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Husqvarna 120 Mark ii Review – A Perfect Choice for Homeowners!

Looking for a high-quality yet affordable chainsaw by Husqvarna? Well, you’re at the right place!

Husqvarna 120 Mark ii is another great product by the very popular Husqvarna. You must have heard about the brand is one of the best brands for chainsaws in the whole wide world. And their products definitely prove why is that so.

If you’re looking for a chainsaw as a homeowner, Husqvarna 120 Mark ii is a saw that won’t disappoint you. It’s a great saw especially for limbing and pruning fallen trees.

Furthermore, it is pretty much simple and easy to use as well. Because the saw provides sufficient cutting performance, it is ideal for sawing firewood, climbing, or light felling. The engine is equipped with X-Torq technology for low emissions and Filter Injection for cleaner operation. Also, the safety is enhanced by low-kickback equipment.

For the downside of this saw, you might have to deal with Husqvarna 120 Mark ii problems as well. For example, you might sometimes have to give it a few pulls to get it started. Or it might be hard to start once it’s hot. But you need not worry. This is common with chainsaws. Once you have it in your hands, you’ll easily know how to deal with it!

Why Buy the Husqvarna 120 Mark ii Chainsaw?

In our opinion, Husqvarna 120 Mark ii works ideally for the homeowners. So, if you’re somebody looking for a chainsaw to work in your backyard, this saw is for you. The 120 Mark ii’s lightweight construction and power rating of only 1.88HP make it best suited for light-duty tasks carried out by homeowners.

This gas-powered chainsaw is the ideal choice if you need to cut a few branches in your backyard or cut through 2×4 wood for a project. With bar oil and gasoline fully injected, this 16″ chainsaw weighs just 17 pounds with its dry weight of 10.7 pounds. And so, it won’t feel extra heavy at all.

Compared to the Husqvarna 240 it is replacing, it has a much larger gas tank. A 0.073-gallon gas tank distinguishes the 120 Mark II from the 240, which had a tiny 0.0175-gallon gas tank.

Furthermore, to reduce rotational inertia and provide quicker throttle response, the Mark II series has redesigned flywheels and clutch systems. The immediate feedback you get when you press the throttle makes this a good chainsaw for limbing branches off a fallen tree because weaving your way through thick brush or tangled branches is made easier with this chainsaw.

Husqvarna 120 Mark ii Review

Husqvarna 120 Mark ii chainsaws are compact, easy to start, come from trustworthy companies, and have a killer blade. It can be described as a chainsaw with sufficient cutting power, perfect for work that requires light tools and everyday chores like trimming and pruning.

This article further contains the important features and specifications of Husqvarna Mark ii, including some alternate options for the saw, just in case you’re looking for some.


Manufacturer Husqvarna
Dimensions 32 inches x 9.25 inches x 4.21 inches
Weight 4.22 Pounds
Power Output 1.88 Horsepower
Engine Power 38.2 cc
Power Source Gas-Powered
Color Orange

Chain Tension System

The Husqvarna 120 Mark II has a tool-less chain tensioner. And so, you won’t need a screwdriver every time the chain dislocates. The side chain tensioner makes adjusting chain tension quick and easy.

There should be enough space for the chainsaw chain to move freely, but it should still feel snug. Conduct a snap test to ensure that saw chains are properly tensioned. Simply pull the chains under the guide bar until one or two drive links are removed from the rails to release the chain. When this is done, the chain should click back into place.

Air Filter

In order to prevent sawdust from clogging up the air filter, the chainsaw is equipped with an air intake system. An unclogged air filter will guarantee the smooth operation of the chainsaw. And so, you should make sure your air filter is dust-free and clean.

Husqvarna 120 Mark ii - Air Filter

With the Air Injection technology of Husqvarna 120 Mark ii, larger debris gets captured before it reaches the air filter, increasing the air filter life and engine cooling.

Through the use of high flow filters, optimized airflow paths, and more cooling fins on the cylinder, cooling performance has been further improved on the 120 Mark ii.

Automatic Oiler

Chains used need to be properly lubricated in order to work. It used to be that lubrication required a lot of effort on the part of the user. However, that is no longer the case.

