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Husqvarna 120i Chainsaw – An Affordable Saw for Every Homeowner!

Husqvarna chainsaws are the best ever chainsaws you could buy! From lightweight chainsaws to heavy-duty ones, you’ll find everything at Husqvarna. 

There has always been great hype for Husqvarna chainsaws and there are reasons for that. They have super strong builds, they go a long way in terms of durability, their performance is exceptional in every way, and they have advanced technologies.

Talking specifically about the Husqvarna 120i, it is a lightweight battery-operated chainsaw that is super easy to use and is ideal for working around the house. It is also a very cheap option in terms of cost so, anybody looking for a chainsaw to carry out light home tasks can definitely consider this saw.

It has features like an Inertia chain brake which ensures trouble-free handling, while an intuitive keypad ensures safe, convenient starting. Using Husqvarna 120i, you can work in residential areas without disturbing your neighbors because of low noise levels and save mode for reliable performance and longer running time.

This article today is all about the Husqvarna 120i review and the details you need to know about it. Continue reading to know our experience with it and what we think about this saw.

What Type of Chainsaw is the Husqvarna 120i?

It’s a super lightweight saw which clearly describes that it is suitable for light-duty tasks only. Being a small and cheap option by Husqvarna, it is definitely not for any jobs bigger than pruning or felling of branches or small trees. 

I’ve been using this saw for some time now and I can tell you guys that although it cannot be used for cutting firewood and stuff, you can surely have it in your garage being a homeowner. 

How Well Can Husqvarna 120i Perform?

Husqvarna being a small saw, is very handy for backyard duties. It performs really well for homeowners, and you can also carry it on your camping trips. 

How Well Can Husqvarna 120i Perform

Performance – For the performance, there’s no doubt that it performed way better than I expected. Although it’s a cheap chainsaw this did not compromise its performance in any way. 

It can cut smoothly through a 12-inch log in a single pass with its 14-inch blade, but at its best, it performs better when cutting smaller diameters, as is the case with many electric saws. One thing to be highly appreciated is that it is a lot quieter than the gas-powered models from Husqvarna. It sounds like a gas lawnmower at three feet, with a measured sound level of 97 dB(A). 

Handling – The 120i is perfectly manageable to handle if you have handled gas-powered saws or any power tool that is reasonably heavy. Due to its lightweight (10.8 Pounds only) and slim design, operator fatigue is highly minimized. 

Also, when talking about the handling, it’s important to highlight that this chainsaw has a rubber rear handle for extra comfort, and its front hand brake has a ‘see-through’ design which lets the user better see the chainsaw’s nose. This should help to avoid incorrect contact with the wood being cut, thereby helping to prevent kickback. This helps in avoiding the direct contact of the saw with the wood log, preventing the kickbacks as a result.

Features of Husqvarna 120i

First of all, because the Husqvarna 120i is battery operated chainsaw, this is one of the very great things about this saw. Any person who’s ever used a gas chainsaw knows how much work it can be to keep the air filter free of wood chips and sawdust. And so, battery chainsaws are easy to use, starting with just a touch. 

You will no longer have to pull a recoil starter on a cold morning in order to start the chainsaw. The engine neither chokes nor does it flood. For homeowners who want to keep their neighbors undisturbed, these are ideal because noise levels are significantly reduced, and no fumes or CO2 emissions are generated.

Let’s talk about the features that the Husqvarna 120i holds.

  • Easy to Use
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic Design
  • Brushless Motor
  • Intuitive Keypad
  • Tool-Less Chain Tensioning
  • Automatic Adjustable Flow Oiler
  • Safe Mode
  • Cordless Battery Operated
  • Transparent Fuel Tank
  • Inertia Activated Chain Brake
  • Super Quiet Operation
  • A battery that Fits All

Easy to Use

Cordless tools are our favorite and one major reason is their ease of use when compared with corded tools. The same goes for this Husqvarna 120i chainsaw. It is very easy and convenient to use. It starts up very easily, comes with a chain brake, standard trigger, comfortable handles to have a grip on, and a lot more. All these factors greatly contribute to making it an easy-to-use saw.

Easy to Use

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

We’ve already stressed a lot the fact that the Husqvarna 120i is a lightweight saw and again, even with the battery included, it weighs only 10.8 Pounds. And so, this is the lightest chainsaw you’ll find on the Husqvarna’s chainsaw line. 

The design is a bit sleek and very easy to work with. The rubberized handles help grip the saw comfortably for long uses. Moreover, below the keypad is the rubberized handle that houses a throttle trigger and lockout switch. There’s also a full wrap front handle and just next to it are the hand guard and chain brake, which can be used for cutting at different angles.

