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Our Personal Review on Echo 58V Cordless Chainsaw!

Echo chainsaws are one of the very few chainsaws that come with great build quality, reasonable price ranges, and great power; all in one. The brand also manufactures many other tools such as lawnmowers, blowers, loppers, hand pruners, etc. along with chainsaws.

Echo is a very well-known brand; not as popular as Stihl or Husqvarna, but definitely one of the top-line chainsaw brands. You find an entire range of chainsaws at Echo, from small to big chainsaws, from homeowner to professional saws, from affordable to expensive ones, and from medium powered to highly-powered ones. In short, Echo has something to offer everyone!

Because everyone cannot afford to buy Husqvarna or Stihl, especially if you’re a homeowner instead of a professional logger and you need to just carry out the backyard tasks, so Echo is the best option for them. Echo saws work exceptionally for light-duty tasks.

Talking specifically about the amazing Echo 58V cordless chainsaw, it is a light-duty saw which can be used to prune branches, limb shrubs and section thin logs of wood. In addition to all this, it is also frequently used to fence posts on farms and construction sites. 

Our article would contain Echo cordless chainsaw review, including its features, pros and cons, specs, and our personal experiences with it! Continue reading for a detailed review below.

Is Echo a Worthy Brand?

Echo definitely is a worthy and reliable brand. 

It has been in operation for the longest time now; almost four decades and it has been on a mission of improving what they manufacture since then. Echo, now, is a very well-established brand and is known pretty popularly for its chainsaws. You’ll find all types of chainsaws in all sizes and price ranges in Echo.

Echo 58V Chainsaw 2023: What Separates it from Its Competitors?

Whenever a product stands out against its competitors, it’s usually because of its comparable performance and strength, the functionalities it holds, and its durability. 

Exactly the same thing goes for Echo 58V. Its power, strength, and durability are what separates it from its competitors; the affordability in price obviously is a plus point!

Firstly, the chainsaw has 58-volt power, which makes it capable of cutting large chunks of wood in a single cut. Secondly, a 16-inch durable bar and sharp, spiky chain produce a cutting performance that is second to none.

Compared to other battery-powered tools, this chainsaw has a brushless motor that provides Increased torque and revolutions per minute. When compared with competitors, the unit can outperform Greenworks, Makita, and Worx in terms of performance.

Reviewing Echo CS-58V4AH 58V Chainsaw

Let’s review the chainsaw and you’ll know what we have to say and share about this saw.

The Chainsaw Comes Assembled!

A cordless saw’s greatest advantage is that it already comes assembled and this tool is no different. The chainsaw was carefully packaged and wrapped before I took it out. The chain guard already covered the bar and chain of the machine.

In addition, we also received a lithium-ion quick charger and a 4 Ampere Hour battery with our order. In addition to the package, there was a user manual to guide the users through the use of a chainsaw, which we took the time to read through before getting started.

Our Personal Observations

The very first thing my team and I observed was that with the battery tucked inside, the tool weighed around 13 pounds, so it felt heavy. However, it’s a nice chainsaw, and I like its shape and design. It had an ergonomic handle that made carrying it easy.

Moving on, there was something quite bulky about the battery that caught my attention. It probably has a bulky size since it has to produce 58 volts of power, and therefore includes more cells. And this isn’t a problem at all. Next, we were impressed with the chain’s durability and sharpness. The thinness of the bar was even more appealing to me.

Also, since the oil window was transparent, I could see how much oil was in it after filling it up, which would be a great help in keeping a record of the oil level. As far as chain tensioning was concerned, it was a manual process but not the kind requiring a lot of effort. It’s just that the chain had to be tightened with a ranch.

Testing the Chainsaw

Testing the chainsaw first was our main concern anyway. We did want to carry out a few tests before we get along with the chainsaw for proper cutting tasks. 

I had an idea that I should start with a small fallen tree, about 8 inches in diameter. There were no problems with the saw during the eight to nine cuts I tested it for. The next day, I used it to chop down a dead tree whose diameter was 14 inches. Without experiencing any kickback, Echo 58v chainsaw again passed the test and made around 10 to 11 super smooth cuts.

Additionally, it helped me clean my backyard. When the battery ran out, I used it to cut various hanging branches. It proved to be a perfect alternative to gasoline chainsaws during the testing phase.

I was pleased with the overall performance of the cutting. Seeing how it’s powered; its weight makes sense when you consider how powerful it is.


