Black Locust Firewood (Robinia Pseudoacacia) – Best Firewood for Burning!

Black Locust Firewood produces a lot of heat. It produces around about 29.3 million BTUs per cord, which is even higher than the famous Ash and Oak firewood!

Black Locust is an exceptional choice for burning because of many reasons. The major one is obviously being its highest heat output. But other than that, Black locust is known for the production of the highest quality coal which you won’t find for any other firewood. Also, it burns way longer than all other firewood.

The locust wood for burning is quite heavy firewood because it is very dense in nature and it is difficult to split as well. Also, it might take up more time to light up when starting up the fire.

But it has a low moisture content which makes it an efficient burner and it keeps burning for the longest time. That is why, despite being heavy and hard, most people still prefer black locust over any other firewood because when you burnt it, you know it’s worth all the effort you’ve put in.

You might be amazed to know that Black Locust is known as a multi-purpose tree species. This is because the uses for locust wood not only include burning it as firewood but it is also used for woody biomass plantings, livestock feeds, chemical plumbing systems in paper industries, etc.

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Is Honey Locust Good Firewood?

Honey locust is nicely optimal firewood and burns almost the same as black locust firewood. It generates a heat output of 26.7 million BTUs per cord, which makes it an amazing choice for firewood. It is dense and is widely used in Timber industries.

How Long Should You Season Black Locust Firewood?

Because of the very low moisture content in Black locusts, it can be perfectly seasoned in just 6 to 8 months. But the more you season firewood, the more efficiently it burns. So, the best seasoning time for black locust firewood is 1 to 1.5 years.

How Long Should You Season Black Locust Firewood

Burning Highlights of Black Locust Firewood

Black locust is surely the best out of the best firewood for burning because of its highest heat output as compared to all other firewood.

Black locust is easily found everywhere and gives you the perfect warm fires even during the extreme winters when the temperature falls very low. So, you can never go wrong with black locust as a choice for firewood!

Here are some highlights of burning it.

  1. Firstly, as mentioned earlier, it produces the highest heat output and burns for a long. But this isn’t the only best thing about black locust. It’s a total deal-breaker in other aspects too. See how.
  2. Unlike much other firewood, black locust does not produce a lot of smoke. In fact, it produces very little smoke which isn’t a problem at all even when you’re burning it indoors.
  3. The coal production –We’d say the best quality coals are produced by the burning of black locust firewood. They’re long-lasting and keep the fire hot throughout the night.
  4. For the sparks, the black locust emits just a medium amount of sparks when starting up, which again, is no danger at all. Furthermore, the aroma of burning black locusts is very mild.

Types of Locusts Trees

Although black locust is the only type of its species that is most popularly used as firewood but let’s take a look at two other types too.

Types of Locusts Trees

Honey Locust

The honey locust is most known as a black locust. It is very much similar to black locust in terms of its growth, uses, and amount of heat production when burnt as firewood. Honey locust trees are the best shade providers in parks, and they grow around 40 to 70 feet tall.

Skyline Honey Locust

Skyline locusts are delicate in nature and have fern-like structures. Their trees grow around 25 feet wide and 45 feet high. They can easily tolerate all weather conditions, but their wood isn’t suitable for burning.

Black Locust Vs Honey Locust

Black locust and honey locust are both similar as well as different too.

They’re almost similar in their natures of burning as firewood, as they both provide an extremely high heat output with the least smoke and spark production and the best quality coal production.

However, they’re different in terms of their barks, leaving their growth.

Honey locusts have longer seedpods and they have long, widespread thorns as well. They’re known as honey locusts because they’re sweet as honey but stiff in their nature. Their flowers are creamy and insignificant, and they attract wildlife.

While the black locusts have few branches with thorns. The flowers of black locusts are in the form of showy white clusters and are larger than those of honey locusts. Lastly, black locusts are poisonous to both animals and humans.

Is Black Locust Hardwood or Softwood?

Black locust is a hardwood. It is not only tough to cut but is also pretty much difficult to split. Also, it is denser and heavy than most other popular firewood.

Is Black Locust Hardwood or Softwood

What Does Black Locust Firewood Look Like?

Black locust firewood is pale greenish yellow to darker brown in its color. It gets even darker with age. Their bark is deeply furrowed and isn’t very sharp as compared to that of Honey locust.

How Does Black Locust Wood Burn?

Starting up a black locust fire takes some time as it is harder and denser in nature. But once it starts burning, it produces a long-lasting fire with a lot of heat generation and just the perfect coal production as well. These coals burn throughout the night and gradually, burn up completely, leaving behind some ash.

Black Locust Firewood – FAQs

Is black locust good for woodturning?
Yes. In addition to blunting cutting edges, Black Locust also has a mild abrasive effect. The material turns very well on a lathe, bends well with steam, and glues and finishes well.
How long does it take to season a locust?
In general, it takes six to eight months to season a locust. But the perfect seasoning requires one to one and a half years of seasoning.
Is locust wood harder than oak?
Yes. Locust wood is much harder than oak. According to hardness measurement, the hardness of black locust is around 1700 lbf. While that of Oak is around 1360 lbf.



Black locust is definitely the best firewood you can find. It provides excellent heat to keep your indoors warm and cozy during cold days and extremely chilly winter nights. No matter how low the temperature falls in your area, you can’t go wrong with the choice of black locust firewood!

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