Increasingly popular are automatic chain oilers, and Husqvarna 120 Mark ii is also equipped with this useful feature. If you get enough oil into the chain, you won’t have to worry.

The 120’s flow can also be adjusted, which is another exceptional feature. For older models, these chain oilers had fixed flow rates. But with this Husqvarna 120 Mark ii, you can have the oil flow rate adjusted according to your saw and its need.

Carburetor/Air Purge System

Unlike many other gas-powered chainsaws, the 120 Mark II is also very easy to start, especially the larger models with a 50cc motor or higher. This is due to the air purging system, which removes air from the fuel system (carburetor and fuel lines) to allow the chainsaw to start with fewer pulls. By pulling the cord, you are ensuring that the appropriate proportion of fuel and air is pumped into the cylinder.

The carburetor of a chainsaw may get gummed up after sitting for a couple weeks, and the next time you try to start it, it will sputter to a halt. Fuel isn’t properly combusting in the carburetor, because it can’t draw fresh fuel in, and it’s clogging the lines with decomposed fuel. Some carburetors are simply removed and cleaned so that there is no fuel in them.

For this to work, you need to ‘prime’ it just like you would with a swimming pool pump. The air purge replaces the air in the carburetor with fresh fuel from the gas tank when you press the air purge.

Husqvarna 120 Mark ii - CarburetorAir Purge System

Choke Run

A combined choke/stop control is available on this Husqvarna chainsaw. The system ensures that air and fuel mixtures are sprayed into the cylinder by the carburetor. This allows the engine to start quickly. This is primarily done by the combined choke. Additionally, it lessens the chances of flooding.

There is little to no chance of flooding the engine with a 120 Mark ii chainsaw if you press the choke one too many times. In usual chainsaws, there are separate switches for starting the engine and stopping it; therefore, pressing the choke when the engine switch is in the off position will result in a lot of wasted cord pulls, black smoke, and may even damage the engine. Whenever you set the choke to the CHOKE position on the 120 Mark ii, the engine switch will be set to RUN, too. The red start/stop switch must be pushed into the off position to stop the engine.

X-Torq Engine

Currently, the most talked about topic in the world is the emissions of different gases. Environmental pollution has become an issue of public awareness, and everyone strives to reduce it in some way. The Husqvarna MK 120 ii is powered by an engine called X-Torq.

It is specifically designed to reduce emissions. This reduces the emission of fumes because it consumes less fuel, hence, it’s an eco-friendly chainsaw. X-Torq engines emit 75% fewer fumes than other gasoline-powered chainsaws, using 20% less fuel. This makes this chainsaw immensely clean running.


This Husqvarna chainsaw is a suitably lightweight saw that makes handling and usage convenient even if you have to work for hours. The 120 Mark ii’s lightweight construction and 1.88 horsepower power rating make it an ideal tool for homeowners who wish to perform light-duty work.

It’s the perfect chainsaw whether you are cutting overgrown branches or cutting through 2x4s for a project. With bar oil and gasoline, this 16″ chainsaw weighs just around 17 pounds when fully assembled. Without cutting equipment installed (bar + chain), it weighs just 10.7 pounds.

Anti-Vibration System

It can sometimes be irritating to experience vibrations. Vibrating machines can make your arms tremble during cutting sessions, which is extremely annoying. That’s why chainsaw manufacturers are striving to find solutions to the problem.

Husqvarna 120 Mark ii Review

To prevent vibrations, anti-vibration methods are designed. Vibrations are effectively reduced by using steel anti-vibration dampeners, which protect the operator’s arms and hands. As a result, wood is cut with a great deal of comfort. And this Husqvarna saw reduces the vibrations to a great extent, with its anti-vibration feature.

Smart Start

The Smart Start technology from Husqvarna allows new users and even professionals to get started right away. Its smart start makes chainsaw starting a hassle-free experience, and it is less noisy, annoying, and does not highly vibrate as compared to the traditional saws.


This Husqvarna 120 Mark ii saw would cost you somewhat around $300. However, the price may vary a little bit from region to region.


