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Echo CS 490 Review – Professional Grade 2-stroke Engine

Are you sick of reading review after review? Now that you’ve arrived, maybe you won’t need to look any further. Take a deep breath and tighten your seat belts because you’re about to have an incredible adventure! And with that, I welcome you to my review of the Echo CS 490.

Before we begin, there is something I want to commend you on: you choose this Echo Commercial Chainsaw in particular to continue your experience with trees.

That doesn’t mean it’s the Best Echo Chainsaw, but it’s surely one of the finest. Furthermore, it is extremely reasonably priced, so you have no reason to walk away without taking a closer look.

We will make certain that you not only get a proper look but also learn everything there is to know about this MASTERPIECE. I have made an Echo CS 490 review to bring you the best from this brand.

Why Buy the Echo Cs 490?

The CS-490 belongs to the mid-level saw class, yet it contains many characteristics seen on professional saws. After cutting numerous trees with it, I’m really delighted with its quality and performance. The Echo CS-490 is possibly the lightest 50 cc saw on the market, weighing only 10.6 lbs. (powerhead only).

Echo CS-490 Professional Grade Chainsaw

The Echo CS490 chainsaw is an excellent model that is just as powerful as the leading brands while a cheaper in price. If you’re looking for a new chainsaw, this is it. It has a lot of power, can readily cut through wood, and is light enough to use on low-hanging branches.

This is the ideal chainsaw for cutting firewood, clearing land, or simply maintaining your property. It has a powerful 50.2 CC engine and a 2-stroke engine. The chain is 20″ long and strong enough to bite through a variety of fabrics.

This chainsaw works right out of the box and requires no setup. It starts well and continues to operate well throughout the day. This is an excellent piece of equipment that you will like using, and you may even find reasons to do some more cutting.

I have 7 acres of pine, spruce, and aspen trees. I’ve used it twice already and am extremely impressed with how nicely it handled all of the cutting I had to do. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with it.


Brand Echo
Oil Capacity 9.5
Handle Plastic
Item Dimensions 37 x 10.43 x 13.19 inches
Item Weight 18.7 Pounds

Chain Tension System

The Echo CS-490 professional-grade chainsaw features an entirely new design. The lever for regulating chain tension is situated on the side of the chain, as is the case with many other current chainsaws.

This makes it simple to use and allows you to make changes quickly and easily. This makes it far superior to saws with chain adjustment levers positioned at the front of the machine or even near the left side of the 20 bar.

Aside from the chain tension adjustment option, the choke control and on/off switches are also stored in the chainsaw’s strategy parts. All of these characteristics make it simple to use the saw.

Easy Access Air Filter

The air filter must be replaced on a regular basis. This method may appear to be far more difficult than you believe. If you want a simple way to reach and replace an air filter, the Echo CS 490 is the way to go. When it comes to cleaning or replacing the air filter, the easy access makes it convenient for you.


The carburetor is a Walbro, which I believe is superior to the Chinese-made Zama carbs. It has limiting caps on the adjustment screws, which I’m sure will have to come off. There is no priming bulb, which I consider to be a bonus. They are just unnecessary on saws, one more thing that can break.

Echo CS 490 Carburetor


Choke Run

The chainsaw’s choke mechanism enables the mixing of fuel and air, allowing for a cool start with minimal effort.

Detachable Engine Mount

The Detachable Engine Mount, along with the monstrous 20″ bar and chain, provides unrivaled cutting power. The chain is razor-sharp and quite simple to change the tension on.


Some chainsaws are hefty, making them difficult to use. The Echo CS 490 chainsaw is ideal if you require a lightweight, easy-to-use chainsaw. It is, indeed, one of the lightest chainsaws available. It weighs around 18.7 pounds. You’ll have no trouble carrying it or using it to down those obstinate trees. Despite its lightweight construction, the chainsaw is tough and durable.

Automatic Outer Clutch

Oil usage is reduced by using an adjustable and automated clutch-driven oiler.

Dual Post Chain Brake Handle

The rubber wrap-around grip and dual post chain brake handle help you to operate efficiently and maneuverable through even the most difficult chores.

Echo CS 490 Review

Smart Start

If you want the procedure of starting a chainsaw to be simple and quick, you should choose the Echo-CS Professional Grade Chainsaw. Its ignition technology is designed to reduce the amount of effort needed to start it. You merely need to prime the chainsaw and pull the cord gently. It begins right away.

User Experience

Many buyers stated in their reviews that they witnessed how fantastic the Echo CS 490 Chainsaw is. The users like that It starts effortlessly on the first try, slices through extremely tough wood with ease, and runs for an extremely long time. The chainsaw is dependable, reasonably priced, and will last you for many years.

Fatigue was one of the most common issues that users had when using a chainsaw. There is so much vibration that your arms become sore and it aches to cut.


The Echo cs 490 Professional-Grade Chainsaw is likewise expensive, costing between $300 and $400 per saw.

Echo CS 490 Pros and Cons:

  • This chainsaw’s engine is excellent. It has 50.2 CCs of cutting power as a 2-stroke engine.
  • This unit is so light that you can use it to cut branches high up in a tree, manipulate the chainsaw into awkward positions, and carry it around all day without becoming fatigued.
  • Without a doubt, the Echo CS 490 chainsaw is equipped with all necessary safety features.
  • This saw requires no tools to maintain. As a result, the entire cutting job becomes more efficient.
  • This saw is a little noisy.
  • Its chain tensioner is not the best.


