What do Stihl Chainsaw Model Numbers mean – 2024 Guide

Are you looking to buy a Stihl chainsaw but aren’t sure which model is right for you? This blog post will break down the different Stihl chainsaw models model numbers list and their corresponding model number’s locations.

We will also provide tips on how to choose the right model for your needs. Read on to learn more! Stihl is a brand name for chainsaws made by Stihl-Bräu GmbH of Germany.

The company also produces the smaller, less expensive MS 270 model, which is often preferred by brush cutters and small landowners because it has an 18″ bar length rather than the 21-24″ bar lengths on other brands; this shorter chain makes it easier to use in tight spaces like around trees.

Chainsaw files Size Chart:

Stihl chainsaws are divided into three different series. The first is the professional series meaning that these are for heavy-duty work.

Then there are the ms-series, which would be more suited for use by a homeowner with an average-sized property with no real issues.

Then finally, there are the c-models that have even larger horsepower and are designed for those with very large properties or who works as a professional logger.

What Does the h Mean on Stihl Chainsaws?

The “h” stands for homologation, which means that the model was tested to meet European specifications.

These models may also be more expensive than their regular counterparts, and this doesn’t really matter if you’re in the US, though.

What Does ms Mean on Stihl’s Chainsaws?

It means the saw has a magnesium starter. The magnesium starter is an important part of starting a Stihl chainsaw because it provides enough energy to jump-start the engine, which can be time-consuming and challenging with some models.

What does ms mean on Stihls chainsaws

This process also prevents damage from being caused by trying to start a low battery-powered machine with an electric drill or impact driver.

What Does the c Mean on Stihl Chainsaws?

The “c” on a Stihl chainsaw stands for cubic centimeters. It’s a measure of the engine displacement, and it’s one of the specifications that you’ll want to compare when considering different models.

What does the c mean on Stihl chainsaws

For instance, the c-models have bigger engines than the ms-models, so they will be able to cut through thicker logs more easily.

Stihl chainsaw year by serial number:

You can find the year in which your Stihl chainsaw was manufactured by looking at the serial number. After the second letter, there should be a series of numbers that will look something like this: YYYYXXXX.

The first two digits are the year, followed by the month in which the chainsaw was manufactured. For example, a serial number beginning with Y10 would be from 2010, while an S12 would be from 2012.

What does “start” mean on a Stihl chainsaw?

In order to start a Stihl chainsaw, you must first prime the carburetor. This entails holding down the primer bulb on your chainsaw until it is fully compressed, then squeezing it three times.

After this, you must pull the starting cord slowly ten times in order to start your machine.

Stihl chainsaw models list and corresponding model numbers:

Stihl has two (2) product lines for their chainsaws: the MS (multi-system) line and the S (System) line. Each Stihl chain saw system will come with a set of bar length recommendations specific to that particular manufacturer, so you will need to adjust the bar length choice depending on your preference and intended use.

The MS line of chainsaws comes with a split bar, allowing you to customize the length of the chain saw and share it with other Stihl models within that same subset (e.g., MS290 and MS310).

Although this feature is convenient, the split bars are often less durable, which can be problematic when dealing with large projects.

The S line of chainsaws is for professional users and has more durable full-length bars that are not interchangeable across models. Manufacturers in this line also have a “professional grade” label, meaning that they are built to handle heavy use with minimal maintenance.

Before making a purchase decision, consider your needs and preferences as they pertain to the type of work that you will be doing with your chainsaw. We recommend going with an S-line model number for those looking for a heavy-duty professional chainsaw. You can view full lists of Stihl models below:

Stihl MS Subset Chainsaw Models & Model Numbers List
MS 100 C-BQ – 16″/16″ Low Kick, 18″/14.4 Cut, .325 Pitch , 8mm Bore | 017 013 770-5
MS 100 C – 16″/16″, 18″/14.4″, .325 Pitch, 8mm Bore | 017 000 025-5
MS 100 C – 16″/16″, 18″/14.4″, .325 Pitch, 8mm Bore | 017 000 025-C
MS 100 C – 16″/16″, 18″/14.4″, .325 Pitch, 8mm Bore | 017 000 025-S
MS 100 C – 16″/16″, 18″/14.4″, .325 Pitch, 8mm Bore | 018 005 773-3
MS 100 C – 16″/16″, 18″/14.4″, .325 Pitch, 8mm Bore | 018 005 773-5
MS 100 C-BE – 16″/16″ Low Kick, 18″/14.4 Cut, .325 Pitch , 8mm Bore | 017 013 777-5
MS 100 C-BQ – 16″/16″ Low Kick, 18″/14.4 Cut, .325 Pitch , 8mm Bore | 017 013 777-5
MS 100 C-BE – 16″/16″, 18″/14.4″, .325 Pitch, 8mm Bore | 017 000 023-5
MS 100 C-BE – 16″/16″, 18″/14.4″, .325 Pitch, 8mm Bore | 017 000 023-C

What do the rest of the letters mean?

B = Quick Chain Adjuster (QCA): This option allows for easy chain adjustment without the use of tools.

Q = Low Kickback Chain: This adds a few millimeters to the bar and reduces the chance of kickback.

C = Exchangeable Carburetor: Chainsaws in this subset have adjustable carburetors that allow for easy mixing of fuel and air.

S = Anti-Vibration System (AVS): This feature adds an extra rubberized grip to the rear of the chainsaw to reduce vibrations.

C = Comfort: The chainsaw has rubberized grips to reduce vibrations.

E = Easy2Start™: The chainsaw has a redesigned starter mechanism that reduces the amount of force needed to pull the starting cord, making it easier to start.

M = M-Tronic™: This feature automatically adjusts the engine speed depending on the force required to cut. This is meant to maximize your efficiency and save fuel without affecting performance.

Q = Quickstop: The chain-breaking mechanism has been redesigned to stop the chain from spinning as quickly as possible after the throttle trigger is released.

R = Wrap Handle: The chainsaw has a handle that completely covers the rear handle and is designed for comfort and safe operation.

Stihl chainsaw model numbers – FAQs

Where is the model number on the Stihl chainsaw?
The model number is usually found on the bottom of the saw, and it’s also possible to find it on top, near where you would hold it against your body when in use. If you can’t find either one, they’re probably not there! The serial number is located somewhere inside or outside of this machine, depending upon which side you look at it from when examining close-up details like these (depending also upon whether or not someone has removed all stickers). Serial numbers are typically four digits long, but some models have five-digit serial numbers because that particular machine was made for an order with a six-digit invoice starting date.)
How do you tell what year your Stihl chainsaw is?
The Stihl chainsaw is date stamped on the drive sprocket cover. The date code is in a Julian calendar format, with the first two digits being the week of manufacture and the remaining four digits being the year of manufacture. For example, if the date code is “W3176”, that would indicate that the saw was manufactured in Week 31 of 1976.
How do you read a chainsaw chain number?
To read a chainsaw chain number, first, find the gauge of the chain. The gauge is written as a number followed by a letter, such as “3/8”. Next, find the length of the chain. The length is written as a number followed by a footmark, such as “10′. Finally, match the gauge and length to find the corresponding chainsaw chain number. For example, if you have a chainsaw chain with a gauge of 3/8” and a length of 10′, then your chainsaw chain number would be 72AGDFC.


Our Verdict:

If you need a chainsaw for occasional use or infrequent projects, then we recommend going with the MS100. Although it is less durable than other models, it is affordable and easy to use.

If you are looking for a chainsaw that can handle heavy-duty projects without requiring much maintenance or occasional tuning, then choose the MS 100 C-BE. It has all of the same features as other models in this subset but is built with more durable materials.

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