  • Features a lightweight and compact design
  • Low fuel consumption and reduced emissions are achieved with X-Torq
  • Provides an increased chain speed as compared to older models
  • Pretty much inexpensive and affordable saw
  • Users have complained that the saw lost its sharpness overtime
  • It is hard to start sometimes


Alternate Options for Greenworks 40V Chainsaw

One of the lower-cost models from Husqvarna is the 120 Mark ii chainsaw. Whether you are cutting down trees or splitting firewood, the Husqvarna 120 Mark ii is the right tool for the job.

In case you’re still looking for some alternate options to this saw, here are our top recommendations that you might want to consider.

  1. DeWalt 20V Chainsaw
  2. Poulan Pro PR5020
  3. Husqvarna 455 Rancher
  4. Greenworks 40V Chainsaw

1. DeWalt 20V Chainsaw

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw- Quality performance chainsawDeWalt’s 20-inch bar chainsaw has been dubbed the compact chainsaw by some experts. As first impressions go, it feels pretty light. Apart from that, it has all the usual features of a chainsaw. There is a safety feature too that locks the bar.

As soon as you hold this chainsaw in your hands, you will see how well it performs. This is the perfect choice for medium-sized branches and pine trees with a diameter of approximately 4 to 8 inches. No matter how hard or soft the wood is, the DeWalt 20v chainsaw will handle it easily!

Major functions of chainsaws are controlled by their motors and this saw is equipped with a brushless motor and a 20V battery. By reducing friction and heat produced by the chainsaw, brushless motors save energy. Consequently, they have longer battery lives than chainsaws with standard motors and can be used for years.

The chainsaw weighs around 9 pounds and has a length of 12 inches, making it a good choice for anyone looking for a portable and durable chainsaw.

2. Poulan Pro PR5020

Poulan Pro PR5020 – Best for Power and EnginePoulan Pro PR5020 is an affordable yet equally fast-performing chainsaw. You don’t need a super top-of-the-line chainsaw if you aren’t someone who uses a chainsaw on a daily basis. Poulan Pro PR5020 would be an excellent choice!

Chainsaws such as the Poulan Pro PR5020 are among the most popular and affordable ones on the market. The chainsaw is quite lightweight, which makes it easier to handle. In addition, it is easy to start and operate, has a high engine power, and is highly efficient, consuming less fuel compared to its competitors.

Therefore, if you’re not a professional logger or can’t afford Husqvarna chainsaws, Poulan Pro PR5020 is a good alternative. Definitely an excellent choice!

3. Husqvarna 455 Rancher

Husqvarna 18 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw- BEST FOR HEAVY-DUTY TASKSThere is a decompression button on this chainsaw that makes it easier to start than most others. It has a bar of 20 inches. This saw is just the right size, and it has a lot of power, so you will have no trouble cutting through tough trees.

If you cut between 5 and 10 cords of wood a year, or even a little more than that, this residential chainsaw suits your needs exactly. Without bar and chain, it weighs about 12.8 pounds and has a power output of 3.49 horsepower. All of this is combined with a slimmer, skinnier saw that just feels right in hand!

If the nature of the sawing work is heavy in residential properties, the Rancher 455 is a great choice. The 455 Rancher is the ideal choice for upgrading from light to medium duty. The added versatility of this device will be worth it, even if it costs a bit more.

4. Greenworks 40V Chainsaw

Greenworks 40v chainsaw – Most powerful chainsawThis is a battery-operated chainsaw. A lithium-ion battery chainsaw, such as the Greenworks G-MAX, is more environmentally friendly than gasoline-powered chainsaws.

If you’re looking for a gas-based lawn tool with powerful performance, long run times, and versatility to meet all your needs, the Greenworks G-MAX System is the only solution you need. The G-MAX 40V Lithium-ion System is perfect for all chores around the house.

With its brushless motor, this model can provide up to 30% more torque than most others. In addition, experienced sawyers use this saw even for personal use since it is more powerful than gas-powered saws for moderately sized jobs, and they also use it as a backup when on the job since it can handle any heavy tasks that have remained unfinished.

This Greenworks electric saw is definitely for you if you’re looking for a powerful and durable battery-powered chainsaw, or if you’re looking to switch from a gas-powered chainsaw to a battery-powered one!

How to Tighten Chain on Husqvarna 120 Mark ii Chainsaw?

To tighten up the chain and properly tension the chain on Husqvarna 120 Mark ii, you’ll just need a scrunch. Identify the chain tensioning area on the side of the clutch cover.