Model Echo CCS-58V4AH (kit), Echo CCS-58VBT
Voltage 58V
Motor Brushless
Chain Speed 22.5 MPS
Bar Length 16 inches
Battery 4 Amp hour Lithium-ion
Weight with Battery 14.30 pounds
Chain Pitch 3/8 inches
Nominal Battery Watt Hours 208
Kitted Battery 4.0 Ah
Chain Oregon 90
Warranty 5 years

Echo 58V Key Features

Following are some key features of the Echo 58V chainsaw.

  • Echo 58V’s cordless feature is one of its main attractions. Therefore, it is an ideal tool for outdoor work. Unlike other cordless chains on the market, it comes with a high-quality chain.
  • Due to its 16-inch bar and chain, it is ideal for removing large limbs from trees. Furthermore, it cuts aggressively. 
  • It features a side-access tensioning feature that simplifies chain adjustment.
  • It also features an onboard tool storage area as well as an automatic oiler, making it highly convenient to use.
  • Additionally, its brushless motor, which has been developed and individually customized to achieve superior performance, increased run time, and enhanced durability is a unique feature.
  • The saw includes a powerful lithium-ion battery with a 4Ah capacity that recharges in about 45 minutes. The charger also comes along.
  • Consumer warranty covers it for 5 years and a 90-day return policy.

Technical Features

For the technical features, here’s what the Echo 58V has to offer its users.

  • Build Quality
  • Easy Start
  • Convenience in Operation
  • Chain Adjustment/Tensioning
  • Brushless Motor
  • Automatic Oiler
  • Solid Bar and Chain
  • Battery and Charger
  • Quiet Operation and Smooth Working

Build Quality

We can tell from the get-go that this chainsaw is substantially built and robust in appearance. Its orange body and handle, as well as the chain brake lever, are both solidly constructed. We applaud Echo for this, as we have noticed that other battery chainsaws do not always have an adequate brake lever. 

For tensioning or changing chains, it comes with a box spanner/screwdriver onboard. Oil level can be easily checked at a glance since the whole tank is translucent. A 58v 4ah lithium-ion battery slides into the top of the chainsaw and once positioned, balances the chainsaw well during use, and powers the brushless motor of the saw. 

Build Quality

In addition to having a quick battery charger, ECHO is known for offering a range of other garden tools that run on the same batteries, so it can serve as a one-stop shop for your complete gardening needs.

Easy Start

An easy start is the most important feature of any chainsaw, and you get to have it with Echo 58V. There wasn’t any kind of fatigue or frustration starting this saw which is definitely a very prominent feature here. 

There’s no pulling of the string 2 to 3 times to start the saw as you’d do in the case of the gas chainsaws. Instead, you just hit the trigger and it instantly starts up. That’s it. You’re good to go with it!

Convenience in Operation

How convenient a chainsaw is to operate, is the first and most important thing after you’ve finally started up the chainsaw. 

It comes with an elegant feeling grip and a bucking grip that make the operation of the Echo 58V chainsaw very convenient and user-friendly. As the trigger sits flush with the handle, it has a very comfortable feel which makes it easy to work with.

In the case of most other chainsaws, when you squeeze the trigger too hard, the motivation remains protruding, causing discomfort if you hold the chainsaw for a long period of time. However, this doesn’t happen with the Echo 58V chainsaw. It is so well-balanced that you can carry all the cutting tasks with ease, maintaining a perfect balance.

Chain Adjustment/Tensioning

You can adjust or tension the chain very quickly with this saw. To adjust the tension of the chain, loosen the two nuts holding it in place and rotate the adjusting screw. 

Tensioning the chain of the Echo 58V is a simple process since all the nuts and screws are accessible outside of the saw. And the best part about all this is that the spanner and screwdriver that you’d need for the tensioning purpose are provided by the Echo. They’re conveniently stored beneath the handle, so you can get to them whenever you need them.

Brushless Motor

This chainsaw comes with a brushless motor which is already a win compared to traditional motors. This cordless chainsaw offers greater torque and RPM than other cordless chainsaws due to its powerful brushless motor. 

Brushless Motor

As this 16 inches chainsaw’s RPM improves, it produces more power, allowing it to safely and efficiently cut large, thick wood logs. In addition, the motor has a long runtime and is durable. 

Automatic Oiler

The automatic oiling system is perhaps the best-ever feature of any chainsaw! All the new and upgraded versions of chainsaws come with automatic oiling systems which makes the chain oiling entirely automatic, according to the lubrication the chain needs, without having the need for even a bit of manual input.

