Who Makes Husqvarna Chainsaws? History, Evolution, and Sub-Groups!

Husqvarna group of companies is the oldest manufacturer of tools and has been providing the highest quality products over the decades. The brand was founded in 1689 and has been a winner since then!

For the answer to the question, “who makes Husqvarna chainsaws?”, it’s either Sweden or USA. You’ll see “Made in Sweden”, or “Made in the USA” written on Husqvarna chainsaws. Aside from chainsaws, which are the most popular manufactured by the brand, kitchen equipment, bikes and bicycles, sewing machines, diamond tools, and all kinds of outdoor tools are also manufactured by the company.

Being a fan of Husqvarna chainsaws, I’ve spent a good amount of time knowing about them and their manufacturers. And so, our article today would contain some information about who owns Husqvarna chainsaws, the brands connected with them, and how it has evolved over the years.

Where Are Husqvarna Chainsaws Made and By Whom?

The main origin of Husqvarna chainsaws is Sweden, where it’s headquartered. However, they have related companies in China, Germany, France, and the United States of America. 

Interestingly, six out of seven Husqvarna factories are located in China. But there’s a single location that manufactures them all. And this is why Husqvarna chainsaws can be purchased without worrying about where they are manufactured. They’re all manufactured in one place! You’ll find Husqvarna chainsaws all around the world, but they’re home in Sweden.

For the question that who makes Husqvarna chainsaws, here’s the answer. The Swedish company Husqvarna does. As Husqvarna chainsaws have grown in popularity, so has their distribution. But Husqvarna’s chainsaws are still manufactured in Sweden only.

Where Are Husqvarna Chainsaws Made and By Whom

The History

It was during the new industrial revolution that Swedish company Husqvarna started manufacturing rifles in 1689. Founded in 1903, Husqvarna motorcycles were the company’s first motorized product. 

As time passed, they began to manufacture chainsaws and power cutters as well. Craftsman Chainsaw was one of their creations that gained a lot of popularity. Then during the 1980s, Husqvarna Group continued its rapid expansion within the United States, resulting in the production of their first lawn mower in 1919. A saw line was further manufactured in 2015 by the company. 

Among the company’s other historic years are:

  1. The power cutter, essentially a revised saw, was introduced in 1968 by the company
  2. Solar-powered robotic lawnmowers were introduced to the world in 1995.
  3. It started expanding into the watering area after acquiring Zenoah, Klippo, and Gardena in 2007.
  4. A remote-controlled demolition robot was presented by the company in 2009
  5. A robotic lawnmower from Husqvarna has been on the market for demanding lawns in 2019.
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How Did Husqvarna Evolve Over the Years?

Aside from chainsaws, Husqvarna has produced many other items over the years, including gardening tools, lawnmowers, diamond tools, sewing machines, and some kitchen appliances. 

The Husqvarna brand is used by the majority of our professional woodcutters as well. As Husqvarna’s products evolved, they have included:

  • 1689 — A Swedish weapon foundry is established by Husqvarna.
  • 1872 — Husqvarna begins manufacturing cast-iron sewing machines and kitchen equipment.
  • 1896 — The bicycle industry begins, lasting until 1962.
  • 1903 — Motorbikes are introduced to the product range, which lasted until 1987.
  • 1959 — Husqvarna starts producing chainsaws and lawnmowers powered by engines.
  • 1978 — Electrolux acquires Husqvarna, starting a new era in the outdoor products industry.
  • 1986 — The first in-house riding mower is produced.
  • 1995 — Auto mower launches, the first robotic lawnmower powered by solar power.
  • 2006 — Husqvarna is again listed as an independent company on the stock exchange.
  • 2007 — Gardena was acquired, extending the product range to include garden tools and equipment.

How Did Husqvarna Evolve Over the Years

Evolution of Husqvarna in terms of chainsaws

Here’s how Husqvarna, one of the best chainsaw brands, has made its chainsaws only better over the years. 

  • Husqvarna 90 – Unveiled in 1959, this was the company’s first chainsaw.
  • Husqvarna 65 – Developed as a domestic product, this product was never nominated for an international trade show in 1966.
  • Husqvarna 50 RancherFirst sophisticated chainsaw from Husqvarna, the 50 Rancher is an all-around chainsaw. In 1982, it was launched on the market.
  • Husqvarna 262 XP– This was a first-generation XP-series model that was launched in 30 countries with air injection capabilities.
  • Husqvarna 394 XPIt was introduced in 1991 to New Zealand and the United States by the manufacturer. The 335 XPT arborist tool was introduced in 1997 by the company.
  • Husqvarna 576 XP – This is the brand’s latest model and is one of the most technically advanced chainsaws on the market.

