How to Hold Logs While Cutting with Chainsaw?

Chainsaws are the handiest tools ever to cut tree logs at your home and outside as well!

But what’s most important to understand is the appropriate way for cutting the wood logs. It’s always the correct holding and placement of the wood log that counts the most before even you start the cutting process. 

A wood log that isn’t nicely supported could get you in great trouble while cutting. To avoid this from happening, make sure you always set the log first and then start the cutting process. And for this purpose, there are log holders for chainsaw cutting that make wood log cutting easier, more convenient, and safe.

Our article contains a basic guideline on how you hold logs to cut with a chainsaw, the safety requirements when working with a saw, and some handy tips from our own experiences to make cutting logs a good experience for you!

Safety First. Always!

Whenever you’re working with a chainsaw, never miss out on the safety equipment. These tools could be dangerous at times and so, even if it’s just a small task to be done, safety shouldn’t be taken for granted. Here are some safety instructions we’d like to share with you.

  1. Always wear hand gloves for the protection of your hands and for the perfect grip of the chainsaw.
  2. Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.
  3. Never ever forget to wear a helmet.
  4. Hearing protection should also be worn to protect your ears against the noise of the chainsaw.
  5. Wear chainsaw chaps for the safety and protection of your legs.

Safety First. Always!

Steps on How to Hold Logs While Cutting with Chainsaw

One thing I’d want to stress upon is to never start cutting the log while It’s placed on the ground. Firstly, the log wouldn’t set up nicely and it would keep rolling when you run the chainsaw over it. This is why there are methods to keep the log held in place.

Secondly, if by any chance, the chainsaw hits the ground while you’re cutting the wood, it could cause an extreme kickback and great damage to the tool. So, before we move on to the steps for holding and cutting the log, it’s very important to note that you shouldn’t be cutting the wood log placed on the ground.

Let’s dive into the details now.

Give your Wood Log a Good Support!

Here are some methods to hold and support the wood log to be cut with a chainsaw.

  • 1: You Can Use a 2 x 4 Log Holder To support your wood during cutting, you can use a 2×4 brace log holder which can be made from scraps or pieces of wood. Among the reasons it is our best choices are its easy availability and the fact that it does not require any specialized equipment to work. By using 2×4, the work is hassle-free and effortless.
  • 2: You Can Use a Sawhorse/Sawbucks Chainsaw log holders can also be made using sawhorses. And so, when cutting wood, sawhorses are an effective way to stabilize the wood. If you want to cut logs of different sizes, you can make your own sawhorses according to whatever size of wood you cut. And even if you want to purchase, there’s a great variety of lengths and heights that makes it easy for everyone to find what they need. Providing the wood with support is easy with sawhorses. Keep the log in place by using a sturdy base to keep it from slipping while you’re using the chainsaw.
  • 3: Insulation Sheets Can Also be Used Wood cutting support can be provided by insulation sheets also. Insulation sheets can be used as a brace to cut any size of wood, no matter how large or small. For a satisfactory result when cutting logs with a chainsaw, it’s important to know how to hold them. The wood can be cut once it has been aligned with the insulation sheet. The floor would be the best spot when using insulation sheets as support.

Give your Wood Log a Good Support!

Start Cutting!

Now, here’s how to get started with the cutting process of the wood log.

  1. Starting with slow speed, turn on the chainsaw.
  2. By choosing whatever support you wish to use, you should ensure that the log is stabilized nicely in place.
  3. The chainsaw should now be placed where you have marked it to begin the cutting. 
  4. Continuing the cutting, cut three-quarters of the way through and for each marked line, do the same.
  5. Then make the desired cuts from all corners by rotating the log 180 degrees. And this is it. You’ll have a log cut into pieces of wood.

Some Handy Tips: Holding Logs and Cutting Them with Chainsaw

The following tips will help you hold and cut logs easily with a chainsaw:

Invest in the Right Equipment

Equipment is essential to any task. The chainsaw is an obvious piece of equipment. However, for you to use the chainsaw effectively, you’ll need additional equipment. These include:

Claw Bar

You’ll need a claw bar if you plan on cutting big logs. A big log can be easily rolled over with its help and so, the log could be cut from underneath as well.


A wedge is a great tool for supporting the cutting logs and splitting logs becomes even easier with it. Then, to smooth out the process, you will need a suitable hammer. And that’s when a sledgehammer helps. It’s very useful to have a sledgehammer around for pounding wedges into logs.


Season the Wood Properly

Firewood should be allowed to season before being burned. It is therefore necessary to cut and season your wood at least six months before using it for your fireplace or stove.

Take Measurements

Always take measurements for the log first and then proceed to cut. It can save you a great deal of time by having the log measurements before you start cutting.


How to Hold Logs While Cutting with a Chainsaw – FAQs

How do you buck logs on a chainsaw?
Bucking simply means cutting the wood logs into pieces to serve various purposes. So, what you need to do is make a mark from where you need to start cutting. Now make a cut from that mark into the wood and then pause for a second and roll the log over. Finish the cut from the top cutting from the inside out. If the wood log is way too big and it’s difficult to roll it over, then you should use a wedge. Cut down into the wood, put the wedge in, and drive it into the wood. This will lift the log up and you’ll be able to finish the cut from the top down.
How do you safely cut logs?
For a safe experience with cutting logs, focus on these things. Do not cut the log while it is placed on the ground. Provide proper support to the wood log before you start cutting. Wear safety equipment. Make sure to grip the chainsaw properly.
How do I move heavy logs by myself?
To move and cut heavy logs all by yourself, all you need is a 15 feet long rope and a saw. For instance, if your log weighs around 500 pounds or so, here’s how you’re going to do it. Just a few feet from the end of the log, tie two half-hitches around the log. Taking the long end and looping the rope around the log to make a cinching loop, take the remainder of the rope half the distance to the end. Now double the rope and tie an overhand knot a few feet from the log’s end. Then, make a lasso-style knot by doubling the rope through the loop again. Cut a pole out of strong wood about six feet long and stick it through the loop that you just made by placing the knot about a foot and a half off the ground. Now pry hard and you’ll be able to move the log pretty easily.
How do you drag a log with a chain?
Put the chain around the log and create a loop with the chain. This will make a knot with the chain and upon pulling or dragging the log with the chain, the chain won’t slide off.



Wrapping up our today’s guide with a conclusion that by following the simple instructions that we’ve stated above, you can very easily hold the logs and cut them correctly. Also, whenever you use a chainsaw for cutting logs, make sure you follow safety protocols.

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