Echo Vs Husqvarna Chainsaws – What Do They Both Offer?

Echo vs Husqvarna Chainsaws – The two leading chainsaw brands to consider.

When looking for some well-known and trustworthy brands to buy a chainsaw, Husqvarna and Echo have always been on the top. Both of these brands are popular for manufacturing a diverse range of chainsaw models, from homeowner chainsaws to professional-grade chainsaws.

Also, starting echo chainsaws as well as Husqvarna chainsaws is super easy, so you won’t face any inconvenience while starting up.

In addition to investing time and money in research, Husqvarna is also known for investing in development. Husqvarna managed to develop its Low-Vib patented system through brilliance and determination. This anti-vibration system allows your arms and hands to remain comfortable while sawing while absorbing a significant amount of vibration.

On the other hand, Echo is a company that manufactures both rear handle and top handle chainsaws. Precision and durability are the hallmarks of all of their products.

Furthermore, both the brands excel in manufacturing the best everyday chainsaws as well. Also, you’ll find great options for the best Husqvarna chainsaws for logging.

Is Husqvarna Better Than Echo?

Husqvarna has always been the leading one, no matter which brand you compare it with. However, Husqvarna is mostly suitable for professionals only, because of its heavy-duty build and expensive cost.

When it comes to affordable chainsaws for your home, Echo is the best. However, Husqvarna has long been a trusted brand among industry professionals.

Echo Vs Husqvarna Chainsaws – Similarities and Differences

Among the oldest and largest chainsaw manufacturers around the world, Echo and Husqvarna both offer a variety of options to their customers.

However, for the major difference between the two brands, Husqvarna is best suitable for professionals. And so, it’s costly as well.

Husqvarna’s chainsaws are more refined, with even its smallest battery-operated chainsaw being larger than many competitors. Husqvarna typically builds chainsaws for daily use on the job. If left unused for an extended period of time in the garage, they will be damaged.

While the echo chainsaws are a great option for light to medium-grade tasks. Echo provides the best range of chainsaws if you are a homeowner, renter, or professional who uses the machine occasionally. Several of the company’s products work with batteries, so you can use them in the garden and workshop as well.

Echo Vs Husqvarna Chainsaws

Continue reading for further comparison of the two brands. Here are the things we’ve compared.

Key Differences

  1. Husqvarna is the top leading chainsaw brand globally while Echo is on its way to matching Husqvarna’s competition.
  2. Husqvarna is ideal for extremely professional and experienced workers who have to deal with heavy-duty work on a daily basis. While Echo is for everyone, from homeowners to professional loggers.
  3. Most of Husqvarna’s features win over Echo’s making it an overall winner for most of their comparisons.
  4. Husqvarna’s chainsaws are extremely costly as compared to Echo.


One of Echo’s smallest electric chainsaws, weighing in at 2.6kg, is the CS-2511WES, while the smallest petrol chainsaw is also 2.6kg and comes with a 25cc engine. While the strongest chainsaw has a 116cc engine and a weight of 10.6kg, making it the strongest chainsaw in the company’s line-up.

Husqvarna’s T525 is the smallest chainsaw that weighs just 2.7kg and has a 27cc engine, making it the ideal chainsaw for tree care. The company’s largest chainsaw is the 3120 XP; it has a 118cc engine and weighs 10.4kg, making it one of the strongest tools available.

Runtime and Re-Fueling

Gas Chainsaws can run for 15 to 40 minutes before refueling depending on their type and usage. While the Battery-powered chainsaws typically run for up to 2 hours, there are high-capacity batteries too, that can run much longer than that.

For both the Echo and Husqvarna saws, their run times are mostly great (only except for the cheapest models) and do not require re-fuelling before their run time expires.

Noise and Vibration Dampening

Noise and vibration dampeners are another thing we compared.

Echo Vs Husqvarna Chainsaws - Noise and Vibration Dampening

The use of a chainsaw is extremely difficult without anti-vibration features. It is possible for the machine to become dangerous in the absence of these vibration dampeners, especially when it is used frequently for a long time.

The constant vibration of your body can adversely affect your health, resulting in disorders such as “vibration white finger” among others. Additionally, vibration dampeners help reduce the amount of noise generated by the chainsaw, which can adversely affect your health over time.

Furthermore, anti-vibration technologies make handling significantly safer and more comfortable and reduce the fatigue on your body as a result.

While both Husqvarna and Echo manufacture their chainsaws with vibration dampeners, Husqvarna wins this category due to its proprietary LowVib system.

In contrast to Husqvarna, Echo does not publish vibration ratings, so judging how effective its dampeners are is a bit harder. Husqvarna’s transparency gives us peace of mind even though the dampeners of the Echo are also well rated and prevent accidents at work.

Automatic Chain Brakes

There’s no doubt that chainsaws could be dangerous, so you’re understandably concerned about safety.

