How Much Does a Chainsaw Cost? Know The Average Costs of Chainsaws!

When it comes to chainsaws, there’s A LOT of variety, not only in the types and manufacturing brands but also in the prices of chainsaws. Chainsaws range from the cheapest to the highly expensive ones of all brands and you can easily find the ones that are affordable for you. 

When it comes to the price of a chainsaw, its power, length, and power source play a key role. For lawn jobs and light trimming, there are cheaper saws that are usually 10 to 14 inches and cost between $80 and $200. So, these saws would be suitable for you if all your work is on your lawn and backyard.

For the high-end saws, it is recommended to only purchase them if your work is heavy duty or use them for an extended period of time. Their average costs range from $400 to $600 and are best suited for those who plan to chop down large trees. 

Then there are also mid-range saws available between $200 and $400 for activities such as cutting firewood in large quantities. A chainsaw that meets most buyers’ needs should be available between $100 and $200.

Let’s study the costs of chainsaws in detail.

Costs According to the Chainsaw Type

Because there are different types of chainsaws that are suitable for different jobs, their prices also vary. Here are three different types of chainsaws.

  • Gas Chainsaws
  • Electric Chainsaws
  • Battery-Powered Chainsaws

Costs According to the Chainsaw Type

Gas Chainsaws

Around $200 – $400 is the average price of a fuel-powered chainsaw. Around $300 is a reasonable price for a good gas-powered chainsaw. For instance, Stihl MS 180 costs around $350. It comes with a 12-inch-long bar and chain and a 32 CC engine. However, extensively powerful gas chainsaws even cost around $1000 and more. 

You can find gas chainsaws in many different price ranges depending on their size and strength. The motor engine in gas chainsaws, which consumes a certain ratio of gas to oil, distinguishes them from other types. And so, due to this oil-to-fuel ratio thing and the fact that gas chainsaws have more power and strength, they cost more as well.

Electric Chainsaws

The average cost range for electric chainsaws is usually somewhere between $80 to $200.

Electric chainsaws are clearly not as expensive as gas chainsaws. The reason is that they are small saws, suitable for light-duty tasks around the lawn and backyards and they run on electricity. 

This means they need to have an electric power source nearby which makes them useful only for homeowners for small tasks. And so, you won’t find electric chainsaws being too huge in terms of power and strength. 

Battery-Powered Chainsaws

Battery-powered chainsaws are the most used ones after gas saws. Their biggest advantage is that, neither they require an oil and fuel mix, nor do they require electricity to run, they operate on charged batteries. 

You can expect a battery-powered chainsaw to range between $250 to $1000, entirely depending upon its power, strength, size, and build.

Costs by the Most Popular Chainsaw Brands

Among the most popular chainsaw brands are Husqvarna and Stihl, serving as the world’s top brands. Other than these two, there are others like Greenworks, Poulan, and Echo, and these brands also cannot be doubted for being the very best.

Costs by the Most Popular Chainsaw Brands

  • Costs by Husqvarna
  • Costs by Stihl
  • Costs by Echo
  • Costs by Greenworks
  • Costs by Poulan

Costs by Husqvarna

Husqvarna is known to be the most expensive brand for chainsaws but using them clearly defines why is it so. Their most affordable saw starts from around $300 which is Husqvarna 120i. Gas-powered saws by Husqvarna cost $400 and above. Whereas the biggest, strongest, heavy-duty saws cost even more than $1000.

Husqvarna’s chainsaw categories include gas-operated saws, battery-operated saws, professional-grade saws, residential saws, and top-handle saws. All of these have huge varieties of chainsaws that come in different styles, sizes, and price ranges.

Costs by Stihl

After Husqvarna, Stihl is a very popular, very well-known brand and has a huge name around the globe. Stihl manufactures battery-operated saws, professional saws, homeowner saws, farm saws, and in-tree saws. 

The battery-operated saws typically range between $200 and $900 but can go above as well. Professional saws are their strongest ones, so they cost between $600 to $20,000 and above. Homeowners start from $200, farm saws from $350, and in-tree saws from $500.

Here Are Some of The best Stihl chainsaws

Costs by Echo

Whenever it’s about great quality saws, Echo is definitely going to be one of the brands manufacturing them. Different category chainsaws are manufactured by the brand and the average price range for Echo saws is between $200 to $1100.

Echo is an affordable brand for chainsaws and even the professional-grade saws by Echo aren’t as expensive as those by Husqvarna or Stihl.

Costs by Echo

Costs by Greenworks

Greenworks too is a smaller brand than Husqvarna and Stihl of course but still is among the top chainsaw brands. They manufacture high-quality chainsaws under affordable price ranges, making them convenient to buy for most users. 

