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Two Most Powerful Chainsaw – Husqvarna and Stihl

When thinking about the most powerful chainsaws, we all know they could definitely be from one of the two biggest brands in the world: Husqvarna and Stihl!

Well, can’t decide between the two brands? You’ve come to the right place! We’re here today with the world’s most powerful chainsaws; one from each of the two most popular chainsaw brands.

Chainsaws have to be powerful. What is a chainsaw for if it isn’t powerful, right? So, one of the most important things that define the Best chainsaws is their power and strength.

Although, there are many products still being launched for heavy-duty works that claim to be super powerful as well. But according to most of the users, their search just ends with either Husqvarna’s 3120XP or Stihl’s MS 880. And the reason is, that they prove themselves. There’s no other chainsaw that could beat them in any way.

No doubt, both of these chainsaws along with being exceptionally amazing are the most expensive chainsaws too, but they’re also worth every penny you’ll spend on them. They are going to be your chainsaws for a lifetime!

Our article contains a detailed review of our top-picked chainsaws. Continue reading and you’ll be able to choose one for yourself before you leave our website.

What is the Biggest Chainsaw?

The ‘Big Gus’ chainsaw which measures 22 ft. and 11 inches in length and 6 ft. in height, is the biggest working chainsaw to be known. It was manufactured by Moran Iron Works in 1996. But neither is it popularly known, nor it is being used.

However, the biggest in terms of power the Stihl’s MS 880 and its even advanced version which is MS 881. They’re the biggest, very powerful, and designed for the heaviest of tasks.

Our Top 2 Picks for Most Powerful Chainsaws to Exist!

We’ve already mentioned our two favorite chainsaws for their strength and power. They both are very much similar and comparable in their work, functionality, and performance.

  1. Husqvarna 3120XP
  2. Stihl MS 880

1. Husqvarna 3120XP

QUICK FACTS ABOUT THE SAW – Definitely one of the top chainsaws that are known by the world! Husqvarna is a brand that won’t disappoint you even with its lighter-duty chainsaws but this 3120XP is an exceptional beast with extreme power and durability.

It isn’t for beginners or ordinary homeowners. It is specifically designed for professionals who are specialized in cutting and dealing with the heaviest wood logs.

Because it’s very powerful and huge, it could be dangerous as well. So, if you’re somebody who is less experienced or doesn’t deal with heavy-duty tasks of forestry, you simply need not touch this chainsaw anyway!

Husqvarna 3120XP

ENGINE AND POWER – Along with being the most expensive saw by the Husqvarna, it is also the second most powerful chainsaw in the world; the first one being Stihl’s.

The engine comes with 118.8 CC powers, and 8.31 horsepower, which is obviously a lot of power. In fact, compared to other competitor chainsaws, this X-TORQ engine despite providing this much power also consumes less fuel and proves to be less pollutant to the environment.

Husqvarna 3120XP has a two-stroke engine with a maximum speed of 9000 rpm. The maximum torque produced by this engine is 7.7 Nm at 6000 rpm, which is an impressive figure.

CHAINSAW BAR LENGTH – This chainsaw comes with 42 inches length of bar and chain and is capable of cutting large diameter tree logs pretty much easily.


Engine Power 118.8 CC
Powerhead Weight 22.9 lbs.
Fuel Type Gasoline
Lubricant Capacity 23.68 OZ
Fuel Tank Capacity 42.24 OZ


Here are some more features that make Husqvarna 3120XP a perfect choice for any professional logger.

Smart Start – Its smart start feature facilitates an easy and quick start of the machine every time you’ll use it. One reason for the great reputation of Husqvarna saws is their smart start systems. The same is offered by this saw as well. It minimizes the effort and fatigue to start up the saw, so that maximum time and effort could be utilized in working with the saw after starting it up.

Adjustable Oil Pump – This is perhaps the most useful feature. With a dial system, the user can adjust the amount of lubricant oil that should be released from the tank. This way, the flow of oil can be controlled according to the type of job, temperature, and other conditions.

Husqvarna 3120XP FEATURES

Low Vib SystemThis ensures the safety of the user. There are many chainsaws that are great in their functionality but just because they vibrate really badly, they are not much preferred. This Husqvarna saw comes with an in-built Low Vibration system that prevents its vibrations and facilitates smoother cutting.

Felling Marks – While felling a tree, the tree’s angle of fall is an important element to consider. This feature consists of dark lines, which can be used by experienced chainsaw operators to determine the direction in which a tree should be fallen.


