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Dewalt Chainsaw 60V Review – Powerful Cutting & Sharp Chain

The demand for cordless chainsaws is growing, with businesses on the market selling high-performance equipment that can fulfill the needs of specialists. DeWalt is a well-known manufacturer of power tools. It manufactures high-quality chainsaws. The DeWalt 60V MAX Chainsaw, for example, is designed to allow the operator to work effectively.

This time, Dewalt a company that has never let any homeowner down with its sublime chain of products, has introduced a 60v electric chainsaw. The unique DCCS670X1 chainsaw has a 16″ bar with an incredibly sharp chain and is powered by a 3Ah Dewalt chainsaw battery.

Having said that, its performance is excellent, as you may use it to cut down thick dead trees, clear your property, or split heavy wood logs with ease.

The good news is that its battery timing is superior to that of Greenworks, Milwaukee, and even Makita chainsaws.

This blog provides a comprehensive review of the DEWALT Flexvolt 60V chainsaw. It will assist you in comprehending the model’s characteristics and benefits.

History of DEWALT Chainsaws: A Quick Peek

Raymond E. DeWalt began developing a radial arm saw in 1922 to cut through wood and trees for numerous reasons. A radial saw is a tool that consists of a circular chainsaw set on top of a horizontal arm. This product became successful, resulting in the establishment of DeWalt Inc. in 1947. It was purchased by American Machine and Co., who later sold it to Black & Decker.

DeWalt is one of the best commercial chainsaw brands on the market today. They specialize in chainsaws as well as a variety of hand tools such as pliers, wrenches, reciprocating saws, and circular saws. These chainsaws are now available in both gas-powered and battery-powered models.


Dewalt, for of all employs a brushless electric motor that works flawlessly and provides superior performance with greater cutting efficiency.

Furthermore, it is quieter than gas-powered chainsaws. Not to mention that the equipment has enough power to hack down big trees with ease.

It runs on a regular Dewalt lithium-ion battery with a 3Ah capacity and can help you chop wood logs for an hour constantly.

Aside from that, the homeowners were impressed by the tool’s durability and lightweight construction. That is, you may easily transport it from one location to another. Overall, such characteristics distinguish the Dewalt 60V chainsaw from other models.

Dewalt Chainsaw 60v Review – Pure Power

Like the Dewalt 20V chainsaw, I received the 60V model in a large box with a plastic chain guard already attached. Chainsaw Dewalt 60V

Aside from the equipment, I also received a 3Ah battery and a user handbook. I charged the battery completely by plugging it in.

Meanwhile, I picked up the chainsaw and it felt lighter than before. Dewalt’s decision to use quality materials has paid off handsomely since the tool is light on the hands.

Moving on, the 16″ bar with a wrapped chain appeared to be sturdy enough. The equipment also included a chain adjustment knob, similar to those used on Worx electric chainsaws.
Aside from that, I loved the clear oil window with an oil indicator. It was simple to fill and monitor the current oil level.

I started the saw by pulling the Chain Brake backward after tucking in the batteries. When I turned it on, it made no noise.

Starting with some random cutting, I put the tool through its paces on a dry 10″ wood log and it just outperformed itself. I cut three to four times and checked the battery level, which was still full.

Second, I had been planning to cut down a 12-inch-tall tree for quite some time. So I cut it with a Dewalt 60v chainsaw in a single pass. Despite the fact that the wood appeared to be somewhat rough, I had no problems with chain loosening.

I can confidently state that the manufacturer designed this instrument solely for heavy-duty jobs. The battery drainage was too low since I used the tool for an hour to cut down several shrubs, limbs, and firewood material.


Brand Dewalt
Power Source Battery Powered
Batteries 1 Lithium-ion battery is required. (included)
Package Dimensions 35.7 x 10.8 x 9.5 inches
Item Weight 17.11 pounds

Brushless Electric Motor:

A brushless electric motor powers the chainsaw. Dewalt’s latest technology has advanced significantly. It allows for increased torque while keeping heat resistance to a minimum. Furthermore, the chain moves faster than in the previous 20V model.

Furthermore, the electric motor improves the tool’s cutting efficiency. As a result, it chops trees, wood logs, and wood trunks with relative simplicity and convenience.

The tool will not make too much noise due to the installation of an advanced electric motor. Large wood materials can be cut without even wearing earplugs.


A log of wood 8 inches long can be chopped in 6 seconds with the DEWALT Flexvolt 60V. The chainsaw is extremely efficient, with an average of 0.40 cuts per watt-hour. The DEWALT DCCS670X1 has received great feedback for its performance. It can make up to 70 cuts per charge on a 6-inch × 6-inch piece of pressure-treated pine wood.

DEWALT CHAINSAW 60V - Performance


The DCCS670X1 FLEXVOLT 60V chainsaw has a trendy design. It borrows its design from competitor vehicles, but there is some originality in there as well. The chainsaw features the black and yellow color scheme that Dewalt is known for. It’s more of an iconic touch to connect with Dewalt loyalists all across the world.

After that, you’ll notice a handy flip-up tab on the oil cap. Keep in mind that, while pouring oil into the chainsaw housing is simple, there is an unnecessary piece of the flip-up tab that goes into the cap. As a result, you pour more oil than is necessary. If you’re familiar with machine oil, engines, and motors, you should know that adding additional oil can harm the internal system rather than help it.

There is also a tool-free bar to “help” users in loosening the chainsaw’s necessary nuts and bolts.