  • Start with loosening the guide bar nuts on the side of the clutch cutter.
  • Once they’re loose, thread them just gently back on by hand.
  • When you’re done doing this, then, in combination with lifting the guide bar and your scrunch on your chainsaw tensioner, tighten that to the right.
  • Now make sure the chain moves freely. If that seems good to go, tighten the guide bar nuts back down. And you’re ready to go!

How to Start a Husqvarna 120 Mark ii Chainsaw?

Although it’s pretty simple to start a Husqvarna 120 Mark ii. If you’ve been using any saw before, you’ll know how to start it. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Engage the chain brake by moving the front hand guard-forward.
  2. To remove the choke, pull it completely out and then press the air purge button six times.
  3. Put your right foot through the rear handle of the chainsaw while holding it with your left hand.
  4. By using your right hand, slowly pull the starter rope until you feel some resistance. Continue pulling the starter rope hard.
  5. As long as the engine doesn’t start or tries to start, keep pulling the starter rope.
  6. Put the choke in the half choke position as soon as the engine starts or tries to start.
  7. Pull the rope until the engine starts.
  8. Use your right hand to hold the rear handle and your left hand to hold the front handle. Immediately disengage the chain brake by pulling the front handguard towards the front handle.
  9. Allow the chainsaw to idle at high speed for 20 to 30 seconds. Release the throttle slowly but completely for eight to ten seconds. Continue to idle for another 10 seconds.
  10. You can check the acceleration by pulling the throttle trigger slowly but completely for another 5 seconds. Now, you’re all set to go with your chainsaw!

Husqvarna 120 Mark ii Vs Stihl MS 170

Weight-wise, Stihl is the clear winner, weighing only 4 kilos (8.8 pounds). The 120 Mark ii which is an improved version of the 240 models, weighs about 10.7 lbs.

This model is heavier than the 240. However, that additional weight is mainly due to the larger fuel tank. It holds up to 0.59 US pints of fuel, compared to 0.14 US pints in the 240. With this, combined with the X-Torq engine, the cutting time for firewood can be extended.

In contrast, the Stihl MS 170 has a tank that is only 0.52 US pints or 250cc. The MS 170 is also slightly underpowered, with 1.7 horsepower compared to the 120 Mark ii’s 1.88 horsepower. It also lacks a centrifugal air cleaning system like Husqvarna’s Air Injection, although Stihl has started incorporating long-life air filtering systems with higher-end models with the MS 261.

Even Husqvarna’s entry-level homeowner models such as the 240 and 120 Mark II are equipped with cyclonic debris separation. In essence, this means the 120 Mark II requires less frequent maintenance and can withstand harsher environments than the Stihl MS 170.

Compared to the Husqvarna 120 Mark II, the Stihl MS 170 has a more likely chance of clogging its air filter because it uses a cyclonic dust separator system. Intelligent self-tuning carburetors are also offered by Husqvarna, but they are exclusive to their top-of-the-line chainsaws.

Husqvarna 120 Mark ii – FAQs

Is Husqvarna 120 Mark II 2 stroke?
Yes. Husqvarna 120 mark ii is a 2-stroke saw. Due to its 2-stroke nature, the engine requires a pre-mixed fuel (an oil and fuel solution). You should use a 50:1 ratio of gas to oil, according to the manufacturer.
How many cc's is a Husqvarna 120 Mark II?
Husqvarna 120 Mark ii uses a 38.2 CC power engine. A 38.2 cc 2-stroke engine increases torque throughout a wide rpm range to provide maximum cutting power.
What size chain goes on a Husqvarna 120?
A 16-inch chain goes on a Husqvarna 120 and the saw weighs about 10.7 pounds, without the chain and bar.



For those who wish to work in their gardens or backyards, Husqvarna 16-inch 120 ii chainsaws are ideal. With a lower fuel consumption engine, more power is produced with fewer emissions. Chain brakes and handguards further make the saw extremely safe to operate. And because of its advanced features, it is very reliable and comfortable to use.

When it comes to chainsaws, safety cannot be compromised, and with the Husqvarna 120, you won’t have to. The saw is equipped with low kickback safety features and a chain brake, reducing the risk involved in operating it.

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