How To Use An Electric Chainsaw – A Step-by-Step Guide

An electric chainsaw is a great option if you’re searching for a cutting process for gardening maintenance or other light labor. But are you familiar with how to use an electric chainsaw and its other characteristics?

The electric chainsaw is convenient to use, lightweight, powerful, quieter, affordable, and environmentally beneficial. This post is for you if you don’t know how to handle an electric chainsaw and would like to learn a few safety precautions.

Use the protective gear and read the user manual before using the electric chainsaw, and always keep safety first. After that, lube the chainsaw bar and chain and check the chain’s tension. You can read an article on how to oil the chainsaw. After completing this, start your chainsaw by connecting the power lead to the power source. Always give your chainsaw some time to cool up after cutting it before putting it away.

If you’ve never used a chainsaw, we’ll be here to lend a hand. A detailed article on how a chainsaw works will also help you a lot. Take a deep breath, enjoy your coffee, and then read on to discover the specifics of how to use a chainsaw!

What Is A Electric Chainsaw?

Many businesses have been producing electric chainsaws since 1926. As a result, the market is flooded with safer, more affordable, and more effective electric chainsaws. This is why you can now choose the effective one at a glance. Because of this, you may now choose the effective option at a reasonable cost!

For the majority of landowners and homeowners, electric chainsaws are the ideal option because they have sufficient power and allow for effortless wood cutting. These tools are the easiest to maintain and can be used to quickly clear branches both before and after storms. These chainsaws have a simple push-button start.

What Is A Electric Chainsaw

You don’t need to worry about recharging the motor because it will continue to run. The small weight of the electric saws makes them portable.

Above all, the various electric chainsaw components only need minor maintenance. Hence, before you begin cutting, you should also purchase safety equipment and cover your eyes, ear, and other body parts in addition to getting the instruments that are safer to use.

The detailed instructions for using an electric chainsaw can be found below; read through them all carefully before beginning to cut wood:

Step 1: Verify the chain tension on the chainsaw

Before utilizing the electric chainsaw, it’s crucial to check the chain’s tension. The cause is that flying off slack chains has the risk of causing serious harm. Every chainsaw has a unique method for adjusting chain tension. In order to understand how to sharpen a chainsaw, it is crucial to consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

Pull the chain out of the bottom of the guide bar to see if it is in the right place. Release the chain after its two links have emerged. Make that the chain has snapped back into place after you have released it.

But if the chain doesn’t return to its original position, it is obviously loose and needs to be tightened. Also, the chainsaw chain is tight if you are unable to pull the links down!

Step 2: Fill Chain and Bar Oil Reservoirs

As crucial as maintaining chain tension is checking the oil reservoir to make sure the chainsaw bar and chain are lubricated. Keep in mind that cutting can be made simpler and more fun by using a lubricated chain and bar. The chainsaw may heat up and catch fire if neither part has enough oil.

You can lubricate the chainsaw with any of the many oils that are offered on the market. The majority of manufacturers advise using SAE 30 oil. But, before choosing any chainsaw oil type, the experts advise consulting the instructions.

You must be aware that, similar to an automobile engine, your chainsaw could be harmed if you choose the incorrect type of oil.

Fill Chain and Bar Oil Reservoirs

Step 3: Attach the power lead

A source of electricity is required to power the electric chainsaws. Nevertheless, the extension cords for these items are not included. Hence, in order to use your tool in the garden, you will need to purchase an extension. Yet, you can start the chainsaw and begin cutting wood if you use rechargeable batteries chainsaws!

Ensure the extension’s lead length will extend far enough to the work area when you purchase it. Put the electric chainsaws into a regular wall outlet after that. However, you may utilize the electric generator to make it more transportable! Be sure the chainsaw’s amperage can be handled by the power source, no matter what it is!

Step 4: Start Your Electric

Chainsaw It’s time to launch the tool right now. Several electric chainsaws require you to switch trigger action after pushing and holding the safety lock button. The chainsaws can be started by pressing the trigger button while the safety lock is engaged. As the chain begins to rotate, you can begin cutting the wood!

Step 5: Begin Cutting

It is now appropriate to make your initial cut as the chainsaw has begun to operate. Start cutting while the chainsaw is going at full speed by lightly pressing it on the wood. Here, you can press firmly but only slightly; do not press too hard or the tool will not cut. The chainsaw chain has to be sharpened if you feel like you’re chopping through the wood with a lot of force.

When cutting, apply pressure to the chainsaw until you are approximately 3/4 of the way through, and then let it go as you approach the finish line. When learning how to handle a chainsaw properly, you should become an expert at cutting the wood with the chainsaw rather than cutting with the force or pressure of your arm!

You must press the bulb every thirty seconds to oil your chain if your chainsaws have a mechanical bar and chain oiler. Nonetheless, you can quietly continue using the chainsaw if it has an automatic oiler. Chainsaw lubrication is carried out automatically by the oiler! When you’re finished chopping, you can let the throttle go and wait for the chainsaw to stop spinning.

Begin Cutting

Step 6: keep cutting

Until you finish your project, you can repeat the last step if you feel the need to cut the wood. Once you’ve finished the project or chopped all the wood, shut off the saw!