Brushless Motor

The Brushless motor in the Husqvarna 120i has a higher speed and torque. It runs more efficiently and produces a lot less noise than traditional motors. Having a non-friction operation with the brushless motor increases the reliability as well as the lifespan of the saw. 

Intuitive Keypad

Additionally, the saw has an intuitive control keypad with two buttons. One is the saving mode to help users select between maximum power and maximum runtime based on their needs. The other button on the keypad is for turning the battery on. 

Tool-Less Chain Tensioning

Chain tensioning is such a simple task with this Husqvarna 120i. you can tension the bar and chain without having the need for any tools. Simply turn the large loosening knob on the sprocket cover to loosen it, then turn the small tension wheel up or down to tighten or loosen the chain. 

Automatic Adjustable Flow Oiler

Among all automatic oiling systems, I believe the 120i has the best. In addition to eliminating the need for manual oil release, it also allows the flow rate to be adjusted to match cutting conditions. Oil viscosity can change as a result of different temperatures, so adjusting the flow can allow the correct amount to reach the bar when working at different temperatures.

Automatic Adjustable Flow Oiler

Safe Mode

Depending on the conditions, you can choose between normal and savE modes. It is recommended that you use the normal mode if you require more power. This mode will give you a working time of approximately 40 minutes. 

With the power-saving mode, performance will be slightly reduced, but battery life will be extended by around 15 minutes. However, depending on the power demand, the exact working time will vary.

Cordless Battery Operated

Just a push on the trigger and you’re ready to go with the Husqvarna 120i. No outlet cord as it is a cordless saw, no gas because it’s a battery-powered saw, no engine noise, and no direct emissions. Also, the battery can be recharged a hundred times!

A battery that Fits All

Combined with the brushless motor and the 40-volt 4 Amp Hour lithium-ion battery, the Husqvarna provides enough power to get the job done. In simple terms, the voltage indicates intensity, and for a saw in this category, 40 volts is pretty standard. 

Also, the battery fits many other Husqvarna products too such as blower, trimmer, etc. So, you can use the Husqvarna 120i’s battery with other tools as well. 

A battery that Fits All

Transparent Fuel Tank

Transparent fuel tanks are a great advancement in chainsaws to let you keep a record of the quantity of fuel in the tank. Husqvarna 120i comes with a transparent fuel tank which means you can always keep a check and get the fuel refilled whenever it falls below a certain level.

Inertia Activated Chain Brake

This feature is added in each of the Husqvarna chainsaws. Inertia-activated chain brake not only acts as a hand guard in protecting your hands from hitting the branches but also prevents the chainsaw from having kickbacks. This reduces injuries and harm that could otherwise be done to you or your chainsaw.

Super Quiet Operation

Most chainsaws aren’t quiet while operating and this could be extremely disturbing and frustrating. To avoid this, the Husqvarna 120i comes with a super quiet operation feature which ensures that the chainsaw isn’t too loud or noisy. Also, because it’s a small chainsaw, it operates pretty much decently.

Here’s an unboxing and review video of the Husqvarna 120i chainsaw for you to watch!


  • One of the lightest and cheapest chainsaws by Husqvarna
  • Different power levels to suit job types
  • Great for pruning and felling of branches and small trees
  • No noise and no fumes emission
  • Suitable for light tasks ONLY
  • The manual that comes along is very difficult to use




Husqvarna 120i Chainsaw – FAQs

What is the T screw on a Husqvarna chainsaw?
The function of the T screw on a Husqvarna chainsaw is to regulate the amount of fuel that is to be sent to the carburetor when the throttle is pressed.
How do I know what size my Husqvarna chain is?
Measure the distance between 3 rivets on the chain from the center points to get the correct size. To find out your size, divide this number by half. For example, if the distance between 3 rivets is 1/2 an inch, you divide it by 2 and get the size of your chainsaw chain which would be 1/4.
Do all chains fit all chainsaws?
No. There is a possibility that some chains might fit multiple chainsaws but not every chain would fit every chainsaw. In some cases, chains might not be powerful enough for the larger bars while in others, chains might be smaller or larger than the chainsaw bars. And so, only the chainsaw-specific chains fit perfectly.
Can you use a Stihl chain on a Husqvarna chainsaw?
No. In most cases, a Stihl chain won’t fit on a Husqvarna chainsaw. This is because Husqvarna uses 0.058 driver width as standard whereas Stihl uses 0.063 driver width as standard.


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Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the Husqvarna 120i is a great chainsaw for anyone who’s looking for a light-duty saw to carry out tasks just around the house. This saw is definitely not for any bigger tasks such as cutting firewood and other heavy-duty jobs but it’s a great option for people looking for an affordable option yet a good performer!

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