In addition to proper lubrication and proper care, there are a few other features that should be pre-installed that will help reduce the number of vibrations and accidents.

Firstly, we have a chain brake, which automatically stops a chain if it is suddenly moved or impacted. As a result, you will be able to stop the chainsaw before someone gets seriously injured if the chainsaw drops or hit a hard spot on a tree.

Husqvarna and Echo, both have them installed, which is no surprise.


On parts of the machine unaffected by wear and tear, every Echo chainsaw is covered for at least a year. So, the ignition or switch will be replaced if it breaks due to normal use but seized engines and broken chains will not be covered in this warranty thing.

During normal use, Husqvarna machines are covered by a one-year warranty for material and workmanship defects. The coverage normally extends to breaking machines, engines, motors, and trigger systems.

Design and Build

Echo chainsaws feature a simple design that makes switching between models simple, as you don’t have to relearn everything. A momentary switch with bright orange colors is also included on the latest chainsaws so that the engine can start quickly.

Echo Vs Husqvarna Chainsaws - Design and Build

Chainsaws by Husqvarna generally have a larger body, but they are more compact than chainsaws by other manufacturers. Most of their chainsaws have orange bodies with the handle automatically attached at the rear.

For the build, both the brands manufacture high-quality chainsaws with super-strong builds. If used and kept with care, they last for years without any damage caused to their bodies.

Kickback Reduction

Using a chain saw can result in kickback in two situations. Firstly, a moving chain can strike an object at either the end of the nose of the guide bar. Secondly, the wood can close in on the saw chain, pinching it in the middle of the cut. But what’s most important is to reduce these kickbacks.

Both the Echo and Husqvarna provide great kickback reductions but again, Husqvarna being the higher-end brand, ideal for heavy-duty professional work, does an incomparable job in reducing the risk of kickbacks.

However, echo chainsaws too, greatly reduce the risk of kickbacks. So, you need not worry about any of these brands’ cases.

Reducing Emissions

A benefit that Husqvarna chainsaws have over most echo chainsaws is that they tend to have better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, making Husqvarna saws a better choice for environmentally conscious users. The increased fuel efficiency also reduces the time spent refilling the gas tank and lowers the overall cost of fuel.

But, at the same time, Echo chainsaws are highly known for their reduced emissions, making them fuel-efficient too.

Automatic Chain Lubrication

Most of the chainsaws from both the Echo and Husqvarna have automatic chain lubrication systems. The correct amount of lubrication plays a key role in maintaining and keeping the saw cool.

Echo Vs Husqvarna Chainsaws - Automatic Chain Lubrication

So, modern chainsaws have eliminated the difficulty of manual chain lubrication. Instead, the chains are automatically lubricated according to their need. Also, the oilers can be adjusted to increase or decrease the flow whenever required.


With a CS-3510 petrol chainsaw priced around $300, Echo caters both to professionals and to the general public. In contrast, the large chainsaws Echo has for sale are around $2200, so they’re exclusively for professionals.

Husqvarna’s price is a little bit higher than Echo’s. For about $200, their most affordable 120-Mar II chainsaw has only a 38cc engine, whereas their strongest saw ranges up to $1600, while their cheapest battery chainsaw costs just $450.

Advantages of Echo Chainsaws
  • Easily controlled and comfortable to use
  • Attractive prices ranges
  • Require little maintenance
  • Smooth operation throughout and easy start
Disadvantages of Echo Chainsaws
  • Typically, not as powerful as Husqvarna



Advantages of Husqvarna Chainsaws
  • One of the top leading chainsaw brands in the world
  • Extremely powerful engines and motors
  • A huge product range is available
  • Perfect for heavy-duty and professional works
Disadvantages of Husqvarna Chainsaws
  • Highly expensive


Echo Vs Husqvarna Chainsaws – FAQs

Is Husqvarna as good as ECHO?
Yes. In fact, Husqvarna might be the best one according to most of the people who have used chainsaws from both brands. To decide between Husqvarna and Echo, one needs to know their type of job. If you’re an experienced and professional logger, and your job is related to heavy work, you might want to go for Husqvarna which is the best ever chainsaw brand. While homeowners, as well as the professionals who are okay with comparatively less-monster type chainsaws, would find Echo a better option than Husqvarna.
Is ECHO a good chainsaw brand?
Echo is one of the top emerging chainsaw brands with a huge product line of chainsaws and we would highly recommend their chainsaws to anyone and everyone. You’ll find all types of chainsaws at Echo within great price ranges.
Will ECHO chain work on Husqvarna?
Yes. Some Echo chains might work for a few Husqvarna models, but you’ll have to confirm this from the seller before you make a purchase. We’d recommend you go for the chains from the same brand as your chainsaw.



Both the brands; Echo and Husqvarna are the best ones so far and highly trustworthy as well. Depending upon your job type and budget, you may opt for a chainsaw from any of these brands. We guarantee you that you won’t regret going for either of these.

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