  • Comes with safety features
  • Just the best saw to be used in demanding environments
  • Easy to start up and handle
  • Has the perfect balance-to-weight ratio
  • Highly expensive
  • Could be dangerous for beginners and inexperienced users


2. Stihl MS 880

QUICK FACTS – This Stihl chainsaw is the most accepted and appreciated by the users; even more than Husqvarna’s 3120XP.

According to the forestry professionals, this saw by Stihl is the best one they have used for the harvesting of timber. They say it’s the best survivor of extreme cold weather conditions in northern Europe and Canada.

Stihl MS 880

ENGINE AND POWER – Just like Husqvarna’s 3120XP saw, this Stihl saw also comes with a two-stroke engine. It has a power of 121.6 CC and generates a horsepower of 8.6 hp.

It is the most powerful saw in the entire product line of Stihl and is highly preferred by professionals. In fact, if compared to Husqvarna, it is known to have a better power-to-weight ratio which makes it even more exceptional in its powerful functionality.

The maximum speed of its engine is 8000 rpm.

CHAINSAW BAR LENGTH – This chainsaw comes with 17 inches to 59 inches length of bar and chain and is capable of cutting large diameter tree logs pretty much easily.


Engine Power 121.6 CC
Powerhead Weight 22.2 lbs.
Fuel Type Gasoline
Lubricant Capacity 23.7 OZ
Fuel Tank Capacity 44 OZ


Here are some additional features that make Stihl MS 880 the top choice for professionals.

Elasto Start – Very much similar to Husqvarna’s smart start, Stihl MS 800 comes with the amazing feature of shock absorbing which is named ‘Elasto Start’. This helps by absorbing the shock that you might encounter while pulling the starter handle with a jerk. This protects your arms and joints from experiencing some serious jerks.

For the starting of the saw, Husqvarna chainsaws always do a better job. Their starting systems are way easier and more convenient than those of Stihl’s. But this Elasto Start feature covers up well and ensures a safe start-up.

Chain Tensioner – This Stihl chainsaw comes with a side chain tensioner which basically lets you tension the chain easily from the side access. And so, the easy access to the chain tensioner is a plus point with this saw.

While with the Husqvarna 3120XP, the chain tensioner screw is located on the inside of the bar which makes its access a bit challenging.


IntelliCarb – Stihl MS 800 comes with an IntelliCarb Compensating Carburetor which is responsible for adjusting the air-to-fuel ratio. This way, there is a reduced airflow and less chance of air filters being clogged with the sawdust.

Moreover, with the help of this feature, the engine runs smoothly for a long time even in dirty and challenging conditions.

Anti-Vibration Damping – This feature greatly reduces the vibrations that a chainsaw user experiences while cutting wood logs.

In contrast to most chainsaw manufacturers, Stihl uses rubber vibration isolators instead of steel springs. And this Stihl chainsaw is also equipped with rubber vibration dampeners.

Due to these, vibrations from the saw’s handlebars are minimized by the isolators to reduce user fatigue.


  • Most powerful chainsaw on the market
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • 17 to 59 inches bar length
  • Outstanding performance and functionality
  • Heavy and expensive
  • Starting it up might require a little effort


Husqvarna 3120XP Vs Stihl MS 880 – Which One’s THE BEST?

According to what we’ve experienced with both these chainsaws, Stihl would be our first choice. But this does not make Husqvarna any less valuable in any way. For some people, Husqvarna may be the perfect choice while for some, Stihl would be more suitable.

In a nutshell, both the chainsaws are very much similar in their functionality. But because they come from two different brands, the features they hold are not exactly the same. Though both of them do many similar jobs, but not entirely the same.

Most Powerful Chainsaw – FAQs

What chainsaw has the highest RPM?
MS 400 C-M by Stihl has the highest RPM of 14000. The power of its engine is 60 CC, and it has been manufactured for the heaviest duty tasks and professional forestry.
Should you run a chainsaw at full throttle?
Chainsaw engines built for two-strokes are generally designed to run at full throttle without breaking down. It is therefore recommended not to run at any throttle speed below full throttle.
How long can you run a chainsaw for?
Well, this depends on the type and usage of your saw. Generally, if you use a gas Chainsaw, you can get 15 to 40 minutes of use before you have to refuel it. Chainsaws powered by batteries typically have a run time of between 2 and 4 hours, but power packs with high capacity will last much longer.



For anybody who hasn’t yet found just the right chainsaw for their heavy, professional duty tasks, your search would stop right here. These two chainsaws are going to be a dream comes true.

We hope our review would have been helpful for you to decide on any one of these two beasts. We’re confident to say no matter which one you choose; you won’t be disappointed. You’ll know you’ve spent your money on a worthy product!

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