How to Start a Makita Chainsaw? – Why Isn’t My Makita Chainsaw Starting?

Makita is one of the emerging chainsaw brands and is definitely worth giving a try! If you’re a beginner and you’ve just bought a Makita Chainsaw, you might need guidance on how to start it and what to do if Makita Chainsaw won’t start. Well, if this is so, this is going to be a very helpful guide for you.

Makita chainsaws are extremely helpful tools for delivering your garden and backyard duties. Also, their engines are pretty much simple to deal with, so you won’t have much of a problem using them. 

Although the starting of Makita chainsaws is just the same as that of other chainsaws but still, newbies might get confused when they have a chainsaw in hand. To save you time and day, we’re here with a guide related to starting the Makita chainsaws.

Continue reading and you’ll be able to understand your Makita chainsaw by the end of this guide.

Cold and Warm Starting a Makita Engine

If you’re wondering what’s the cold and warm start of the Makita engine, all you need to know is that these are the two simple ways of starting your Makita chainsaw. 

Cold Starting

When you cold start your engine, it means that the pump is ready already, so you don’t run out of oil or gas in the middle. In order to do so, you will need to keep your combo switch as far upward as possible. It is also called the choke position and can assist you in starting the power tool smoothly. 

Now to start the cutting process, you should also keep your hands firmly on the starter handle and lock the system to make cutting easier.

Warm Starting

A few basic differences distinguish it from a cold start. To begin with, you’ll need to pull the cord three times and then begin to choke upwards. This is important to lock the throttle. The same steps described in the cold starting method should be repeated if you find no sign of ignition. 

Warm Starting

The following steps are to be followed for a warm start:

  1. Here’s the most important thing. The basic assembly requirements and fuel levels should be checked before you begin the process. The fuel container should be kept at least 10 feet from the engine in order to prevent fire hazards during the process.
  2. Keeping your feet on the ground is the next step. Ensure that the chain and bar are adjusted according to your needs.
  3. Make sure that the control and stability of your device are not affected and block the brakes while holding the handle firmly.
  4. Now is the time to start the cutting process. Engage the rear head guard with your right foot, and then start to chop the dead tree limbs with control and precision. And this was it about the warm start!

Can’t Start My Makita chainsaw, What to Do?

Sometimes, your Makita chainsaw might not start quickly and there could be reasons for that. Here are some of the common situations you may face and how to deal with them.

  • There Might Be Some Defect in the Spark Plug

There may be a problem with the spark plug. Remove the spark plug and inspect it to determine if it is defective. Spark plugs should be replaced if they are cracked, if electrodes are damaged, or if heavy carbon has built up at the electrode. 

  • The carburetor Might be Blocked 

You might have a clogged carburetor. When fuel is left in a chainsaw for a long time, it can clog the carburetor. Try cleaning the carburetor with a carburetor cleaner if it is clogged. In the event that cleaning the carburetor doesn’t work, you may need to rebuild or replace the carburetor completely.

  • The ignition Coil Might be Defective

If the spark plug is working just fine, you’ll need to test the ignition coil. Use an ignition coil tester for that. Replace the ignition coil if it is defective.

The ignition Coil Might be Defective

  • The recoil Starter Might be Defective 

Here’s what a recoil starter does. For the engine to turn over, the recoil starter assembly engages the crankshaft. The machine will not turn over, and the chainsaw will not start if the defective recoil starter assembly is. 

Inspect the starter assembly to ensure it is working properly. You should be able to turn the engine by pulling the starter rope and engaging the tabs on the pulley and cam. It should rewind back on the pulley after you release the rope. In case a recoil-started assembly doesn’t work properly, replacing it is the solution.

  • Rewind Spring Might be Broken 

A broken rewind spring prevents the rope from recoiling onto the chainsaw pulley. This will make starting the engine difficult or impossible. So, in the event that the rewind spring is broken, it should be replaced.

How to Start a Makita Chainsaw – FAQs

Should I start chainsaw with the brake on or off?
You should always start with the brake engaged.
How do I make my chainsaw easier to start?
Here are a few things you should do that would make your chainsaw easier to start. Properly tension the pulley system. Fill in the fresh fuel. Keep the air filters clean. Ensure that the engine is working properly.
Do you throttle when starting chainsaw?
You first start the chainsaw. Then while holding the chainsaw firmly, accelerate and then release the throttle.
What does it mean when a chainsaw is 4 stroking?
An engine that strokes four or more times per second is called a four-stroking engine.



We hope we’ve been helpful to our readers in making them understand the starting of Makita chainsaws. 

However, we’d recommend you thoroughly give the instructions manual a read so that you do not miss out on any important points to know before starting off!

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