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Worx 40V Chainsaw – Our Review for This Best Seller!

Worx has made its mark in the market in the past as one of the best chainsaw brands with its excellent products and satisfactory results throughout its product range. Their chainsaw range is probably one of the finest hardware lineups in the market in this category.

One of their most successful products is Worx electric chainsaws. Worx makes products that can be used efficiently by the likes of industry professionals as well as the everyday person. These homeowner saws are exceptionally good at what they do and make a normal person feel like a professional gardener no matter the task at hand.

With updated and advanced technologies, cordless chainsaws have come a long way and are now able to offer premium performance for occasional wood-cutting tasks. One brand that has caught the attention of homeowners in 2023 is Worx, with its line of electric chainsaws gaining popularity worldwide. 

In our review of the Worx 40V chainsaw, we’ll take a closer look at its cutting interface, performance, and handling. The Worx 40V chainsaw is designed to make the operator’s life easier with features such as a super quiet operation, automatic chain-tension system, and compatibility with other 20V and 40V tools on the Worx platform. 

It also offers the added benefit of being a reliable emergency tool. The tool is powered by two conveniently adjustable batteries that improve its running time and offer enough power to make it a standout among other brands. Join us as we take a first-hand look at the sleek, lightweight design, cutting experience, and overall performance of the Worx 40V chainsaw.

What Makes Worx 40V Worth Considering in 2023?

The WG384 Cutting Tool is worth considering in 2023 for several reasons. It uses power from two batteries that are conveniently adjusted on each side, which improves the running time and offers enough power. 

The design of the tool is sleek, smooth, and unique, and it is also lightweight and portable. The tool also features a brushless electric motor that offers optimum performance with more torque and power, making cuts smooth, convenient, and accurate. 

Additionally, it has a quick chain brake option that keeps users safe by preventing the chainsaw from starting when applied. Overall, the Worx 40V chainsaw stands out among other brands and can be a great option for occasional wood-cutting tasks.



Weight 10.4 Pounds
Bar Length 14 in.
Chain Speed 26 ft/s
Tank Capacity 5.4 oz
Gauge 0.043”
Chain Pitch 3/8 inch
Chain Type Spiky
Charging Time 1 hour
Chain Drive Links 52


Here are some of the features the Worx 40V Chainsaw has to offer:

  • Brushless Motor
  • Auto Tension System
  • Automatic Oiler System
  • Chain Brake
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Overmold Handles

Brushless Motor

The Worx 40V chainsaw features a brushless motor, which is a new technology for the brand on the chainsaw level. Brushless motors are a type of electric motor that uses electronic commutation to control the movement of the rotor, instead of using mechanical brushes. This technology provides several benefits for the chainsaw.

One of the main benefits of the brushless motor is that it increases the battery run time. Because there are no mechanical brushes, the motor produces less heat and friction, which means that it is more efficient. 

This results in a longer battery life, which means that the user can use the chainsaw for longer periods of time before needing to recharge the batteries.

Auto-Tension System

The Worx 40V chainsaw features an Auto-Tension system, which is a patented technology that simplifies the process of adjusting the chain tension. The Auto-Tension system allows the user to set the proper chain tension with the turn of a dial, which prevents the over-tightening of the chain.

Auto-Tension System

The Auto-Tension system is designed to extend the bar and chain life, as it prevents the chain from being over-tightened. Over-tightening the chain can cause excessive wear and tear on the bar and chain, which can shorten its lifespan. 

The auto-tension system also saves time and effort, as the user doesn’t have to manually adjust the tension of the chain. It also ensures that the chain is always at the correct tension, which improves the cutting performance of the tool. A properly tensioned chain will cut more efficiently and will be less likely to come off the bar or cause kickbacks.

Automatic Oiler System

The Worx 40V chainsaw features an automatic oiler system, which is a system that provides constant lubrication to the bar and chain during operation. This system is designed to improve the performance and longevity of the chainsaw by reducing friction and wear on the bar and chain.

The automatic oiler system is designed to automatically dispense oil from a reservoir to the bar and chain as the chainsaw is in use. This ensures that the bar and chain are always lubricated, which reduces friction and wear on the moving parts. The oil also helps to keep the chain cool, which reduces the risk of overheating and damage.

The chainsaw also includes a reservoir with an oil level indicator so that the user can quickly check the oil level and refill the reservoir as needed.

Chain Brake

The chain brake is activated when the user releases the trigger, which causes the chain to stop moving immediately. This feature is designed to prevent injuries and accidents that may occur if the chain were to continue moving after the user releases the trigger.

The chain brake can be activated in both vertical and horizontal positions, which allows the user to use the chainsaw in different cutting positions. This feature makes the chainsaw more versatile, as it can be used for a variety of tasks, such as tree trimming, pruning, cutting firewood, and more.

This feature is particularly useful for inexperienced users.

Lightweight and Portable

The Worx 40V chainsaw is designed to be lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to maneuver and carry around from one place to another. This feature makes it convenient for homeowners and tradespeople to use it in different locations and eliminates the need for heavy and bulky equipment.

The chainsaw weighs 10.4 lbs., which is relatively light compared to other chainsaws on the market. This feature makes it easy for the user to hold and control the tool, even for extended periods of time. The lightweight design also reduces the strain on the user’s arms and shoulders, making it more comfortable to use.