Safety Brakes:

A chain brake is required on all-electric chainsaws. Because of it, the chain can come to a halt in fractions of a second after the machine is turned off. This reduces the risk of an accident occurring.

Weight and Balance

This product is not as light as you might expect for an electric saw. It weighs  17 pounds, which is hardly light.

Ergonomics and Stability

Almost all electric chainsaws feature two handles: one in front of the machine, in a stirrup, and one in the back. The stirrup handle makes operating the saw horizontally and vertically simple. These handles, which are easier on your hands, let you gain stability while requiring the least amount of effort.s

Dual Stud Bar Nuts:

It has Premium-Quality Bar Retention with dual stud retention bolts

Bucking Spikes:

The DEWALT Chainsaw has a superb grip for making vertical cuts on a log or wood. Bucking spikes that allow you to slide the saw back and forth are required for a vertical grip. The bucking spikes in such chainsaws are superior.

DEWALT CHAINSAW 60V - Bucking Spikes

Long-Lasting Battery:

The Dewalt battery-powered chainsaw includes a 3Ah battery with 60V power. Nonetheless, it provides 60 to 70 cuts on a single full charge.

The number of cuts required, however, is determined by the type of wood being cut. For example, if the wood log is thick enough, you could only make 13 to 14 slices.

The 60-70 cut count applies solely to 6″x6″ wood sizes.

Bar Retention Knob:

Last but not least, the tool includes one additional choice, which is the bar retention knob.

When you feel the bar isn’t penetrating deeply enough, you can alter its retention. Simply turn the knob clockwise to keep the bar in place as long as you are cutting wood logs.

Advanced Safety Features

When operating a chainsaw for any reason, safety is paramount. The DeWalt DCCS670X1 chainsaw has upgraded security features such as a chain stop and improved kickback support.

Advanced Safety Features

3-Year Limited Warranty

When you buy a battery-powered chainsaw, you should make sure that it works properly. This DeWalt model has received rave reviews and comes with a 3-year product warranty.


The retail price for the bare tool is $349. There are also a handful of other kit variations. It costs $449 with a 4.0Ah/12.0Ah battery or $499 with a 5.0Ah/15.0Ah pack.

Pros and Cons:

  • It has a quiet, ergonomic, and lightweight design, as well as a coast-down brake for easy handling and fast cutting.
  • The DEWALT Flexvolt 60V has a long run time and a huge tank capacity.
  • This chainsaw is ideal for practically all cutting tasks in a medium-sized garden. Overall, a wireless electric chainsaw is far more convenient to use. All you need is a power supply and a switch, and you’re ready to go.
  • It has a low kickback and comes with a powerful 16-inch saw.
  • When the gasoline tank cap is tightened, it goes deep.
  • The covered side cover catches wood chips, resulting in blockage.


How To Start Dewalt 60v Chainsaw?

If you want to know how to start a Dewalt 60V Chainsaw watch ‎this video:

What Do Users Say?

Have a look at how customers rate the Dewalt 60V electric chainsaw:

Customer Ratings:

  • Ease of Use:7/10
  • Power and Performance:5/10
  • Durability:6/10
  • Battery Timing:7/10
  • Portability:7/10
  • Overall Ratings: 9.6/10

Expert Opinions:

Matt from Battle of the Tools has tested DCCS670X1 on a variety of wood materials. “It works really well,” he says. I recently used the tool to cut a heavy 10″ wood log and a fallen tree with no problems. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for homeowners who want to perform heavy-duty cutting tasks with ease.“

Scobie P. comments, “Cool saw! You can avoid oil leaks by only refilling the oil box to the recommended mark. Aside from that, I loved the overall operation of this heavy-duty electric tool. So far, everything has met my expectations.”

What are the Safety Precautions to Take?

Before using the chain, make certain that it is tight. It must not be over-tensioned (which might damage your tool) or slackened, as this increases the dangers of kickback, issues, and injuries.

You should also examine the brake’s condition and performance on a regular basis. The brake, which frequently serves as a handguard, can be manual (activated by bending the wrist) or manual and automatic.

Finally, keep in mind that using an electric chainsaw in the rain, on damp surfaces, or on ice is risky.


What size chain does a Dewalt 60V chainsaw use?
The durable 16 in. The replacement Saw Chain is designed to fit 16 in. bars on the DEWALT® 60V MAX* Cordless Chainsaw (DCCS670). This low-vibration chain is engineered to cut smoothly and quickly with minimal kickback.
How do you stop a Dewalt chainsaw from leaking oil?
● When completed cutting, always drain the oil tank. It is preferable to drain the oil tank before storing your chainsaw for several days, weeks, or months. ● By opening the cap, you may relieve any pressure that has built up and prevent it from leaking. ● Store the chainsaw with the guide bar in the neutral position or with the guide bar pointing down.
Does Oregon Bar fit Dewalt?
Chainsaw Chain Oregon R56 for 16 in. It Fits Dewalt, Echo, Makita, Milwaukee, Craftsman, and other R56 tools.



Fans of DeWalt will undoubtedly appreciate this chainsaw. It is a powerful and simple tool. It can execute the job perfectly thanks to its large motor and an equally massive battery. The DeWalt 60v features easy access to the battery and excellent visibility. The DCCS670X1 is a solid contender for the best electric chainsaw on the market.

The DCCS670X1 FLEXVOLT 60V cordless chainsaw performs admirably for intermediate and entry-level users. While several features leave a lot to be desired, the chainsaw has a solid overall profile. You can cut through a wide range of wood types with ease because of the flip-up tab on the oil cap, an extra-wide handle, and motorized operation.

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