Echo Cs 490 Most Common Uses:

The Echo Cs 490 chainsaw (or chainsaw) is a portable professional-grade chainsaw with teeth attached to a revolving chain-driven along a guide bar. It is used in tree felling, climbing, bucking, trimming, cutting firebreaks in wildland fire suppression, and firewood harvesting.

How Many Cc’s Is an Echo 490?

The ECHO CS-490-20 has a 50.2cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine and a working pressure of 20 in. bar. It’s the lightest saw in its class, weighing only 10.6 pounds.

How To Start an Echo Cs 490 Chainsaw

Your ECHO CS-490-20 chainsaw can replace all of those hand tools and help you save time when doing your duties. Before using the chainsaw, make sure it is properly prepared. This will ensure that you start the chainsaw correctly and avoid any motor damage.

  1. For each gallon of petrol in your gas can, add 2.6 ounces of 2-stroke engine oil. Screw the lid back on the gas can and shake it to combine the engine oil and gas.
  2. Locate the stationary handle on the top of the motor, close to the chain bar and chain. Between the stationary handle and the chain bar and chain, look for the chain-brake lever. Pull the chain-brake lever away from the motor and toward the chain bar’s tip. The chain-brake lever prevents the chain from rotating around the chain bar.
  3. Remove the chainsaw engine’s gasoline cap. Pour the 2-stroke engine oil and gas mixture into the fuel tank. Replace the gasoline cap and tighten it by twisting it clockwise.
  4. Remove the chain bar oil tank’s cap. Replace the oil tank cap after filling it with Echo bar and chain oil.
  5. Set the Echo chainsaw on firm ground. The ignition switch is located at the back of the motor, to the left of the rear handle and throttle. Turn the switch to the “Run” position.
  6. Look for the soft rubber purge pump bulb to the right of the rear handle on the rear of the engine. The control knob for the choke is located just beneath the purge pump bulb. Press the rubber bulb against the motor three or four times, or until a small amount of gas appears inside the bulb. Remove the choke control knob from the motor.
  7. Insert one foot into the chainsaw’s rear handle. The starter handle is located on the left side of the motor. Pull the starter handle away from the motor with one hand on the stationary handle. Pull the starter handle three or four times more, or until you hear the motor try to start.
  8. Return the choke control knob to the motor. Reposition your hands on the chainsaw and swiftly pull the starter handle again to start the engine and let it idle. To remove the idle throat latch, carefully lift the chainsaw with both hands and press and release the trigger in the rear handle.
  9. Push the chain-brake lever toward the tip of the chin bar to restart a warm Echo chainsaw motor. Turn the ignition key to the “Run” position. Lay the chainsaw down and pull the starter handle. When you hear the motor start idling, immediately press and release the trigger.

Spark Plug For Echo Cs 490  Chainsaw

Use spark plug bmr6a. For your Echo Cs 490 Chainsaw. It works well. This plug fits the bill and works perfectly. These plugs worked and didn’t need to be re-gapped. They are of a good price and top quality.

Echo Cs 490 Vs Stihl

Echo’s chainsaws are powerful, lightweight, and designed for ease of use. Stihl’s chainsaw parts are made in-house, and they offer more models (gas-powered, electric, and battery) than Echo. When it comes to special features in their models, Stihl has the upper hand.

Echo Cs 490 Vs Stihl

When the many features of traditional chainsaws in their respective product lines are compared, it is evident that Stihl’s list is significantly more advanced than Echo’s (dare we expect anything less from the innovative and precise Germans). Echo, on the other hand, isn’t far behind when it comes to keeping up with the big boys. You will not be disappointed whether you choose an Echo chainsaw or a Stihl model.

 Echo Cs 490 Vs Cs 590

The Echo CS-590 and Echo CS-490 chainsaws are fairly identical in terms of design and functioning, with the only difference being combustion power.

The Echo CS-590 is more powerful than its successor, but it also costs more than the Echo CS-490 since it has 5 speeds instead of 3 and has a bar and chain oil tank to keep it working at full performance while in use.

As a result, many people believe the Echo CS-490 to be a fantastic purchase for anyone who does not require the additional performance of the company’s current model.

Echo Cs 490 – FAQs

How much horsepower does an Echo CS 490 have?
The 490 CS has released an improved version of the cs 500p, which has increased horsepower ratings from 2.91hp to 3.50hp. The 490 and 500p have the same horsepower.
What chain does the Echo CS 490 take?
You can use 4 Pack Replacement 20-Inch H78 20BPX Chainsaw Chain for Echo CS 490.
Where are Echo engines made?
Yamabiko Corporation of Japan owns the ECHO brand. Yamabiko engineers design the products, which are manufactured in Japan and abroad to Japanese standards.



Many amazing features of the Echo CS 490 have been highlighted in our review. However, we would have preferred that the saw be powered by electricity rather than gasoline.

We can tell you that this chainsaw is perfect for even inexperienced users because it is simple to use and maintain. Best of all, the company provides a five-year consumer warranty as well as a one-year commercial warranty.

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