Can a Chainsaw Cut Metal? – What Type of Chainsaws Can Cut Metal

Although chainsaws are most used for cutting and lumbering wood, yes, they can also cut through metals.

Well, to know that chainsaws can cut through metals is not just enough. There are certain factors that affect this. Every chainsaw will not cut a metal because that’s not what chainsaws are made for. However, some chainsaws being extraordinarily powerful and strong can be used to cut metal.

Even with a chainsaw that cuts metal, you might not be able to cut through every metal. The thickness of metal plays a key role in deciding whether a chainsaw would cut it or not. Thin metals are easily cut with professional chainsaws but those that are thick would require a metal reinforced chain along with extra power.

Also, do remember one thing. You must be extra careful with metal cutting chainsaw. If you aren’t a trained metal cutter, do not risk at all.

Chainsaws can be extremely dangerous with wood as well if you don’t handle them in the right way. But with metals, if used incorrectly, it would not only harm the user badly, but it would also damage the chainsaw and the metal as well.

In short, standard chainsaws that are built for homeowners, cannot be used to cut metals. They simply aren’t capable of doing that. However, chainsaws that are built to be used at industrial levels may cut through metals, and that too, depending upon the thickness of the metal. An extremely thick metal shouldn’t be cut using a chainsaw!

Will a Saw Cut Through Metal?

Yes, a saw will cut through metal only if it is built strong enough to do so. Also, every saw won’t do that. Only professional saws, whose blades are built with unique materials can cut through metals.

Will a Saw Cut Through Nail in Wood?

Nails are basically metal. And sometimes, while cutting through some wood, you might be interrupted by a nail stuck into it. In that case, if your chainsaw is a big, powerful, professional-grade saw, it will cut through the nail with great ease.

Will a Saw Cut Through Nail in Wood

However, the panicking situation arises when you’re cutting wood with a homeowner’s saw. In that case, you might not be able to cut through that nail. And even if by a chance, you’re successful in doing so, you would end up having blunt teeth.

Can a Chainsaw Cut Metal? – Cutting Metals Using Chainsaw

Now that we know metals can be cut using chainsaws, let us read further to find what type of chainsaws can do that.

There are basically two types of chainsaws.

  • Chainsaws for Homeowners
  • Commercial or Professional Grade Chainsaws


Homeowner chainsaws or more specifically, the standard chainsaws are no way to be used for metal cutting. That’s because these chainsaws are designed to carry out the lighter duties around the house. You can use them for cutting, pruning, and felling of small trees but using them to cut metal shouldn’t be even thought about.

It’s not that homeowner saws are weak. No. They are super strong for the kind of jobs they’re built for. But obviously, one cannot use them for any kind of professional or heavy-duty job.

Even in case a homeowner saw accidentally hits a metal, it would most probably blunt the blade and dull the chain.

Can a Chainsaw Cut Metal - Cutting Metals Using Chainsaw


Professional chainsaws are used at industrial levels for large-scale projects. They have super strong engines, high-level functionalities, and extra-efficient working. Their teeth have strong metallic reinforcement that doesn’t let them get blunt. And so, these chainsaws can be used to cut wood as well as metal.

Although they’re used mostly for cutting and felling of trees and wood logs, because they have very sharp and long-lasting blades, metal cutters use them too. They can be used to remove nails and other metals too.

Also, the engines of professional-grade saws are so strong that they never disappoint. You can work for long hours and still won’t feel the engine in stress.

Can Carbide Cut Metal?

Yes. Blades made of carbide are great for cutting metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They’re expensive but they provide cleaner cuts, have a long life, and produce less heat. In fact, compared to traditional abrasives, they offer lower costs per cut.

Among the many types of steel products that can be cut using ferrous metal, blades are steel siding, roofing, steel studs, and other construction steels.

On the other hand, Copper, brass, Aluminum, and Aluminum trim are some of the products which can be cut with non-ferrous metal blades.

Can a Chainsaw Cut Through Bone?

Well, we haven’t tried it personally. But it seems like a chainsaw would cut through a bone. No doubt, bones are way too tough, but they’re rigid as well. So, they might be cut using a professional chainsaw.

However, it will dull the blade. Because chainsaws are best used for cutting through woods and metals, not through bones.

Homeowner Saws Are Very Risky When Cutting Metal!

Most of you might be thinking that chainsaws are risky anyway. Why specifically the homeowner saws? Well, as we’ve mentioned earlier, homeowner saws must only be used to carry out lighter cutting tasks around the house. They can’t be used for heavy-duty tasks.

Homeowner Saws Are Very Risky When Cutting Metal!

I once tried cutting a metal sheet, which wasn’t even too thick, with a homeowner’s saw (surely a huge mistake. Never did that again). That’s when I experienced a severe kickback and ended up having a dull chain! So, do not even try doing it. It could be extremely dangerous.

Here are some of the risks you are very likely to encounter in case you mistakenly use a homeowner saw to cut through metal.

  1. Firstly, you put your own self in great danger. You would most probably have kickbacks and may get injured as well.
  2. By cutting metal with an incapable saw, you may risk burns and even fire.
  3. The metal would throw sparks and chips of metal too as it isn’t powerful enough to cut through.
  4. The engine might become very weak and now you’ll have to pay to get it repaired.
  5. By the end of this awful experience, all you’d have would be a blunt blade and dull chain.

Can a Chainsaw Cut Metal – FAQs

What happens when a chainsaw hits metal?
If your chainsaw isn’t capable of cutting through metal and it accidentally hits a metal, it would simply damage the blade and teeth of the saw. You can, later on, have it sharpened if the damages caused aren’t too severe.
What should you not cut with a chainsaw?
It is recommended to cut nothing other than wood with a chainsaw. However, if you’re a professional and experienced cutter and have a big, professional-grade saw, you can use your saw to cut through metals as well.
What saws can cut through metal?
Only professional chainsaws can cut through metal. However, professional hacksaws are also used to cut through metals.



In a nutshell, a chainsaw can cut through metal, but it greatly depends on the thickness of the metal. Also, only professional chainsaws should be used for the purpose. Never risk trying a homeowner saw for cutting through metal. You would only end up hurting yourself and damaging the saw.

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