Brands Working Under the Husqvarna Group – The Sub-Groups

Husqvarna is of course the parent brand and has multiple sub-groups operating under it. These are:

  • Diamant Boart
  • Flymo
  • Gardena
  • Jonsered
  • McCulloch
  • Poulan Pro
  • RedMax
  • Weed

Getting to Know Husqvarna More

As one of Sweden’s most prominent manufacturers, Husqvarna has always been a leader in the industry. Over 1,000 people worked for the company at the beginning of the 1700s, and today, it is a multi-billion-dollar corporation with manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia, employing thousands more workers.

It is estimated that Husqvarna was virtually unchanged for nearly 200 years, producing only weapons. It wasn’t until 1872 that Husqvarna expanded its product line. Until 1997, they continued to manufacture sewing machines and use the same machines to make weapons as well.

Two years later, in 1874, Husqvarna started manufacturing kitchen equipment in an iron foundry. And so, cast iron kitchen equipment such as meat grinders, stoves, and ovens was also started to be made by the company along with weapons and sewing machines. In the past few years, Husqvarna meat grinders have enjoyed great success worldwide, with more than 12 million units exported.

Getting to Know Husqvarna More

And in the same way, the company hasn’t stopped since it was born. They’ve expanded their product line to bicycles, motorcycles, and most importantly chainsaws which have gained massive respect and popularity around the globe.

There are a few countries that manufacture Husqvarna chainsaws. Scandinavia produces most of them. While some are the productions of China as well.

Once the parts have been combined, they are sold in the US. The manufacture of chainsaws requires the cooperation of multiple countries. It’s important to know where the products were made, even if you can purchase them in various countries.

Several countries manufacture Husqvarna chainsaws, yet most are made in Sweden. Scandinavian manufacturers are the most common. There is also a manufacturing plant in China owned by the company. 

Are Husqvarna Chainsaws Reliable?

Husqvarna is the top manufacturer of chainsaws, and their chainsaws are the most reliable chainsaws in the world. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional, Husqvarna has the best of the best products for you in the store. Their chainsaws are of great quality build, perform exceptionally, and have super-efficient functionalities installed. Also, if kept with care, they stay with you forever!

  • Super-efficient in their working
  • Exceptionally fast cutting speed
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Advanced features like smart start, X Torque, chain tensioning, automatic oiling, etc.
  • Costly as compared to the competitors


Who Makes Husqvarna Chainsaws – FAQs

Does Husqvarna make craftsman chainsaws?
Yes. As a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker, Husqvarna manufactures the majority of Craftsman saws.
Is Husqvarna German or Swedish?
Husqvarna is Swedish. It has its origin in Sweden. In 1689, Husqvarna was founded in Southern Sweden with the purpose of producing muskets for the Swedish Army. Since then, it has only grown and evolved over the years and the result is the world’s number one leading chainsaw brand.
What is the most powerful Husqvarna chainsaw?
Husqvarna 3120 XP is the largest and most powerful chainsaw in the world. Extreme logging, portable sawmills, and stump removal are the three most common applications for the 3120 XP. Chains up to six feet long can be pulled with this saw!
Who makes Husqvarna chainsaw engines?
Husqvarna group itself is the manufacturer of chainsaw engines as well. They do not rely on any other brand or company for any part of their chainsaws. Everything that’s included in the chainsaw is their very own personal production.
Is Husqvarna the same as Stihl?
They’re both the leading brands for chainsaws but I’d say Husqvarna is better and more reliable. The fuel tanks of Husqvarna chainsaws are typically larger than those of Stihl chainsaws, so if you’d like to finish a job quickly, the Husqvarna saw is the right choice, however, if you’ve got a smaller property and don’t mind refueling the saw, the Stihl saw would be the right choice.


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Now that you know who makes the Husqvarna chainsaws and that they’re all manufactured at selective places only, you can buy them from anywhere without having to worry if they’re coming from a reliable manufacturer. Because definitely, they all are!

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