While using the tool, it will automatically lubricate the chain once you fill-up the oil window and start the chainsaw. As a result of the automatic system, the chain stays in good condition and doesn’t wear out as fast.

Solid Bar and Chain

The Bar and chain of the chainsaws have to be sturdy anyway! And this is surely one of the features of this saw. Stainless steel makes up the bar’s construction, ensuring that it is resistant to corrosion and rust.

The chainsaw chain is adorned with sharp teeth that make it look like it’s wrapped in a spiky chain. Due to this, wood materials can be literally ripped apart by the bar and chain.

It’s important to note that this chainsaw has a manual chain tensioning mechanism. After each cutting task, you will need to adjust its tightness with a ranch. This would keep the chainsaw in perfect shape.

Battery and Charger

Among the contents of the package is a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4 Ampere hours, and a charger. This tool is claimed by the manufacturer to be capable of making 112 cuts on a standard 4’x4′ piece of wood.

If you’re cutting thick wood logs, you can expect a cut rate of 13 to 15 cuts per minute. In this context, the battery timing is quite good compared to the likes of Greenworks and Worx. 

Battery and Charger

Furthermore, the saw is equipped with a good indicator level and a charger that recharges it from the flat within an hour, so even big tasks, such as removing a tree, take no more than a couple of hours.

Quiet Operation and Smooth Working

A chainsaw should be quiet in its working no matter what. Especially if you’re working around a residential area, the noise of the chainsaw shouldn’t be disturbing for the neighbors. 

ECHO chainsaws run super quietly when in use, which pleasantly surprised us. After cutting the first thick branch with this chainsaw, we were impressed and amazed at its no-noise functionality. It had no vibration or loud noise, allowing a quieter cutting experience throughout.

As it weighs just under 5kg, it’s easy to handle. The chain cuts through wood without causing vibrations and makes very little noise.

Safety Features

Lastly, Echo CS-58V4AH 58V also comes with the safety features such as an inertia chain brake, low vibration system, etc. in order to provide its users with maximum safety and protection against injuries. 

  • Cordless chainsaw
  • Suitable for light-duty to moderately heavy-duty work
  • Easy to start, operate and handle
  • Transparent oil window to keep a track of oil level
  • Powerful saw with a great strength
  • Chain tensioning is manual
  • Battery is a bit bulky



Echo 58V Cordless Chainsaw – FAQs

How do I fix my echo 58v battery?
Looking for fixing your Echo 58V battery that doesn’t charge? Here’s a quick fix. Take the battery and charge it outside of the charger and then stuck it back onto the charger. By doing so, you’ll see the chainsaw telling you that it’s ‘charged’. That’s it. That’s how you’ll fix a non-charging Echo 58V battery.
Are ECHO 58V batteries interchangeable?
Yes. Echo 58V 2 AH or 4AH batteries are interchangeable and that’s the best thing about these batteries and the brand.
Where is the ECHO battery chainsaw made?
Manufacturing and assembly of Echo chainsaws take place in Japan, China, and the United States. Depending on where you buy your chainsaw, you may be able to find out where it was made. Most Echo chainsaws sold in the USA are made here or at least assembled here.
Are Echo chainsaws reliable?
Undoubtedly yes. Echo chainsaws are very reliable and efficient. In spite of the most extreme conditions, an Echo chainsaw performs reliably. No matter whether you’re trimming limbs, cutting firewood, or felling trees, each Echo Chainsaw is built to last long.
How long does the ego chainsaw battery last?
Because there could be different batteries for Ego chainsaw, here’s how they last. Up to 130 cuts can be achieved using an EGO Power+ 2.5Ah 56V ARC Lithium battery. Up to 220 cuts can be made with a 4.0Ah battery. Up to 300 cuts can be made with a 5.0Ah battery. Up to 450 cuts can be made with a 7.5Ah battery.
How long does an echo 58V battery last?
This depends upon the battery in use. You can expect it to last for about an hour or a half if the battery is small.


Our Verdict

Summing it up all here. With a battery capacity of 4.0-amp hours, the Echo 58V Chainsaw powers a chain and bar measuring 16 inches in length. With a brushless motor, an automatic oiler, a mechanical lockout switch, a chain brake, a variable speed trigger, dual bar studs, and a wrench storage slot, it is ideal for homeowners.

With its attached tip guard, you will not be able to fully utilize the chainsaw’s cutting capabilities, so it is the only chainsaw in this shootout with this feature.

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