Being an affordable brand, their cheapest chainsaw starts as low as $80, and then the price goes increasing up to $400. Again, this a super affordable brand for anyone and everyone!

Costs by Poulan

Poulan is another top-line chainsaw brand and mostly manufactures heavy in weight chainsaws. They have gas-powered, electric-powered, and battery-powered saws. Its chainsaws start from $100 and go above till around $300. A very affordable brand, yet not as great as those described above. You may want to check for chainsaws under $200.

Average Costs of Chainsaws Depending Upon their Size

Chainsaws vary in price based on their size. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a chainsaw is to decide how much cutting you plan to do. You can use a 14-inch or under chainsaw if you are just doing little lawn improvements. Else, at least a 16-inch saw is a must if you plan to cut down some large trees.

Generally, the smallest chainsaws with 10 inches long bars are priced at $97.90. On the other side of the spectrum are 20-inch chainsaws which have an average price of $206.90.

Bar Length Gas Electric (Corded) Battery
10-inch $300 $85 $120
12-inch $310 $85 $140
14-inch $210 $95 $195
16-inch $255 $120 $250
18-inch $285 $120 $305
20-inch $335 N/A N/A
24+ inches $500 to $800 N/A N/A

Average Costs of Chainsaws Depending Upon their Class and Workload!

Here’s a comparison chart for chainsaws from different classes and their workload.

Class Workload Usage level Engine Size Range Price Range
Home-Owner Light-Duty Common Use 30cc to 38cc / cm3 $130 to $299
Farm/Ranch Medium-Duty Common to Moderate 50cc to 65cc / cm3 $300 to $599
Professional Heavy-Duty Specialty Use 23cc to 122cc / cm3 $600 to $2000

Accessories’ Costs for Chainsaws

Because you’re a chainsaw owner, at some point, you will need to buy accessories in order to maintain your chainsaw. Replacement chains are among the most common accessories. It is likely that your chain will wear out after several uses and break after a while. The cost of replacement chains is relatively low when compared to the cost of a chainsaw. Replacements cost between $10 and $20.

It is not uncommon for chainsaw owners to purchase sharpeners for their saw blades as an accessory. Just as chains wear out over time, blades will dull over time. The best way to ensure your chainsaw lasts for many years is to invest in a reliable chainsaw sharpener. In comparison to the cost of a chainsaw, sharpeners are again very less expensive but more expensive than replacement chains. Generally, sharpeners cost $40 to $50.

Accessories’ Costs for Chainsaws

In What Price Range Does a Professional Chainsaw Fall?

Professional chainsaws are the most expensive ones, no matter from what brand they’re coming. This is because their job is to deal with heavy-duty work, such as forestry, tree logging, etc. And so, they’re used by professionals such as professional loggers.

In general, these saws range between $600 to $2000. Their price greatly depends on their build quality, engine power, strength, and other features. The more specialized the chainsaw, the larger would be the engine, the longer the guide bar, and hence, the higher the price.

How Much Does a Chainsaw Cost – FAQs

Can a 16-year-old use a chainsaw?
No, a 16 year can’t use a chainsaw as it is also forbidden by hazardous occupations. For the usage of a chainsaw, the chainsaw sawyer must be 18 or above 18.
Is a chainsaw worth buying?
Chainsaw is only worth buying if you are fond of keeping your yard in the best shape, for making different DIY wooden projects, or are residing in a home that has a backyard fire pit or fireplace. As the sharp blades of chainsaws will help you to efficiently cut down small and big branches including wood logs just in a few minutes without much work.
How safe are chainsaws?
Well, knowing that chainsaws truly are useful machines that help to cut wood fastly but if not used properly they can cause really serious injuries as well. So, during its use, one must be aware of how to operate it.
Can a chainsaw cut through human bone?
As scary as it may sound, Yes! definitely, chainsaws can cut through human bones as they cut through wood logs as the blades of chainsaws are made sharper with each passing day.
How long is chainsaw training?
The chainsaw training lasts only for 2 days, during which the users are taught the basic operations and the maintenance of chainsaws, and by the end of the course even get certification from NPTC.
Is a 12-inch chainsaw too small?
For that, you have to take into your account how thick and wide the wood you want to cut is, If you want to maintain your backyard and use it for house usage, then you can use a 12 to 14 inches long chainsaw for turning, trimming, and cutting branches of trees for the heavy task you might need a chainsaw with a longer blade.



If you’ve come here, we hope you would have learned a lot about chainsaw costs and what’s a good price range for you. Let me suggest you something. You do not always have to look for an expensive saw. Focus on your preference according to your job type, then look for a brand that won’t disappoint, and then choose a chainsaw that’s affordable for you. 

Not every expensive saw would be the best and not every cheap saw would be less worthy. So, choose wisely!

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