Lightweight and Portable

The chainsaw is also designed to be portable, which means that it can be easily transported to different locations. This feature makes it ideal for homeowners who need to trim trees or cut firewood in different parts of their property, or for tradespeople who need to use the chainsaw at different job sites.

Overmold Handles

The Worx 40V chainsaw features over-mold handles on both the front and rear of the tool. Overmold handles are a type of handle that is made by injecting a soft, rubber-like material over a hard plastic or metal handle. This provides a comfortable and secure grip, as well as reduces fatigue.

The over-mold handles on the Worx 40V chainsaw are designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip. The rubber-like material used in the over mold provides a soft, non-slip surface that is easy to grip, even when the tool is used in wet conditions.

The over-mold handles also reduce the amount of vibration that is transmitted to the user’s hands, which reduces strain on the user’s hands and arms.


Other than the technical features, here are some of the safety features too:

  • Safe Chain Speeds
  • Quick and Automatic Chain Braking
  • Inclusion of Safety Button
  • Excellent Gripping and Handling

Safe Chain Speeds

Having a chain speed that is too fast can be dangerous for the user, as it can make the chain harder to control and increase the risk of accidents. A short chain speed can also cause more wear and tear on the chain and bar, which can lead to chain breakage and other hazards.

On the other hand, having a chain speed that is too slow can be less efficient, as it will take longer to cut through wood materials.

The chain speed of 26 ft/sec of the Worx 40V chainsaw is a balance between safety and efficiency. This chain speed is fast enough to cut through wood materials efficiently but not too fast to cause accidents.

Quick and Automatic Chain Braking

When the chain brake is applied, the chainsaw won’t even start, thus keeping the user away from injuries or accidents. This is especially useful in the case of kickback, which is a dangerous reaction that can occur when the tip of the guide bar touches an object, and the bar is abruptly jerked upward and back toward the operator. 

Quick and Automatic Chain Braking

With the automatic chain brake, the user can quickly apply the brake to stop the chain and prevent the kickback from happening. This means that the user can apply the brake quickly and easily in any situation, reducing the risk of an accident.

Inclusion of Safety Button

The safety button is an important safety feature that prevents the chainsaw from being accidentally activated. This can prevent injuries to the user, especially if the chainsaw is dropped or bumped, or if the user is not fully prepared to use the tool.

When the safety button is not pressed, the chainsaw will not start, which helps to prevent accidents caused by the chainsaw starting unexpectedly. This is especially useful in case the user needs to take a break or change position while using the tool, this way the chainsaw won’t accidentally start and cause injuries.

Excellent Gripping and Handling

The Worx 40V chainsaw is designed with excellent gripping and handling in mind, which helps to make the tool safer for the user. The chainsaw features over-mold handles on both the front and rear of the tool. These handles provide a comfortable and secure grip, which helps to keep the user safe by reducing the risk of slippage and drops.

The handles are also ergonomically designed and positioned to provide optimal balance and control of the tool. This allows the user to maintain a comfortable and stable grip on the tool, which helps to reduce the risk of accidents.

  • Excellent security features for the most novice users.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning feature enables you to change it on the go.
  • Easily penetrates deep into thick wood materials.
  • More than adequate for backyard work.
  • Slow charging even with Worx charger and relatively high battery dissipation rate.
  • Loosening of chain caused by upside-down usage of the chainsaw.



Worx 40V Chainsaw – FAQs

How long does Worx 40V battery last?
On a single charge, the WG384 Cutting Tool should last about 30-35 minutes. Speaking in terms of how much area can be covered, this chainsaw should work fine up to about 280 m2.
How long does it take to charge a 40V WORX battery?
The 40V Worx battery should reach complete charge in about 8 hours. Although, this duration may vary after extensive usage due to the battery being made out of lithium. It can also be charged via multiple available options.
Can I leave my Worx battery in the charger?
Yes, you can leave your Worx battery in charge without much worry as modern batteries and chargers are designed with this in mind. Although you should avoid it when possible. The Worx chargers also provide battery level indicators so it shouldn’t be too difficult.
What is an advantage of a battery-operated chainsaw?
A battery-operated chainsaw is better not only for the environment but also for your pocket. The usage of eco-friendly power sources is a plus point but other than that, electricity is also quite cheaper than fuel which is also a good thing!
What kind of oil does a Worx chainsaw take?
The Worx 40V chainsaw can take just about any type of bar and chain oil. These are readily available in hardware and chainsaw stores. It’s better to use the best available oil to increase longevity.
How long does it take to fully charge a WORX battery?
You can fully charge a Worx battery in about 8 hours using the appropriate charger. That is if you use the charger provided by Worx. This is also the best option as it is designed keeping this specific product in mind.


Our Verdict

In a nutshell, the Worx 40V chainsaw is a top-performing and reliable tool that offers a great balance between power and safety. Its brushless motor, automatic oiler system, and Auto-Tension system make it stand out from other cordless chainsaws. 

It’s easy to use, lightweight and portable, making it perfect for homeowners and tradespeople who need a reliable chainsaw for occasional wood-cutting tasks. Overall, the Worx 40V chainsaw is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performing cordless chainsaw. 

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