hot cake with a sharp knife. Yes!!! it’s that satisfying. We will surely appreciate the effort of the manufacturer since it would save me time and energy.

Automatic Oiling

Automatic oiling is one of the most important features of any chainsaw and makes working and operating a lot easier. To make the chains move across the bars of your chainsaw, you need sufficient chainsaw 2-stroke oil. You wouldn’t have to interrupt your cutting operations with an auto-oiler. 

It is already equipped with an automatic oiler that keeps the engine in good condition. Thus, it would perform exceptionally well when cutting medium wood logs or firewood.

This feature is found in most Blue Max products, as it lowers friction and prevents heat from manifesting during motor operation and this particular 52 CC chainsaw has it nicely adapted. 

Powerful Engine

When you run your chainsaw with powerful motors, you can cut large trees and materials without ruining them. In addition to helping, you with cutting tasks, a chainsaw with such features will also save you money in the long run.

The 52cc engine delivers almost 40% better performance than its counterparts due to its efficiency and power. In spite of this, Blue Max chainsaws have an idle speed of 2,700 to 3,400 RPM, according to the manufacturer’s official statement.

Interestingly, it is also possible to reach speeds of 10,500 RPM when cutting wood materials.

Powerful Engine

Quick and Smart Start

With the quick and smart start, you can easily start up the chainsaw. The Blue Max 52 CC comes with this amazing feature which saves you from the hustle of delayed start-ups. 

Chain Tensioning

The chainsaw also comes with a chain tightening feature which means you can tighten or loosen the chain easily whenever needed. 

It is important to remember that even lubricating these saws does not guarantee they will not get hot during use. In response to the saw’s heat, the chain expands. The chain becomes looser as it expands.

Whenever you cut, make sure that the chain tension is correct. Check the chain for looseness and tighten it if necessary. Working on a guide bar can be dangerous if the chain jumps off. Hence you must keep an eye on it.

Depending on the model, you may find a screwdriver or specific tools for tightening the chain. The tensioning process is made easier by using automatic chain adjustment, which does not require any tools.

Speed Control

Along with all other features, isn’t it amazing to know that the speed of this chainsaw is variable, and you can control it according to the job type being carried? 

Obviously, there is a variable speed button control to go along with other features. To keep the chainsaw controlled, it’s installed inside the handle at an ergonomic angle. Also, the Speed Control button on this saw is much more responsive than its counterpart on Poulan Pro. So, having this chainsaw you know that you can handle the speed pretty nicely.

Speed Control

Safety Features

Other than all other features, Blue Max 52 CC chainsaw also has safety features built in. 

There’s a chain brake that provides a safe working environment and you can pull the chain brake whenever the chainsaw seems to be getting out of control or you want to give it an instant stop. It’s great for emergency situations where you need to quickly make the chainsaw quit operating.

The chainsaw is also resistant to kickbacks which means it avoids kickbacks and hence saves you from a lot of risks of injuries and damage.

  • Super powerful 52 CC engine
  • 40% improved performance
  • 30% more teeth than its competitors
  • Comes with in-built safety features
  • Has a speed variation control
  • Comes as disassembled
  • Some users have a complaint about the oil leakage
  • Not as powerful as Poulan chainsaws


What Comes in the Box?

Together with the engine, the box contains a long chainsaw bar measuring 20 inches. There are also some maintenance tools included in the ABS plastic box, along with a chainsaw machine and a user’s manual.

Affordability and Durability are What Makes You Purchase the Blue Max 52 CC!

No doubt that Blue Max 52 CC chainsaw is overall an awesome choice for the chainsaw but if there’s something specific that would be the reason for you purchasing it, it’s the durability that comes along with the affordability. 

The chainsaw is highly durable, and goes a long way if used appropriately and kept and stored with care. Also, it is highly affordable and does compete with many other models from different models with higher price ranges.

In this machine, you’d get to use two chainsaws at once. The quality is excellent, and the performance is great too. Furthermore, the chainsaw’s durability cannot be overlooked.

A gas chainsaw in 2022 that is powerful, sturdy, and portable is one of the best investments you can make, and you won’t go wrong with this one!


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Blue Max Chainsaw Reviews – FAQs

Is blue max a good chainsaw?
Blue max chainsaws are simply amazing. Talking specifically about this 52 CC blue max chainsaw, it has 40% increased performance as compared to other chainsaws from its line and I think that’s pretty much enough to describe how good of a chainsaw it is!
What chainsaw brand is blue?
The Blue Max. It is also one of the top emerging chainsaw brands.
How long does Blue Max last?
If talking about lifespan, it lasts for many years to come if you use it properly and appropriately with care. Otherwise, under one charge, it could easily run for about 1 to 2 hours.
What is the oldest chainsaw brand?
Stihl is the oldest chainsaw brand on the market. The German engineer and founder of the Stihl company, Andreas Stihl, designed the gas-powered tree-felling machine.
Who makes the best chainsaw in the world?
Husqvarna is currently the number one leading brand for chainsaws. In the following are the Stihl, Poulan, Oregon, Greenworks, and a few others.
What is the most reliable chainsaw?
Most of the chainsaws from Husqvarna are highly reliable and efficient in working and are the best performers too. Husqvarna 120 Mark II is the game changer!


Summing It Up

Summing it all up, Blue Max 50CC is an amazing choice for the chainsaw. It has all the qualities and features a good chainsaw must have, and above all, it’s affordable too!

We have had a great experience cutting wood with this chainsaw and we hope that when you use it, you wouldn’t be disappointed too!

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