Step 7: Deactivate and remove the electric chainsaw’s plug

If your chainsaw has a power switch, turn it to the off position to turn it off. Electric chainsaws have these switches. Detach the power lead from the electric chainsaw and the power source after turning it off.

Step 8: Let the chainsaw cool down

Always allow your tool to cool for 10 to 20 minutes after turning off the chainsaw. Do not forget that the chainsaw stays hot for more than ten minutes.

Keep in mind that even when you switch the chainsaw off, it stays hot for more than 10 minutes. Hence, the saw can burn you if you unintentionally touch it. Hence, professionals always advise giving your instrument some time to cool before putting it away again.

Step 9: Put the electric chainsaw away

Constantly store your chainsaw safely after each use if you want to protect yourself from mishaps and maintain the condition of your chainsaw. If the chainsaw operators are skilled and experienced, they should have no trouble separating the chain from the blade. You can detach the chain and store it in this manner.

If that isn’t possible, sheath the blade or place it in a storage container. Make sure the chainsaw’s tips aren’t accessible to the environment while it’s being stored. Furthermore, lube the chainsaw bar and chain before putting them away. The chainsaw won’t rust this way, and it also won’t dry out!

Some Safety Tips

While Cutting Down A Tree, You Need These Items

The most often employed equipment is a chainsaw. The fantastic instruments are strong and effectively do all of their tasks. With a chainsaw, you can easily cut through sturdy and challenging materials.

A chainsaw has various applications. They are used by employees in a variety of industries, such as feretory, where they make use of these incredible tools on a regular basis. A chainsaw is also a valuable tool for homeowners. The saws can be used by homeowners to cut firewood and clean the garden.

But keep in mind that the tremendous capacity to make your job easier comes with a great deal of responsibility. The chainsaws are not regular instruments that you can buy and use right away. Therefore, it is imperative to learn “how to properly handle a chainsaw” before opening your tool’s box. For safe working, you must have protective equipment for your eyes, ears, and other body parts.

Having learned how to use an electric chainsaw from the step-by-step instructions above, the following is a list of the accessories you must need when using an electric chainsaw:

Gloves: When using the chainsaw, you must put on a pair of gloves. In the event of an accident, the chain of the chainsaw can result in severe injuries, whereas gloves can effectively lower the risk of injury problems and protect your hands.

Lengthy Cord: The power source for the electric chainsaws is connected to the chainsaw by a lead. Your work may be simplified by the longer lead, which also allows you to move the chainsaw more freely. Nonetheless, you must exercise extra caution when using the chainsaw to prevent tripping over the cable.

While Cutting Down A Tree, You Need These Items

Chainsaw Helmet: Whether they are cutting different sorts of wood, the chainsaw operators’ helmets protect their heads. A dependable technique to shield your head from harm is a safe helmet. You could sustain major head injuries if the branches fall on your head. Therefore, whenever using the tool, always remember to wear a chainsaw helmet!

Safety eyewear: Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying wood fragments that could hurt them. Moreover, goggles make it simple to see while trimming or chopping down trees. 

A shirt with long sleeves: The long-sleeved shirts are dependable and cozy to wear. These shirts will therefore shield your hands from splinters and other flying branches that could otherwise harm your arms!

Hearing protection: The noise level of electric chainsaws is lower than that of gas chainsaws. Even so, it’s crucial to safeguard your ears. When working with such robust tools, you should wear hearing protection, which is readily accessible on the market.

Boots: You should safeguard your feet just like the rest of your body. Your feet will be protected from harm by the pair of boots!

How To Use An Electric Chainsaw – FAQs

Are electric chainsaws easy to use?
They should choose an electric chainsaw because of all the features that make electric saws so practical and simple to use: easy push-button start procedures. Easily transportable and lightweight constructions. a motor that doesn’t require fuel to run.
Will an electric chainsaw cut down a tree?
An electric chainsaw is the best tool for the job.
Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque?
An electric chainsaw is the best tool for the job.
Do electric chainsaws have kickbacks?
Safety chains are used on electric chainsaws to reduce the frequency of kickbacks. Also, because electric chainsaws lack the same force as their gasoline-powered siblings, kickback violence is much diminished
How do you use an electric chainsaw for the first time?
Press and hold the valve lockout while squeezing the throttle to start the chainsaw. Press firmly and steadily on the wood while the saw is operating at full speed. Avoid pushing it. Leave the cutting to the chain.
Do electric chainsaws need chain oil?
Indeed, oil is necessary to lube the chain in electric chainsaws. The motor doesn’t need petrol or any other fuel additives, but the chain does need “bar and chain” oil.



Using an electric chainsaw is simple, as you discovered in this step-by-step tutorial. A chainsaw can be made to cut wood with just a few simple starting and spinning procedures.

Just bear in mind to put safety first when performing any cutting tasks. By doing this, you may safeguard yourself from any accidents that might happen when you use an electric chainsaw.

You can visit more to find the best Chainsaw chains and best chainsaw brands if you’re wanting to replace an old tool or purchase your first electric chainsaw. It outlines the major characteristics that are offered and how to choose the best electric chainsaw for your requirements.

This manual on using an electric chainsaw is intended to be helpful.

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